39 Anglo Saxon Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter H

HacAn old, Anglo-Saxon nickname for HacaBoy
HacaAn old Anglo-Saxon byname that is not complementaryBoy
HaccaA non complementary Anglo-Saxon nameBoy
HaddOne who is guidedBoy
HaligHoly, SaintlyBoy
HalnathAn Anglo-Saxon nicknameBoy
HamgislA low-borns nicknameBoy
HathcynA very rare Anlgo-Saxon name, given to Boys of higher statusBoy
HathwealdA name of the high-bornBoy
HeabbaAn Anglo-Saxonian bynameBoy
HeardBrave, HardyBoy
HeddinA monothematic Anglo-Saxon name for those born with a low-statusBoy
HeferthOne of the names given to high-born, noble BoysBoy
HelmCourageous protectionBoy
Heorothall of the hart (male deer)Boy
HerebeorhtClever ArmyBoy
HerleyIndividuality, Self confidence, IndependentUnisex
HicelA male Anglo-Saxon name for the low-bornsBoy
HiddaA name given to Anglo-Saxon low-bornsBoy
HiddiA name for the non noble born manBoy
HiddilaA name of common menBoy
HigbaldA courageous man in the battleBoy
HigueidOne who is brave in the warBoy
HildeburgOne from the battle fortressBoy
HirocA very common noble nameBoy
HlothereA name of the Anglo-Saxon ruler of the Kent regionBoy
HnyddaA man who owns a townBoy
HodardA man full of honorBoy
HondscioA man of low ranksBoy
HorikA male Anglo-Saxon nameBoy
HornOne who blows the horn during the battleBoy
HowpeTo come from the brook villageBoy
HraefnHe who is like a dark ravenBoy
HringheriA male Anglo-Saxon nameBoy
HringwynnA low-born Anglo-Saxon nameBoy
HrodwynOne who is a friend of the fameBoy
HrothgarOld English - Legend Name; A variant of HrodgarBoy
HubbardGraceful; Bright or Shining IntellectBoy
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