128 Anglo Saxon Baby Girl Names With Meanings


When parents choose a name for their child, they might be drawn to regional names, like hidden treasures waiting to be found. Names from specific cultures and places, such as Anglo-Saxon girl names, have a certain charm that reflects our natural desire to feel a sense of belonging and appreciate the diversity in our world.

After the Romans left Britain, the Germanic tribes arrived around 400 AD. Anglo-Saxon names go back to when Germanic tribes moved to England in the early Middle Ages. These names show how the language and culture of those tribes affected the area.

In the Anglo-Saxon period, people used two elements to create personal names that somehow linked to their parents' names. For example, if the parents were Cyne (royal) and Wolfe (wolf), they might name their daughter Cynewolfe. As a result, these dithematic names didn't have clear meanings but were based on the parents' names.

The Anglo-Saxons did not utilize last names like we do today. They added their place of origin or occupation to their names to distinguish individuals with the same first name. For example, a woman named Edith who lives in Blackburn may be referred to as Edith of Blackburn or just Edith Blackburn. A blacksmith named Edward could be referred to as Edward the Smith or just Edward Smith. Some of the last names we use today are based on jobs or roles because of this naming system (1).

The historical importance of Anglo-Saxon names resides in their capacity as cultural relics, offering a window into the early medieval era and the shaping of English identity. Some Anglo-Saxon names have lasted over time and are still used today. This shows how these names have influenced naming customs. The ongoing interest in and use of Anglo-Saxon names highlights their long-lasting cultural legacy and their role in shaping the English-speaking world.

Without any delay, pick your favorite Anglo-Saxon name for your little princess now. You can make the search easier by exploring the meaning and saving names to share with your loved ones.

heart image Andrea Baby Girl Sign Girl Defender of mankind
heart image Avery Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Ruler of elves
heart image Carolyn Baby Girl Sign Girl Free woman
heart image Chelsea Baby Girl Sign Girl A chalk wharf
heart image Clover Baby Girl Sign Girl Meadow flower; Wild flower
heart image Darla Baby Girl Sign Girl Darling; Dearly beloved
heart image Darlene Baby Girl Sign Girl Loved one; Dear
heart image Dixie Baby Girl Sign Girl Tenth
heart image Hayley Baby Girl Sign Girl Meadow; Woodland; Clearing
heart image Kendra Baby Girl Sign Girl Knowing; Wise ruler; High hill
heart image Megan Baby Girl Sign Girl Pearl
heart image Ardith Baby Girl Sign Girl Blooming meadow
heart image Brona Baby Girl Sign Girl A brown-haired or dark-haired woman
heart image Cartimandua Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of the Brigantes Queen
heart image Coenburga Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman bold like a fortress
heart image Colley Baby Girl Sign Girl A black colored bird
heart image Collibe Baby Girl Sign Girl Hailing from a dark, dull village with no source of light
heart image Courtnay Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Lives in the court; Courtdweller
heart image Crews Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A family which once had lived as dwellers at a cattlepen or a cattlefold
heart image Cuthburga Baby Girl Sign Girl A massive fortress
heart image Cuthburh Baby Girl Sign Girl One who keeps records
heart image Cwen Baby Girl Sign Girl A born Queen
heart image Cyne Baby Girl Sign Girl A Royal person
heart image Cyneburg Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of a King
heart image Cyneburga Baby Girl Sign Girl The one from Royal fortress
heart image Cyneburh Baby Girl Sign Girl A famous personality
heart image Darelene Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet and lovable
heart image Darelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Gently loved
heart image Dawn Baby Girl Sign Girl Daybreak time
heart image Denegyth Baby Girl Sign Girl A healthy, cute, and a master of great personality
heart image Eadberth Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A blessed person
heart image Eadburg Baby Girl Sign Girl Fortune; Fortress
heart image Eadburga Baby Girl Sign Girl Wealth; Protection
heart image Eadgifu Baby Girl Sign Girl A rich gift to mankind
heart image Eadgyth Baby Girl Sign Girl Wife of a wise counselor
heart image Eadgytha Baby Girl Sign Girl Wise wife of a counselor
heart image Eadhild Baby Girl Sign Girl Maid of a rich battle
heart image Eadlyn Baby Girl Sign Girl A healthy and wealthy friend
heart image Ealhswith Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is lucky and fertile
heart image Earcongota Baby Girl Sign Girl One with broad visions and ideas
heart image Edhida Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is joyful and happy
heart image Edhita Baby Girl Sign Girl A happy natured person who is in love
heart image Edhitha Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is prosperous and lovely
heart image Editha Baby Girl Sign Girl Blessed to be successful person or individual
heart image Edla Baby Girl Sign Girl A born Princess; they are efficient and joyous
heart image Eduwiges Baby Girl Sign Girl Fighting woman; one who is a good speaker
heart image Edwina Baby Girl Sign Girl A rich and wealthy friend
heart image Edwinc Baby Girl Sign Girl Warrior; one who has varied experiences
heart image Edyna Baby Girl Sign Girl One who came from edinburgh
heart image Egberthe Baby Girl Sign Girl A brilliant sword which is unique
heart image Egbertina Baby Girl Sign Girl A shining sword which can kill
heart image Egbertine Baby Girl Sign Girl A pointed edge of sword; very sharp
heart image Eidyth Baby Girl Sign Girl Joyous and loving person
heart image Eidytha Baby Girl Sign Girl Joyous and lovely person
heart image Eldit Baby Girl Sign Girl A wealthy and sweet natured person
heart image Eldridge Baby Girl Sign Girl A sage like faithful and wise advisor
heart image Elfgifu Baby Girl Sign Girl A gift from the Elves
heart image Elfin Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is the ruler of the Elves
heart image Elivina Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful friend of the Elves
heart image Ellan Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright and shining light of magic
heart image Ellette Baby Girl Sign Girl A little, magical Elf
heart image Elswyth Baby Girl Sign Girl Elf from the willow trees
heart image Elwine Baby Girl Sign Girl A friend of the elves
heart image Engelieth Baby Girl Sign Girl A battle
heart image Eoforhild Baby Girl Sign Girl A battle of boars
heart image Eormengyth Baby Girl Sign Girl Somebody who takes a public oath
heart image Eormenhild Baby Girl Sign Girl Someone who has taken a public oath
heart image Eostre Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of the dawn
heart image Eowyn Baby Girl Sign Girl Horse lover; Young warrior
heart image Esla Baby Girl Sign Girl Truth
heart image Ethelinda Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble serpent
heart image Eubank Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Referring to the Yew's banks
heart image Fone Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Fionn; Fair; White
heart image Frideswid Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace that is sustainable
heart image Frideswide Baby Girl Sign Girl Sustainable peace
heart image Fridiswed Baby Girl Sign Girl One living with peace
heart image Fridiswid Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is with peace
heart image Fridswed Baby Girl Sign Girl One who likes peace
heart image Fritha Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace; Tranquility
heart image Gaega Baby Girl Sign Girl A topographic name; Hill; Stream
heart image Georgianna Baby Girl Sign Girl Similar to Georgeanna
heart image Georgina Baby Girl Sign Girl Farmer; Earth worker
heart image Goldiva Baby Girl Sign Girl Gift of God; Variant of Goldgifu
heart image Goode Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A person who performs good deeds
heart image Haedde Baby Girl Sign Girl A deserving low-born woman
heart image Haeddi Baby Girl Sign Girl One who deserves something
heart image Hagona Baby Girl Sign Girl An Anglo-Saxon name for a low-born women
heart image Hairud Baby Girl Sign Girl Of fame and honor
heart image Herelufu Baby Girl Sign Girl Army love
heart image Herley Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Individuality; Self confidence; Independent
heart image Hicela Baby Girl Sign Girl An old Anglo-Saxon female name
heart image Hlappa Baby Girl Sign Girl A name given to a low-born daughter
heart image Hlossa Baby Girl Sign Girl A low-born daughter's name
heart image Hlud Baby Girl Sign Girl A low-born child's name
heart image Hluda Baby Girl Sign Girl A daughter who is of low status
heart image Hluppa Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who was born in a low status
heart image Hoca Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is of low rank
heart image Hocca Baby Girl Sign Girl A name given to she who is of low rank
heart image Hocga Baby Girl Sign Girl An Anglo-Saxon female name
heart image Hounild Baby Girl Sign Girl A female name of Anglo-Saxon origin
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Anglo-Saxon girl names are loved by parents, and they have left a lasting mark on the English language. Many famous English names trace their roots back to the Anglo-Saxon tradition. They hold historical value, offering insights into early times and English culture. Their endurance over generations shows how they shaped naming practices. These names, rooted in tradition and culture areas, carry an irresistible charm that resonates deeply with the human desire to connect.

Infographic: Alluring Anglo-Saxon Baby Girl Names

Discover the charm of Anglo-Saxon baby girl names, each a piece of history and identity waiting to be explored. These names hold the spirit of culture and tradition. Imagine your adorable little princess with a name that echoes the strength of generations. The names in our infographic range from classics to modern, each a nod to heritage and uniqueness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Anglo-Saxon baby girl names evolve over time and what is the difference between Anglo-Saxon and modern English names?

Anglo-Saxon names have undergone considerable changes over the years. The Norman Conquest also had a huge impact on the evolution of names. Many Anglo-Saxons were believed to have used Norman names for their children as a sign of loyalty to the new rulers. Initially, the spellings of the names were written in Old Germanic or Old English forms. But with the development of language, names like Ælfræd are now spelled as Alfred.

2. What are some historical figures with Anglo-Saxon baby girl names?

Judith of Flanders is one historical figure with an Anglo-Saxon name. She is known for her piety and is considered to be a patron saint of the arts. Another prominent female figure of the Anglo-Saxon period is Emma of Normandy. She was the wife of two Anglo-Saxon kings, Æthelred the Unready and Cnut. She played a major role in the politics of Normandy during the 11th century.

3. What was the process for choosing names for Anglo-Saxons?

Anglo-Saxons did not use surnames as we do today. They usually associated their given name with the place they belong to or the occupation they practice. For example, Erik who lived in Blackburn would be known as Erick of Blackburn or Eric Blackburn, or if he was a baker, he would be Erick the Baker or Erick Baker.

4. Why is it called Anglo-Saxon?

The term Anglo-Saxon was not self-termed. It was first used in the eighth century to distinguish between the Germanic-speaking population who lived in Britain and the ones who already inhabited it. The term possibly emerged after the Bishop of Ostia reported to the Pope that he had just visited the ‘Angul Saxina’ (3).


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  1. Regia Anglorum - The Language of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.
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