125 Anglo Saxon Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AndreaFeminine of Andrew; a defender of mankind who is manly and strongGirl
AveryConfirmation; they are an Elf ruler; a sageUnisex
CarolynA joyful song of happinessGirl
ChelseaA chalk wharfGirl
CloverA plant that origins from the pea family and is a fodder plant for animalsGirl
DarlaVery dear oneGirl
DarleneA child loved by allGirl
DixieThe French word for ten; southern stateGirl
HayleyHay MeadowGirl
KendraKendra means She is a ProphetessGirl
MeganA strong and capable womanGirl
ArdithThe one fighting a good warGirl
BronaA brown-haired or dark-haired womanGirl
CartimanduaA name of the Brigantes QueenGirl
CoenburgaWoman bold like a fortressGirl
ColleyA black coloured birdGirl
CollibeHailing from a dark, dull village with no source of lightGirl
CourtnayLives in the court; CourtdwellerUnisex
CrewsA family which once had lived as dwellers at a cattlepen or a cattlefoldUnisex
CuthburgaA massive fortressGirl
CuthburhOne who keeps recordsGirl
CwenA born QueenGirl
CyneA Royal personGirl
CyneburgDaughter of a KingGirl
CyneburgaThe one from Royal fortressGirl
CyneburhA famous personalityGirl
DareleneSweet and lovableGirl
DarelleGently lovedGirl
DawnDaybreak timeGirl
DenegythA healthy, cute and a master of great personalityGirl
EadberthIt means a blessed person.Unisex
EadburgEad means 'Fortune' and burg means 'Fortress'.Girl
EadburgaEad means 'Wealth' and burg means 'Protection'.Girl
EadgifuThey are a rich gift to mankindGirl
EadgythWife of a wise counsellorGirl
EadgythaWise wife of a counsellorGirl
EadhildMaid of a rich battleGirl
EadlynA healthy and wealthy friendGirl
EalhswithOne who is lucky and fertileGirl
EarcongotaOne with broad visions and ideasGirl
EdhidaOne who is joyful and happyGirl
EdhitaA happy natured person who is in loveGirl
EdhithaThe one who is prosperous and lovelyGirl
EdithaBlessed to be successful person or individualGirl
EdlaA born Princess; they are efficient and joyousGirl
EduwigesFighting woman; one who is a good speakerGirl
EdwinaA successful friend; a rich and wealthy friendGirl
EdwincWarrior; one who has varied experiencesGirl
EdynaOne who came from edinburghGirl
EgbertheA brilliant sword which is uniqueGirl
EgbertinaA shinning sword which can killGirl
EgbertineA pointed edge of sword; very sharpGirl
EidythJoyous and loving personGirl
EidythaJoyous and lovely personGirl
ElditA wealthy and sweet natured personGirl
EldridgeA sage like faithful and wise advisorGirl
ElfgifuA gift from the ElvesGirl
ElfinOne who is the ruler of the ElvesGirl
ElivinaA beautiful friend of the ElvesGirl
EllanBright and shining light of magicGirl
ElletteA little, magical ElfGirl
Elswyththis means elf from the willow trees.Girl
Elwinethis name means a friend of the elves.Girl
Engelietha battle.Girl
Eoforhilda battle of boars.Girl
Eormengythsomebody who takes a public oath.Girl
Eormenhilda feminized word meaning someone who has taken a public oath.Girl
Eostregoddess of the dawn.Girl
Eowynshe was a shieldmaiden and relative of King Theoden.Girl
Eslait is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning truth.Girl
EthelindaNoble serpentGirl
Eubankan Anglo-Saxon surname possibly referring to the Yew's banks.Unisex
FoneVariant of Celtic name 'Fionn' which means fair and whiteGirl
FrideswidPeace that is sustainableGirl
FrideswideRefers to sustainable peace.Girl
FridiswedOne living with peaceGirl
FridiswidOne who is with peaceGirl
FridswedOh who like peaceGirl
GaegaA topographic name; hill and streamGirl
GeorgiannaSimilar to GeorgeannaGirl
GeorginaA form of GeorgiaGirl
GoldivaVarient of name Godifu which means the precious gift of god to the parents. A great blessing from God.Girl
Goodethe person who performed good deeds or acts of kindnessUnisex
HaeddeA deserving, low-born womanGirl
HaeddiOne who deserves somethingGirl
HagonaAn Anglo-Saxon name for a low botn womenGirl
HairudShe of fame and honorGirl
Herelufumeans here (army) + lufu (love)Girl
HerleyIndividuality, Self confidence, IndependentUnisex
HicelaAn old Anglo-Saxon female nameGirl
HlappaA name given to a low-born daughterGirl
HlossaA low-born daughter's nameGirl
HludA low-born child's nameGirl
HludaA daughter who is of low statusGirl
HluppaA woman who was born in a low statusGirl
HocaA woman who is of low rankGirl
HoccaA name given to she who is of low rankGirl
HocgaAn Anglo-Saxon old girls nameGirl
HounildA female name of Anglo-Saxon originGirl
HounildaA girls name of Anglo-Saxon originGirl
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