25 Anglo Saxon Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter H

HayleyHay MeadowGirl
HaeddeA deserving, low-born womanGirl
HaeddiOne who deserves somethingGirl
HagonaAn Anglo-Saxon name for a low botn womenGirl
HairudShe of fame and honorGirl
Herelufumeans here (army) + lufu (love)Girl
HerleyIndividuality, Self confidence, IndependentUnisex
HicelaAn old Anglo-Saxon female nameGirl
HlappaA name given to a low-born daughterGirl
HlossaA low-born daughter's nameGirl
HludA low-born child's nameGirl
HludaA daughter who is of low statusGirl
HluppaA woman who was born in a low statusGirl
HocaA woman who is of low rankGirl
HoccaA name given to she who is of low rankGirl
HocgaAn Anglo-Saxon old girls nameGirl
HounildA female name of Anglo-Saxon originGirl
HounildaA girls name of Anglo-Saxon originGirl
HroppaA female Anglo-Saxon nameGirl
HuccaA low-born woman's nameGirl
HucelA girl of low heritageGirl
HucelaA baby girl of low ranksGirl
HuctiaAn Old English nameGirl
HudecaAn Anglo-Saxon girl's nameGirl
HuderA female name of Anglo-Saxon originGirl
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