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Origin, Meaning, And History of Annika

Annika is a Swedish feminine name and a diminutive of the Latin name Anna or Anneke of the Netherlands. Popular in Germany, Estonia, Sweden, and Finland, Annika is taken from the root word Hannah in Hebrew. Hannah in turn is a derivative of the word Channah meaning ‘grace’ or ‘favor.’ In addition, the Latin form of the name, Anna, means ‘beautiful.’ Thus, the name Annika could mean ‘favor,’ ‘beautiful,’ and ‘grace.’

The history of this name may be traced back to Hannah in the Old Testament of the Bible. Hannah was the name of Samuel’s mother. She endured terrible years of infertility and prayed earnestly to God, pledging that if she had a child, she would commit him to the Lord.

She soon became pregnant and gave birth to a boy named Samuel. Hannah is also mentioned in the New Testament. She was a prophetess who became known as someone who acknowledged Jesus as the Messiah. Hannah was later Latinized to Anna, which was then anglicized to Anne. In numerous Scandinavian countries and among German speakers, Annika evolved as a pet version of Anne.

The phonetic spelling of the traditional name Annika is Ahn-i-kuh. Owing to its popularity in different regions, there are many variations to this unique and classic three-syllable name. These include Annica in Swedish, Anneka in English, Hannah in Arabic, Anna in Biblical Greek, Channah in Biblical Hebrew, Anka in Bulgarian, and Hana in Sorbian. In addition, the name may also be shortened to a cute nickname such as Ann, Annie, and Niki.

The name is also famous in the fictional world. These include Annika Attwater from the first season of YOU, Princess Annika in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, Annika Hansen, aka Seven of Nine in the television series Star Trek: Voyager, and Annika Settergren, one of the characters in the popular novel Pippi Longstocking.


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Variation of Anna, which means Grace
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How To Pronounce Annika?


Famous People With The Name Annika

  • Annika KjærgaardA Swedish vocalist who was formerly a part of the Alcazar pop group
  • Annika BeckA former professional tennis player from Germany who earned her top singles ranking of world No. 37 on July 18, 2016, and reached No. 84 in the WTA doubles rankings on the same day
  • Annika OvehallA backstroke swimmer from Sweden who took part in the Summer Olympics in 1980
  • Annika NorlinA pop musician, journalist, and novelist from Sweden and author of the book Texter
  • Annika TammelaAn Estonian women’s footballer who was named Estonian Women’s Footballer of the Year in 1999

Annika On The Popularity Chart

Annika’s popularity has fluctuated throughout time and between countries. The graphs from the Social Security Administration depicts its popularity and ranking over the years.

Popularity Over Time

The popularity of the name gradually increased in 2003 with 1,089 babies per million sharing the name. Its popularity has diminished since then, although it is still a relatively popular name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The ranking of the name Annika has fluctuated dramatically. It was highly popular in 2003 when it was ranked 285. See the graph for additional information.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Names With Similar Meaning As Annika

The name Annika can mean a variety of things. If you want more options that share the same meaning as Annika, here are a few more names to explore.

Name Numerology For Annika

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