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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Arabella

The 12th century saw the first mention of the name Arabella in England, and the 17th and 18th centuries saw its rise in popularity. Its significance, melody, and femininity made it a common choice for girls’ given names for centuries, and it is still widely popular today. Arabella is derived from the Latin words Orabel, Orabella, Orabilia, or Orabilis. The meaning of the name is also interpreted as ‘given to prayer’ or ‘to ask’ according to a Latin structure where ‘orare’ is prefixed to ‘abilis.‘ Having its roots in Latin and Greek origin, Arabella refers to ‘yielding to prayer’ or ‘beautiful altar.’

The current northern Jordanian city of Irbid, referred to in prehistoric days as Arabella or Arbela, was the first documented use of this name. It is also believed that with the birth of Arabella de Leuchars, a Scottish royal descendant of William the Lion, in the 12th century, the name first appeared in usage as a given name.

Arabella and Annabel are variations of the name Amabel, which is derived from the Latin word ‘amabilis,’ meaning ‘lovable.’ The names Arabella and Annabel, which have been popular for many years in Scotland, are most likely adaptations of Amabel. Although Arabella first appeared in Scottish documents in the 16th century, the name Annabel has been used in Scotland since at least the 13th century.

Arabella has appeared as a character name in various works of fiction. The protagonist of Georgette Heyer’s book “Arabella” is Arabella, a strong-willed and independent young woman in the story who is determined to marry for love despite societal expectations. The character Arabella appears in Nancy Mitford’s novel “The Pursuit of Love.”

Some references of Arabella in movies include Deanna Durbin plays Arabella in the 1937 British musical comedy “Arabella,” which also includes Edna May Oliver as her strange aunt. Arabella is the protagonist of the film where she tries to navigate the complexity of love and relationships while also dealing with her unconventional family. “Arabella” (2018) is a Swiss-French-German film starring Marie Bäumer as Arabella, a successful entrepreneur who struggles to balance her personal and professional life.


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How To Pronounce Arabella?

Pronounced as ah-ruh-beh-luh

Famous People With The Name Arabella

  • Arabella Mansfield First female lawyer in the United States
  • Arabella HuntingtonAmerican philanthropist
  • Arabella ChurchillEnglish charity founder and daughter of Sir Winston Churchill
  • Arabella Buckley English writer and science educator
  • Arabella CampbellCanadian artist
  • Arabella EdgeAustralian novelist and Commonwealth Writers Prize
  • Arabella FieldsAmerican singer
  • Arabella WeirScottish comedian, actress and writer

Arabella On The Popularity Chart

Popularity Over Time

In the last two decades, this unique name has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. The popularity of the name Arabella has been steadily increasing, with over 1900 parents per million choosing it for their babies. Check out this graphic representation for detailed information.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

From 10,457 to the current 195, Arabella’s ranking has gone through a significant rise. In the graph below, this melodious name’s progression in ranking through decades is depicted.

Source: Social Security Administration

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