5388 Arabic Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Arabic boy names are known for their deep connection with Islamic culture and heritage. These names represent Islamic virtues and values and are inspired by verses from the Quran or the names of prominent prophets, companions, and revered figures in Islamic history. Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world, especially in North Africa and the Middle East, and is the official language of countries including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt (1). This has led to a diversity in the names that differ in spelling and pronunciation. So, parents have more options to choose from, and they can select the one that stands for qualities or traits they would like their child to imbibe. Furthermore, traditional Arabic names continue to appeal to many parents; for example, names such as Muhammad, Ahmed, Ali, and Omar have withstood the test of time and are popular even in the modern world. These names are known to carry profound meanings rooted in faith. For instance, Muhammad meaning ‘praised one’ has been a popular name in the Arab tradition for centuries. In addition to the classic names, modern Arabic baby boy names have also gained popularity in recent years. Like traditional names, these modern Arabic names also draw inspiration from Arabic history and culture while taking on a contemporary twist. Names with fresh new spellings, such as Zayd, Reuf, or Yosif, which are modern renditions of the classic ones, can be considered for baby boys. Below is a comprehensive collection of Arabic baby boy names with their respective meanings. These names stand for strength and wisdom and are symbols of grace and compassion. Every name is unique and has its special charm. Dive into the beauty of Arabic linguistic and cultural nuances as you select the best name for your little one.

heart image Abdullah Baby Boy Sign Boy Servant of Allah
heart image Ahmad Baby Boy Sign Boy Much praised; Name of prophet Muhammad
heart image Ahmed Baby Boy Sign Boy Highly praised
heart image Ali Baby Boy Sign Boy Elevated; Prominent; Superior
heart image Amir Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler; Prince; Commander
heart image Cairo Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The victorious; The conqueror; The place of combat
heart image Ibrahim Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of many
heart image Malik Baby Boy Sign Boy King
heart image Mohammed Baby Boy Sign Boy Vastness; Magnitude in size; Greater than anything
heart image Muhammad Baby Boy Sign Boy Praiseworthy; Praised one
heart image Nasir Baby Boy Sign Boy Helper; Protector; Friend; Victory
heart image Omar Baby Boy Sign Boy Flourishing
heart image Zain Baby Boy Sign Boy Beauty; Grace
heart image Aaaqil Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is wise and intelligent
heart image Aaarabisk Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is wishful and healthy
heart image Aaban Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of an angel; 8th Persian month; Angel of iron; Spontaneous and versatile
heart image Aabdar Baby Boy Sign Boy Moonlight; Early; Quick; The name of a famous battle
heart image Aabinus Baby Boy Sign Boy Ebony; Dark-colored
heart image Aadam Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of mankind
heart image Aadan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is adorned; One who brings beauty
heart image Aadeel Baby Boy Sign Boy Righteous and just; One who acts with justice and fairness; Excellent in character
heart image Aadil Baby Boy Sign Boy Righteous; High in moral and virtue; Sanctimonious
heart image Aafaaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Horizons
heart image Aafiya Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who has a very sound body and health
heart image Aaftab Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunlight; The Sun
heart image Aahad Baby Boy Sign Boy Unity; Oneness; Harmony
heart image Aahid Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is devoted. Committed; Loyal
heart image Aahil Baby Boy Sign Boy Great king; Great leader; Emperor; A king or ruler who presides over multiple nations and countries
heart image Aaisha Baby Boy Sign Boy Prosperous, lively, joyous
heart image Aakif Baby Boy Sign Boy The act of being strongly bonded towards someone or attached; One who stays at the mosque to worship Allah; One who stays away from people to dedicate himself to Allah
heart image Aakrama Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a famous companion of Prophet Muhammad
heart image Aalam Baby Boy Sign Boy World or universe; The one belonging to the whole World
heart image Aalamgeer Baby Boy Sign Boy Supreme conqueror of the world; Defeatless
heart image Aalee Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble and majestic; Highly impressive; Awe-inspiring
heart image Aali Baby Boy Sign Boy Another name of Allah or the almighty
heart image Aalif Baby Boy Sign Boy The one that is sympathetic or compassionate; Affectionate to others
heart image Aalim Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is knowledgeable, Scholar; Very wise
heart image Aaliyan Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble, exalted
heart image Aamer Baby Boy Sign Boy Prosperous; Full of life
heart image Aamil Baby Boy Sign Boy A hardworking person; A doer
heart image Aamin Baby Boy Sign Boy The one having a great grace of God; The one who is divine
heart image Aamish Baby Boy Sign Boy Full of enjoyment; Food; Meat
heart image Aaqaa Baby Boy Sign Boy The supreme owner or father; Having full authority
heart image Aaqib Baby Boy Sign Boy The follower of Allah; Follower
heart image Aaqil Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is blessed with quick cognitive capacity; Intelligent
heart image Aarash Baby Boy Sign Boy The first ray of the sun
heart image Aarib Baby Boy Sign Boy the one who is healthy and very handsome
heart image Aarif Baby Boy Sign Boy Acquainted; Knowledgeable; Devotee; Knowing; Aware
heart image Aaris Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Ruler; Leader
heart image Aariz Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is a respectable man; Intelligent; The one who leads
heart image Aaro Baby Boy Sign Boy Mountain of strength; High mountain
heart image Aaroh Baby Boy Sign Boy the one having high qualities as a mountain
heart image Aarzam Baby Boy Sign Boy War; Battle; Being conqueror
heart image Aasaf Baby Boy Sign Boy the one who is very clear or lined up
heart image Aashik Baby Boy Sign Boy The true lover; A suitor
heart image Aashiq Baby Boy Sign Boy The true lover; A suitor
heart image Aashir Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is alive; Living
heart image Aasil Baby Boy Sign Boy Aggression; To assault cruelly and constantly
heart image Aasim Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is a protector and a guardian
heart image Aatazaz Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone important; A servant of the mighty
heart image Aati Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is generous
heart image Aatif Baby Boy Sign Boy Kind; Affectionate
heart image Aatiq Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A very young woman; Liberated; Independent; Free
heart image Aayan Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is bright, Swift
heart image Aayiz Baby Boy Sign Boy Replacement; Something given to you in place of something you have lost
heart image Aazaad Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone independent; Free
heart image Aazam Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone supreme; Powerful
heart image Aazan Baby Boy Sign Boy form of prayer
heart image Aazar Baby Boy Sign Boy The ninth month of celebration
heart image Aazif Baby Boy Sign Boy the harvest
heart image Aazil Baby Boy Sign Boy Unexpected; independent; ambitious
heart image Aazim Baby Boy Sign Boy the one who is determined
heart image Aazir Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful or Noble
heart image Aazz Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone mightier; Stronger
heart image Abaan Baby Boy Sign Boy Clear, eloquent
heart image Abaas Baby Boy Sign Boy Like a lion
heart image Abab Baby Boy Sign Boy the Softness and Gracefulness of Youth
heart image Ababil Baby Boy Sign Boy someone who accepts easily
heart image Abad Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone who is everlasting; Eternal
heart image Abadah Baby Boy Sign Boy Endurance; Durability; Strength
heart image Abadard Baby Boy Sign Boy the One who Possesses Prosperity
heart image Abadilat Baby Boy Sign Boy the other name of Abdullah
heart image Abadiya Baby Boy Sign Boy A famous author known for his unique style
heart image Abahh Baby Boy Sign Boy An astrologer of Al Mamun; The nickname of al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim
heart image Abaj Baby Boy Sign Boy Eternity
heart image Abakhtar Baby Boy Sign Boy A planet
heart image Abal Baby Boy Sign Boy A wild rose
heart image Aban Baby Boy Sign Boy an Old arabic name
heart image Abanjar Baby Boy Sign Boy Being tall; Stout
heart image Abann Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone who is tall; Strong
heart image Abannak Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone who is Firm in his decisions
heart image Abanus Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone having a dark complexion
heart image Abar Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Arphaxad and grandson of Shem
heart image Abaravand Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is above all; Superior
heart image Abarinnotavan Baby Boy Sign Boy to Rejuvenate
heart image Abasi Baby Boy Sign Boy Being Stern and strict
heart image Abasin Baby Boy Sign Boy The other name of the Indus River
heart image Abatus Baby Boy Sign Boy The winner of a battle
heart image Abaven Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone who is a protector
heart image Abbaas Baby Boy Sign Boy the Description of a lion
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Arabic boy names embody humility, kindness, and devotional strength. These names have a poetic quality that makes them stand out from the rest and reflect the believers’ profound respect for the almighty. Their spiritual connection keeps them deeply rooted in Islamic history and tradition, thus influencing one’s spiritual growth. You may choose a classic name that inclines towards a more traditional character or opt for modern names, as every Arabic name holds a special meaning and stands for values held high in Islam.

Infographic: Most Inspiring Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic names find their origins in Islam. These names reflect a long line of history and tradition. The Quran inspires many boy names, while others have Persian or Indian roots. They are thoughtful and denote strong virtues and qualities. This infographic will have you discover some of the most impactful Arabic names for boys.

powerful arabic names perfect for your little one (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some factors to consider when choosing an Arabic boy name for your child?

If you are looking for Arabic names for your baby boy, look for the meaning of the name and the qualities that it reflects (ex: Kareem means generous and honorable, Malik means king); the historical and cultural significance of the name, (ex: Umar meaning ‘long-lived’ and ‘flourished,’ was the name of the second caliph of Islam, ‘Umar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb’; the popularity of the name (ex: Muhammad, Ali, Ibrahim and Malik have ranked among the top 100 Arabic boy names in the US); the ease of pronunciation and spelling (names such as Zayn and Tariq are short and easy to spell), and ultimately your personal preference.

2. What are some common themes or symbols found in Arabic boy names?

The common themes that one can notice in Arabic names are of devotion (Abrar, Afaf, and Atqa), religious significance (Iman, Rohaan, Aayat), culture, tradition (Muhammad, Omar, Nasir), and spirituality.

3. What are some Arabic boy names that have been adapted or borrowed by other cultures?

There are several Arabic names that have been adapted by other Muslim and non-Muslim cultures such as Persian, Turkish, Uzbek, and Tazik. Some of them include Ali, Ahmad, Omar, Adam, and Jamal.

4. How have Arabic boy names evolved over time, and what factors have influenced these changes?

Over the years, several factors including modernization, islamic traditions, geographical influences, social factors, and personal preferences have influenced Arabic names.

5. Are there any trends or patterns in the meanings or themes of Arabic boy names that have emerged in recent years?

Several naming trends have emerged in recent years including a rise in the liking of Arabic boy names that reflect modern virtues such as peace and harmony (ex: Aman, Arab) nature-inspired names (ex: Laith, Daysam), names that are shorter and easier to pronounce (Ali, Omar, Hamza), and revival of traditional Arabic boy names.

6. What Arabic boy names mean God's gift?

Examples of Arabic baby boy names that mean ‘Gift of God’ are Ataullah, Aayan, Jad, and Hanz.

7. What Arabic boy names mean healer?

Haakim or Hakym, Shafi, and Darman are a few examples of Arabic names for boys that resonate with the meaning ‘healer.’

8. What boy name means guardian in Arabic?

Asim (which can also be spelled as Asem, Aasem or Assim) is an Arabic name for boys that means guardian, defender, or savior.

9. What is the Arabic name of victory?

Arabic names which bear the meaning ‘victory’ or ‘triumph’ include Zafar, Azfaar, Intisar and Nasr.


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