4537 Arabic Boy Names With Meanings

Abdelazimderives from the Arabic "ʻAbd Al-'Azīm that is one of names of God in the Qur'an which names servant of mighty.Boy
Abdelazizthe Servant of the Mighty OneBoy
Abdelfattahthe one being Servant of the One who treat others with tendernessBoy
Abdelgawwadthe Servant of the Noble OneBoy
Abdelhadithe Servant of the supreme LeaderBoy
Abdelhakimthe kind Servant of the Wise OneBoy
Abdelhalimthe Servant of the Patient OneBoy
Abdelhamidthe Servant of the Praiseworthy OneBoy
Abdelkadirthe Servant of the one who is CapableBoy
Abdelkarimthe one who is Servant of the One who is of noble birthBoy
Abdelkerimthe Servant of the Principled OneBoy
Abdelkrimthe Servant of the Generous OneBoy
Abdellafifthe Servant of the Kindest OneBoy
AbdellatifSuch a charming peronality who serves kind peopleBoy
Abdelmalikthe Servant of the KingBoy
Abdelmufithe Servant of the DonorBoy
AbdelouahidTakne from Quranic origin that means servant of the OneBoy
Abdelqadirthe Servant of the CapableBoy
AbdelrahimTaken from word abd al rahim which stand for servant of the compassionate oneBoy
Abdelrahmanservant of the Merciful where "the Merciful" is Characteristic of AllahBoy
Abdelsalamthe Servant of PeaceBoy
Abderrahimthe Servant of the CompassionateBoy
Abderrahmanthe one who is Servant of the MercifulBoy
AbderraoufHave faith in Allah and serve the most neededBoy
Abderrazithe Servant of the ProviderBoy
Abderrazzathe Servant of the one who helps othersBoy
Abdes shakurSlave of the appreciativeBoy
AbdiOriginated from Hebrew origin and means servant of god or a slaveBoy
AbdiesusOne who serves.Boy
AbdirahmanA person with sensitive nature who help the most graciousBoy
AbdkhayrBasically Khayr is all types of goodnessBoy
Abdmanafthe Servant of ManafBoy
Abdothe Very Sensitive and Kind oneBoy
AbdolrahemA person who is kind-hearted that serves mercifulBoy
AbdouGreat ability to focus on each work; variant of name AbdoBoy
AbdoulIn Arabic langugage, it is use as Abdal (Arabic) that means servant of compassionate oneBoy
AbduWorshipper of GodBoy
AbdualA person with strong independent and creative nature personality who helps the most neededBoy
AbduallaA servant of god who serves mercifulBoy
Abdud daarrOriginated from Arabic language which means a person slaves those who causes lossBoy
AbduddaarHelp an evil and immoral character with graceBoy
AbduhOriginated from Islamic and it is an appellation of MuhammadBoy
AbdukA person who is blessed by god in every mannerBoy
AbdukhdraA servant of the devotee of GodBoy
AbdukrahmanThis Arabic name means a person who serves merciful people with graceBoy
AbdulPerson supposed to be religious in his or her faith traditionBoy
Abdul aaleeServes people who are most needed from salvationBoy
Abdul adlIt is a Islam name who is servant of completely justBoy
Abdul afuwServant of Allah or servant of remissive; Indirectly Quranic name for BoysBoy
Abdul ahadBeing one of names of God that means servant of only oneBoy
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