4479 Arabic Boy Names With Meanings

AbdushshaheedMeans slave of the witness or viewerBoy
AbdushshahidHelps the most amazing observer and viewerBoy
AbdussaburArabic originated name; meaning serves the patient one with graceBoy
AbdussalaamWorks hard for source of the peaceBoy
AbdussalamForm of as-Salam that means glorified and Allah. Name stands for servant of the safetyBoy
AbdussamadA devoted follower who supports everlasting and eternal oneBoy
AbdussamiHelps the all hearing one and the LordBoy
AbdussattarServes the one who protects or hides all mistakesBoy
AbdusshafiShafi name stands for servant of the healerBoy
AbdussubboohOne who serves the extremely uncontaminated and pureBoy
AbdussubhanA unique personality that helps the most glorious and brilliant oneBoy
Abdut tawwabServes the most merciful and forgiving oneBoy
Abduz zahirOne who serves the apparent and overt oneBoy
AbduzzahirSlave of the most patent and obvious oneBoy
AbedWorshipper; AdorerBoy
AbedinIslam name means worshipper of the AllahBoy
AbednegoServes the most shinning and light oneBoy
AbeedA derogatory term that means slave, servant or worshipperBoy
AbeerVariant of Abir; FragranceBoy
AbezagThe one is clean, pure and blessedBoy
AbhaarGratitude or thankful to othersBoy
AbhajA person who is having a great wisdom of knowledge.Boy
AbharThe one who has the most cleverest mind.Boy
AbidWorshipper or devout of the LordBoy
AbiqAn exhaling pleasant fragranceBoy
Abir (अबीर)The word abir has the meaning of Fragrance, Scent, Aroma, in Hindu aspect aabir means Gulal or colorBoy
AbisOne who is swift and alertBoy
AbisaliA warrior of Muslim religionBoy
AbizA flame of fire or a sparkBoy
AbkarOne who is born first, who is on timeBoy
AblaghWho is most effective and perfectBoy
AblajA lucid person, very brilliantBoy
AbnatThe strength or the courageBoy
AboudTo worship or a place to worship, a place in PalestineBoy
AbqarA fairyland, wonderful, amazingBoy
AbradA coolest person, or the coldestBoy
AbrajOne who has big and beautiful eyesBoy
AbrakA person who is most blessedBoy
AbrarA pious or a god-fearing personBoy
AbrashA spotted person, a dotted personBoy
AbrazThe most distinctive or prominent personBoy
AbrizThe purest form of gold, or the raw goldBoy
AbsaarThe vision or the sight or the power of seeingBoy
AbsarThe perception or the vision or the intellectBoy
AbsiTo frown or the frowningBoy
AbtalA brave person, or a heroBoy
AbtarIn Sanskrit it meant the incarnation of a deity. In Arabic it means someone who is without progenyBoy
AbuThe father of, one who is father of somethingBoy
Abu al KhayrOne who does goodBoy
Abu alifather of Ali, or father of an elevated personBoy
Abu-ZarName of a great companion of the Prophet Muhammad.Boy
AbuabdullahThe father of the servant of AllahBoy
AbuahmadFather of the holy praised personBoy
AbualiFather of a highly esteemed personBoy
AbualkhayrOne who always does goodBoy
AbuamrFather of the life or father of the enlivenBoy
AbuayyubThe father who will repent to AllahBoy
AbubakarArabic - Father of young camelBoy
AbubakrThe father or the owner of young camel, the companion of Prophet Muhammad, the first Caliph of Muslim.Boy
AbubashirA father of one who brings good newsBoy
AbudalamahThe one who is the father of blacknessBoy
AbudardaFather of a toothless womanBoy
Abudaudfather of a beloved personBoy
AbudawaniqA father of a kid weighing 2 caratsBoy
AbudawudFather of the beloved and closest companionBoy
AbufirasFather of a lion or father of a lion hunterBoy
AbughalibThe father of a dominant person or a conquerorBoy
AbuhabibFather of the most beloved friendBoy
AbuhafsThe father of a lion cubBoy
AbuhamzahThe father of a strong and steadfast personBoy
AbuhanifaThe father of a true believerBoy
AbuhanifahThe father of one who believes in IslamBoy
AbuhassanThe father of a handsome BoyBoy
AbuhazimThe father of one who regulates othersBoy
AbuhishamFather of a noble or generous personBoy
AbuhurairahFather of a little kitten or a catBoy
AbuhurayrahThe father who has a little kittenBoy
Abuidrisfather of an interpreterBoy
AbuishaqFather of a righteous person who is on good deedsBoy
AbujafarFather of a stream or a rivuletBoy
AbujahlThe father of ignorance, one who is highly ignorantBoy
AbukathirFather of abundant personBoy
AbulThe servant or the servant ofBoy
Abul-khayrThe servant of one who always does goodBoy
AbulabbasThe servant of Abbas or the lionBoy
AbulahabThe servant of father's brother or uncleBoy
AbulainaThe father of a beautiful eyed womanBoy
AbulalaThe father of the superior personBoy
AbulasshabThe father of a masterBoy
AbulaswadThe father of Aswad or blackBoy
AbulbarakatThe father of the blessingsBoy
AbulbasharThe father of a humans or mankindBoy
AbuldunyaThe father of the worldly lifeBoy
AbuldurrThe father of pearlBoy
AbulfadlThe servant of a gracious personBoy
AbulfarajThe servant of cureBoy
AbulfathThe father of the victoryBoy
AbulfazlThe father of virtueBoy
AbulhaijaThe father of battle or warBoy
AbulhaisamFather of a strong manBoy
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