109 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter D

DaaiProphet MuhammadBoy
DaaimLasting personalityBoy
DaanaaAn intelligent person; wiseBoy
DaaneeshFilled with wisdomBoy
DaanishFull of knowledgeBoy
DaaoodName of a ProphetBoy
DabServant of GodBoy
DabaranThe one who is behindBoy
DaboorSoothing morning breezeBoy
DadvarJudge or one who is just.Boy
DafallaProphet's CourtBoy
DafiOne keeping awayBoy
DafiqAn active and jubilant manBoy
DaghishatFull of darknessBoy
DahbalName of Wahb IbnBoy
DaiamEverlasting or permanent.Boy
DaibThe happy oneBoy
DaidanHabit; to practice somethingBoy
DaimEverlasting and beautifulBoy
DaimumatTo endureBoy
DaiyanA mighty judgeBoy
DajjalTo worshipBoy
DakhnasA strong manBoy
DalairThe brave oneBoy
DalajA muftiBoy
DaleelThe happy one; rareBoy
DalerValiant oneBoy
DalhamMad in loveBoy
DalilA guide; mentorBoy
DaluhWish; a desireUnisex
DaneshOne who is filled with wisdomBoy
DaniyalHandsome BoyBoy
DansithFull of knowledge and wisdomBoy
DaoudAllah's messengerBoy
DaqiqVery delicateBoy
DaqqaqOne who sells flourBoy
DarimHadith narratorBoy
DarrabahClever individualBoy
DarrakA prudent manBoy
DashawnA determined, good workerBoy
DastageerHelper or supporterBoy
DastgeerA helper; another name of DastgirUnisex
DaudPersian form of the word Davood; belovedBoy
DaulahA vast empire filled with richesBoy
DaulatOne who brings good fortuneUnisex
DautA variant of David, meaning beloved.Boy
DavudA variant of David, meaning beloved.Boy
DawoodName of a Prophet; has deep inner desiresBoy
DawudA beloved person; Prophet's nameBoy
DawwarRevolving beingBoy
DayanatdarA holy and pious manBoy
DayimThe everlasting and mesmerising beingBoy
DaylamA perfect companionBoy
DayyaanA mighty ruler, judge , protector,Boy
DayyanA strong and brave rulerBoy
DehiyaOne who is accepted by everyoneBoy
DelaraOne who can bring happiness in others lifeUnisex
Dhul FiqaarProphet's sword; they search truthUnisex
Dhul FiqarStrong sword; it is the name of Prophet's swordBoy
DhulfiqaarIt's name of prophet's swordBoy
DhulfiqarSword's name given by MuhammadBoy
DiaabA beautiful and refined individualBoy
DibEloquent; one who has given a wordUnisex
DielmithOne who has fallen in love with GodBoy
DihishwarBoy with a handsome and charming personalityBoy
DihyahThe commander of troopsBoy
DihyatA general leader; a rulerUnisex
DikhlatThe one who has a heart and soul made of goldBoy
Dil NawazAttractive mistress; has a soothing heartBoy
DilaawarA hearty and faithful person; darlingBoy
DilavarA hearty and daring personBoy
DilawarThey are the one who have a huge heartBoy
DilbarOne with a blossoming heart; a loverBoy
DilnawazThey like a lot about the peopleBoy
DimashqOne who is the Lord of the facultiesBoy
DinarA shining gold coin; which has tenBoy
DirarAn old Arabic nameBoy
DiwanmuhammadThey belong to the court of Prophet muhammadBoy
Diya al DinBrightness of the faith.Boy
Diya-al-dinOne who is from shining religionBoy
DiyaaldinA shining and lavishing religionBoy
DiyaaudeenA bright and faithful personBoy
DiyaaudinOne who has immense amount of faithBoy
DiyaeddinOne who is attracted to God almightyBoy
DiyaelhaqqA composer; they are optimisticBoy
DiyariA gift sent from the God; blessingBoy
DiyauddinThe one who has brightness of the SunBoy
DiyaudeenOne who has brightness of faith; riverBoy
DiyaulhaqqThey are lovely and happy individualsBoy
DizhwarThey are polite individual who are strongBoy
DjamelThe one who most handsome and charmingBoy
DorghamA faithful servant of God; unique and specialBoy
DostBeloved friendBoy
DuhaBefore noon, Morning; time of forenoonUnisex
DuhmusLiberal; one who is royal and efficientBoy
DulamahTall and Dark; a determined and efficient personBoy
DuldulIman Husain's horseBoy
DunyanaA loving and caring individualBoy
DupinderjitThe innocent one; silent and compassionateBoy
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