53 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter E

EbrahimDerived from the word Ibrahim it means God's messenger; Father of many nations.Boy
EdhemDark-skinned, blackBoy
EesaaProviding salvation; prophet's nameBoy
EessaLebanese variation of Jesus. It means devoted to God.Boy
EhabGift or gifting someoneBoy
EhanThe glowing full moonBoy
EhsaanOne who strives for perfection or excellenceBoy
EhsanOne who is kind and believes in unityBoy
EjaazA miracle; they are majestic and have analytical mindBoy
EjazAstonishment and filled with miracleBoy
EjlaalTo honor, To exaltBoy
EjubBosnian version of the name Ayub. It means returning to God, repenting.Boy
EkbalOne who has success kissing his feetBoy
EkhlaqOne who has many virtuesBoy
ElafSafety, or securityBoy
ElaminOne who is very trustworthyBoy
ElgizouliOne who is born to bring peaceBoy
Elsadigthis means one who is disciplined and dedicated.Boy
Elsamhudithe meaning of this name is love of Allah.Boy
Elsheikhidristhe meaning of this name is leader or a born prince of Allah.Boy
Elsuekithis means god is my love.Boy
ElvedinBenevolence of faith or gift.Boy
Elyasthis name means the Biblical Elijah in Islam or lord is my god.Boy
EmaanVictorious; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted to God; Faith in religionUnisex
Emadthis name means support or pillar or confidence.Boy
Emanthis name means faith or belief.Unisex
EmankumVictorious; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted to God; Faith in religionBoy
Eminit means someone who is trustworthy or confident.Boy
Emmada leader.Boy
EmmanVictorious; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted to God; Faith in religionBoy
Emranprogress or achievement.Boy
Emyra worthy ruler.Boy
Enderin Turkish language it means scarce.Boy
EnesHe who is sociable.Boy
Enestinusmasculine form of beauty.Boy
Eneviria holy and revered saint.Boy
EnisOne who is friendly.Boy
Ensarit means helpers.Boy
Enverit means bright.Boy
Eqbalprosperity or success.Boy
ErA pure water, clean; a watchman or observantBoy
Erbican Arabic baby name for love.Boy
Erolit means brave.Boy
EsadOne who is very lucky.Boy
EsamArabic - Safeguard; A variant spelling is Essam; Connection; Bond; PromiseBoy
EskanderPersian word for Alexander.Boy
Esmaeelit is one of the prophets mentioned in Quran.Boy
Esmaila name used for prophets mentioned in Quranic verses.Boy
EssamArabic - Safeguard; A variant spelling is Esaam; Connection; Bond; PromiseBoy
Etemadreliance or trust or confidence in another person.Boy
EtizaazTo become mighty, to become honored.Boy
EyadOne who possesses power and mightBoy
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