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  1. Baby Names
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242 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter F

Faarih A person who is full of joy Boy
Faarooq A man who knows the difference between right a wrong Boy
Faatih A person who conquers,opens and initiates things Boy
Fadahunsi The king's favor Boy
Fadee A gallant man who is self-sacrificing Boy
Fadel Honorable Boy
Fadgham A tall and handsome man Boy
Fadhl A man who is gracious and giving Boy
Fadi A person who redeemed himslef for previous actions Boy
Fadil A man who gives generously to others Boy
Fadl A person who outstands with his bravery Boy
Fadwa A man who is self-sacrificing and gallant Boy
Fady He is a great savior of men Boy
Faghyar Intelligent; Like a Scholar; Wise Boy
Fahad A panter-like man Boy
Fahd He is dangerous like a panter Boy
Fahham A very intelligent and knowledgable person Boy
Fahid A person who does something good for those who are not there Boy
Fahim Scholar; Intelligent; Wise; Learned; Prudent; Sagacious Boy
Fahis A man who likes to test things and to investigate Boy
Fahm One who posesses a great intellect Boy
Fahmat one who is full of understanding Boy
Fahmeda A woman who is smart Boy
Fahmi An understanding man. Boy
Fahmin Man with responsibilities Boy
Fahreezan One who is wise Boy
Fahrudin Pride of faith Boy
Fahyim One who is careful Boy
Faid One who has an advantage Boy
Faidh A favorable one Boy
Faik One who is moraly superior Boy
Fail A performing man Boy
Faiq One who is superior Boy
Fairoz A victor Unisex
Fairoze Aprecious stone, turquoise stone Boy
Fairuz A thriumphant one Unisex
Faisal One who arbitraties Boy
Faisel Occupational name, a judge Boy
Faishah Chief; Leader; Head; Principal; Place of origin of a river or torrent Boy
Faisi One who is greatly abundant Boy
Faisil One who is making decisions Boy
Faiyaz An artistic Boy Boy
Faiz One who has won Boy
Faizaan A generous man Boy
Faizal One who judges Boy
Faizan One who is charitable Boy
Faizeen A man who is honest Boy
Faizel An arbiter or a judge Boy
Faizerabbani One who has a divine talent Boy
Faizi One who is completely full Boy
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