350 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter H

HaadyGuiding to the right, righteousBoy
HaafizPreserver, guardian, keeperBoy
HaakimWise; Healer; Physician; Ruler; Sovereign; A variant of HakimBoy
HaalaLunar HaloUnisex
HaamidPraising, loving associated with god, one who offers approvalBoy
HaaneeHappy; Delighted; Content; Joyful; A variant of HaniBoy
HaaniContent, delighted, happyBoy
HaarisVigilant; Watchman; Guardian; Protector; Friend; A variant of HarisBoy
HaarithA lion that digs into the earthBoy
HaaroonHope, optimism, positive expectation.Boy
HaarunWarrior lion, combatant, fighterBoy
HaashimGenerosity, kindness, with a bright heartBoy
HaasimOne who live the life with zeal, ardor and enthusiasm.Boy
HaatimDecisive by nature, determined, strong mindedBoy
HaaziqSkillfull; Intelligent; BrilliantBoy
HabLove, affiliation, friendship, hopeUnisex
HababAim; Goal; End; Destination; A variant of Habbab which means loving and affectionateBoy
HabashGuinea fowl, guinea henBoy
HabbabFriendship, lovable personality, polite, gentleBoy
HabbahBerry; Grain; Seed; A variant form is HabbaBoy
HabeebSweetheart, beloved, dearestBoy
HabeeballahGod's beloved, loved by godBoy
HabeelOne of the sons of prophet AdamBoy
HabibBeloved; Sweetheart; Friend; Darling; A variant of HabeebBoy
HabiballahLoved by god, God's belovedBoy
HabibullahLoved by God, God's belovedBoy
HabilOne of the sons of prophet Adam; Biblical AbelBoy
HabushunAn ancient Arabic Boy nameBoy
HabwatGift; PresentBoy
HachimBrave breaker or destroyer of evilBoy
HadaMyrtle tree, noble spiritBoy
HadafObject, goal, targetBoy
HadalMistletoe, a plantBoy
HadeeGuiding to the Right; Director; Guide; A variant of HadiBoy
HadeesSpeech or dialogue of the almighty.Boy
HadheerPresent; Attending; A variant of HadhirBoy
HadhirPresent; Attending; A variant of HadheerBoy
HadiOne that guides towards the right or righteousBoy
HadibDevoted; Kind; CompassionateBoy
HadidIron, sharp, speedy, strong, quick, pointedBoy
HadidahSword; Weapon; A variant spelling is HadidaBoy
HadirBeautiful, stunning, striking, the sound of thunderBoy
HadisHistory,belief, tradition, customBoy
HadramiNobel man, The name of the some prominent menBoy
HadusNew; Fresh; YoungBoy
HafawatFriendly; Welcoming; CaringBoy
HafeezProtector, providing shield, Islam God name,Boy
HafezResponsible caretaker, Guardian, Keeper, PreserverBoy
HafiGreetings, good wishes, complimentsBoy
HafidProtector of the religion, guardian of the Islamic religionBoy
HafidhThe men who remember the Quran by haert,male custodian of the QuranBoy
HafiezA variation of Hafiz name, it means protectorBoy
HafilDiligent; Industrious; Determined; HardworkingBoy
Hafizmemorising the Quran, guardians of the Holly QuranBoy
HafizullahCommemoration of God (Allah), Remembrance of AllahBoy
HaflatAll; EverythingBoy
HaianVery attractive, Beautiful, LifeBoy
HaidarLion (Derived from the Hadara), Stout, StrongBoy
HaiderbuxLoin power by blessingBoy
HaisamStrong ManBoy
HaissamA sharp sword.Boy
HaitatCaution; CareBoy
Haithamyoung eagleBoy
HaithemYoung HawkBoy
Haithumfamily name, variation of HaithamBoy
HaizamBold; Daring; FearlessBoy
HajPilgrim to Mecca;Boy
HajarDerived from Hajara means abandoned, FlightBoy
HajiPilgrimage, One who has Performed the HajjBoy
HajijPilgrim; one who has completed the Hajj to MeccaBoy
HajiriyHandsome; Beautiful; Good LookingBoy
HajiyahPilgrim; one who has completed the Hajj to MeccaBoy
HajizCurtain, PartitionBoy
HajjPilgrimage to the Holy City of MakkahUnisex
HajjajEye socket, Orbit,Orgument, debate, A rular of IraqBoy
HajjiVariation of Haji, Persons completed the Hajj to MeccaUnisex
HajveriAbul Hassan Ali Hajvari, Daata Ganj BakhshBoy
Hakamone of the names of Islamic God, The ArbitratorBoy
HakamatScholarship, Knowledgeable, WisdomBoy
HakambirBrave Ruler; Courageous and Fearless leaderBoy
HakamjeetVictory of the Ruler; Successful Ruler; Emperor who Win alwaysBoy
HakampreetLove for Authority; One who considers his authority dearBoy
HakeemWise, Intelligent, wisdomBoy
HakemRuler; GovernorBoy
HakimOne of God's Ninety-nine NamesBoy
HalabHopefully fit (Indonesian), largest city in SyriaBoy
HaleefAlly, Supporter, ConfederateBoy
Haleemgentle, mild, forbearing, patientBoy
Halimgentle, mild, patient, kind, indulgentBoy
HallajCotton RefinerBoy
HamadTo Praise any oneBoy
HamadiOne who is PraisedBoy
HamadullahThe Thanks Of Allah SwtBoy
HamailThings SuspendedBoy
HamamPeaceful nature, Brave, Leader of the nation, DoveBoy
Hamascourage, zeal, bravery and strengthBoy
HamasatEnthusiasm, ZealBoy
HamazanWalking on the ground and making FootmarksBoy
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