350 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter H

HaadyGuiding to the right, righteousBoy
HaafizPreserver, guardian, keeperBoy
HaakimWise; Healer; Physician; Ruler; Sovereign; A variant of HakimBoy
HaalaLunar HaloUnisex
HaamidPraising, loving associated with god, one who offers approvalBoy
HaaneeHappy; Delighted; Content; Joyful; A variant of HaniBoy
HaaniContent, delighted, happyBoy
HaarisVigilant; Watchman; Guardian; Protector; Friend; A variant of HarisBoy
HaarithA lion that digs into the earthBoy
HaaroonHope, optimism, positive expectation.Boy
HaarunWarrior lion, combatant, fighterBoy
HaashimGenerosity, kindness, with a bright heartBoy
HaasimOne who live the life with zeal, ardor and enthusiasm.Boy
HaatimDecisive by nature, determined, strong mindedBoy
HaaziqSkillfull; Intelligent; BrilliantBoy
HabLove, affiliation, friendship, hopeUnisex
HababAim; Goal; End; Destination; A variant of Habbab which means loving and affectionateBoy
HabashGuinea fowl, guinea henBoy
HabbabFriendship, lovable personality, polite, gentleBoy
HabbahBerry; Grain; Seed; A variant form is HabbaBoy
HabeebSweetheart, beloved, dearestBoy
HabeeballahGod's beloved, loved by godBoy
HabeelOne of the sons of prophet AdamBoy
HabibBeloved; Sweetheart; Friend; Darling; A variant of HabeebBoy
HabiballahLoved by god, God's belovedBoy
HabibullahLoved by God, God's belovedBoy
HabilOne of the sons of prophet Adam; Biblical AbelBoy
HabushunAn ancient Arabic Boy nameBoy
HabwatGift; PresentBoy
HachimBrave breaker or destroyer of evilBoy
HadaMyrtle tree, noble spiritBoy
HadafObject, goal, targetBoy
HadalMistletoe, a plantBoy
HadeeGuiding to the Right; Director; Guide; A variant of HadiBoy
HadeesSpeech or dialogue of the almighty.Boy
HadheerPresent; Attending; A variant of HadhirBoy
HadhirPresent; Attending; A variant of HadheerBoy
HadiOne that guides towards the right or righteousBoy
HadibDevoted; Kind; CompassionateBoy
HadidIron, sharp, speedy, strong, quick, pointedBoy
HadidahSword; Weapon; A variant spelling is HadidaBoy
HadirBeautiful, stunning, striking, the sound of thunderBoy
HadisHistory,belief, tradition, customBoy
HadramiNobel man, The name of the some prominent menBoy
HadusNew; Fresh; YoungBoy
HafawatFriendly; Welcoming; CaringBoy
HafeezProtector, providing shield, Islam God name,Boy
HafezResponsible caretaker, Guardian, Keeper, PreserverBoy
HafiGreetings, good wishes, complimentsBoy
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