186 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter J

JaahDignity or grandeur.Boy
JabaarOne who has great power and mightBoy
JabarOne who is mighty powerfulBoy
JabbarOne of the 99 names of Allah, also means powerfulBoy
JaberOne who comforts othersBoy
JabharA variant of Jabbar which means Giant; AlmightyBoy
JabirOne who comforts; One who consoles; Consoler; A variant of JabbarBoy
JabiriA man who has no fearBoy
JabrOne who comforts and helpsBoy
JabriAllah's archangelBoy
JabrootMagnificent or majestic.Boy
JadHe was a present from GodBoy
JadallahA prosperity of GodBoy
Jadil haqqOne who follows the truth in lifeBoy
JafarJafar is Stream; Name of the brother of Ali, the fourth caliphBoy
JafarsaadiqA name of the early leader of IslamBoy
JaffarTo be near a creekBoy
JafferHe who is like a brookBoy
JahedA striving personBoy
JahlilA great and exalted manBoy
JahmalA handsome oneBoy
JahmallHe is handsomeBoy
JahmalleA handsome individualBoy
JahmelHe is very good-lookingBoy
JahmilA beautiful and handsome manBoy
JahmileHe is pretty and handsomeBoy
JahmyyllahHe is good-looking, pretty and handsomeBoy
JaimalA man known for his beautyBoy
JaishAn excellent armyBoy
JakeemAn elelvater, raised up personBoy
JalOne who wandersBoy
JalaalGlory of the faithBoy
JalalArabic name meaning greatnessBoy
JalalaLoftiness; Sublimity; Glory; Grandeur; Glory of the FaithBoy
JalalaldinGloriuos faithBoy
JalaleddinThe graet faithBoy
JalaluddinGlory of the faithBoy
JalebAn attainerBoy
JaleelOne who is grandBoy
JaleesAn associateBoy
JalibOne who has a motive or a causeBoy
JalisA companion at the tableBoy
JamaalThe beautiful oneBoy
Jamaal udeenBeauty of the faithBoy
JamaaluddinA beautiful faithBoy
JamaaludeenFaith is beautifulBoy
JamaelA handsome manBoy
JamahlThe handsome oneBoy
JamailBeautiful oneBoy
JamalHe who is handsomeBoy
Jamal al dinBeauty of the faithBoy
JamalaldinBeauty of the faithBoy
JamaleTo be beautifulBoy
JamaleddnArabic name for BoysBoy
JamallThe handsome oneBoy
JamaluddinBeauty of the religionBoy
JamaludinBeauty of the faithBoy
JamarionMan with good looksBoy
JamariusArabic name meaning beautyBoy
JameelA handsome manBoy
JamelHe who posesses great looksBoy
JameleArabic name meaning beautifulBoy
JamellArabic name describing beautyBoy
JamerealArabic name for BoysBoy
JamielHe who is handsomeBoy
JamiellArabic name for BoysBoy
JamilHandsome; Beautiful; Good LookingBoy
JamileA handsome manBoy
JamillA good looking manBoy
JamirHe who is handsomeBoy
JammalHe who is handsomeBoy
JammanArabic name for BoysBoy
JammasOne who is naughty and sprightly.Boy
JammazName of Muhammad Ibn amr who related anecdotes and recited poetry at the court of al-mutawwakilBoy
JammelHe who is beautifulBoy
JamshaidThe rays of the sunBoy
JamshedA shining riverBoy
JamsheedSun's raysBoy
JamshidA shining lightBoy
JamuhOne who is defiantBoy
JamylArabic name meaning beautyBoy
JamynA beautiful oneBoy
JanaanA beloved oneBoy
JanasheenThe successorBoy
JandarahName of Sahabi RaBoy
JanealamLife of the worldBoy
JanmuhammadLife of MuhammadBoy
JansherLife of a lionBoy
JansherkhanLion's powerBoy
JanziraOne who is from an islandBoy
JaraadA liberalBoy
JareerA corpulent oneBoy
JarirOne who can pullBoy
JarmalA handsome manBoy
JarmelOne who is good lookingBoy
JarrarOne who is very braveBoy
JarullahAllah's neighbourBoy
JasarOne who is brave, bold and courageous.Boy
JaserHe who is fearlessBoy
JasiaGod is graciousBoy
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