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56 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter L

Laaiq The name means Suitable, Eligible Boy
Labeeb Labeeb means The Sensible One Boy
Labib Labib means He is a person of great Intelect Boy
Labid Labid means He is a great Companion Boy
Lablab The name means Ivy Boy
Laeeq Someone who is eligible and posesses a lot of skills Boy
Lahab Lahab means Flame Boy
Laham Laham means Intuition,Wisdom Boy
Lahan Lahan means Little Bright-Headed One Boy
Lahi'ah The name means Narrator of Hadith Boy
Lail Lail means Nighttime unisex
Laiq Laiq means Skillful Boy
Laith Laith means Lion,Brave Boy
Laithan A little dear lion, lions cub Boy
Lajpal Lajpal means Dignity Boy
Laraib A person who does not doubt anyone or anything Boy
Lashirah A smart, resourceful and wise person who is quick to learn Boy
Laskhar Person serving in the army, one who is a soldier Boy
Lateefa Gentle; Kind; Fine; Pleasant; Friendly; A variant spelling is Latifa Boy
Lath Arabic - Lion; A variant of name Laith Boy
Latif Gentle and kind one Boy
Lawa He who looks at others in a shy manner Boy
Layeeq A worthy and capable individual who is also wide Boy
Layth A wildcat, Lion Boy
Layzal Another name for Allah, one who cannot die, immortal Boy
Lazhar Name presents something that is very clear or very white Boy
Lazim Describes something that is fitting, needed Boy
Laziz Arabic - One who is pleasant; A variant spelling is Lazeez Boy
Leil Dusk; Night; A variant of name Lail Boy
Lelius The one who is born in the night Boy
Lelli A person who is born after the Sun sets down Boy
Letif A quiet person of gentle natrue Boy
Liman Liman is a Lebanon term for bright, shining and lustrous. Boy
Lisan Language, speaking tongue Boy
Lisanuddin Language of the faith Boy
Lookman Name of wisdom man mentioned in the Quran Boy
Loot Something that is hidden adn covered Boy
Lotfallah Favour of Allah Boy
Lotfi One who is soft and tender Boy
Lu'ay Brave, strong and courageous man Boy
Luai A strong and steady person Boy
Luay A couragrous and strong person Boy
Lubaib Genuine, pure man Boy
Lubaid An old name from Arabia Boy
Lubayd An old Arabian name Boy
Lubayna A companion of Muhammad Boy
Lufti A kinf and gentle person Boy
Luqmaan Wise and knowing man Boy
Luqman A Boy who is wise Boy
Lut A person who keeps things hidden Boy
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