402 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter M

MalikHe who is kingBoy
MohammedVastness, Magnitude in size, greater than anythingBoy
Ma'awiyaA young dog or a foxBoy
Ma'dA name of an old Arabian tribeBoy
Ma'marOne who lives long; an edificeBoy
Ma'munA reliable and trustworthy individualBoy
Ma'nBenefit; one who provides assistanceBoy
MaadArabic name that means AfterlifeBoy
MaajidOne who is honourable and splendidBoy
MaalikPerson who posseses or owns, a masterBoy
Maalik masterName of Allah; kingBoy
MaamarThe one who prospersBoy
MaamoonaA fearless, brave manBoy
MaamounA dependable, reliable personBoy
MaamunA loyal, trustworthy and honorable personBoy
MaarijA strong fiery blazeBoy
MaaroufA person who behaves in a good mannerBoy
MaarufAn act of kindnessBoy
MaasilanA pure person with no blemishesBoy
MaazOne who is seeks or gives shelterBoy
MaazinA refuge, shelterBoy
MabahOne who deserves to be trustedBoy
MabarakAn encouraging, auspicious individualBoy
MaboodA worshipped and adored manBoy
MabroukThe blessed oneBoy
MabrukThe one who is blessedBoy
MabudWorshipped and adored oneBoy
MadaniA person acting in a civilised mannerBoy
MadarAn obrbit, cycleBoy
MadhatA word, a poem of preiseUnisex
MadiduOne who is trustworthyBoy
MadihOn who gives praisesBoy
MadniThe title of the Holy ProphetBoy
MaezA destinguished oneBoy
MafeedA person who is usefulBoy
MagdiA man famous for his gloryBoy
MahalOne who is compassionate, lenient and forgivingBoy
MahamadouA praiseworthy and admirable individualBoy
MahammedAn admirable, priseworthy and thankful manBoy
MahbeerOne who is braveBoy
MahboobA name for a sweetheartBoy
MahboubOne who is likedBoy
MahboubaA very liked personBoy
MahbubOne who is loved and adoredBoy
MahbubullahOne who is loved by AllahBoy
MahdiOne who is on the right pathBoy
MahdiyahGuided by GodBoy
MahdyOne who is guided to the right pathBoy
MaheerA brave bold and courageous manBoy
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