269 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter N

NasirOne who gives victoryBoy
Na yabAn uncommon or most treasurable.Boy
Naabihwell-known, celebrated, notable, bright.Boy
NaadimA repentant or remorseful individualBoy
NaadirA beloved or rare, a precious one.Boy
NaailWage earner, Receiver, Award, Capacity.Boy
NaasikThe one who is spiritual supporter, a pious personBoy
NaasirThe person who is assisting and caretaking others.Boy
NaathimPerforming as a controller or coordinator.Boy
NaazeerAn observer, a spectator, who observe a lotBoy
NaazimThe person who has the ability to establish everything.Boy
NaazirThe person who supervises an event.Boy
NabahaCelebrity, dignity, intellect, glow, genius.Boy
NabeehThe person mentally quick and resourceful.Boy
NabeelThe person who is having the quality of elevation of mind and exaltation of character.Boy
NabhanThe person who is attentive, sleepless and mindful.Boy
NabielThe person who is belonging to the honour and titles.Boy
NabighahThe person who is having the capacity for thought and reason above par.Unisex
NabihThe person who is concentrating, alert and watchful.Boy
NabilThe person who is entitled to honour and respect.Boy
NabiullahThe Holy Prophet of the Almighty. The nickname of the Prophet Nuh.Boy
NabiulmalhamshThe person who is foretelling the battle time.Boy
NabonThe person who is from the north side overhang.Boy
NaborThe shining nimble of the prophet.Boy
NacimThe very first blowing.Boy
NackiVery well known and esteemed.Boy
NadeemThe traveller who accompanies you.Boy
NaderA dearest person, One who is most lovedBoy
NadheerThe one who gives warning to others.Boy
Nadheerawho warn others of the dangerBoy
NadhifVery well known and acceptable one.Boy
NadhifaPopular to others, widely acceptableBoy
NadhiraThe one who is treasurable and valuable.Boy
NadidahGiving equal respect to all.Boy
NadihaThe one who is celebrated and esteemed.Boy
NadimThe person who provides cooperation or assistance.Boy
NadqidThe person who acts on behalf of his superior.Boy
NadrDecorating, displaying or curling.Boy
NaeemThe person who is cheerfulness and well being.Boy
NaeemullahMercy of Allah, heaven of Allah.Boy
NaefAdditional, spare, left over.Boy
NaemA joyous person, always happyBoy
NafeesDistinguished, unpolluted; optimal, wonderfulBoy
NafisThe one who is treasurable and valuable.Unisex
NafizFrom the marks of the God.Boy
NafizurA valuable person, who is treasurableBoy
NagatHighpoint or exceptional or exquisite.Boy
NagibThe decent personBoy
NahadA honourable and strong personBoy
NaharIn Arabic it refers to the daytime. In Hindi it refers to a small stream of waterUnisex
NahdiA strong and mighty treeUnisex
NahiOne who gets into the way, who restrain others from the evilBoy
NahianOne who attains the height of wisdomBoy
NahimThe happy person who is at easeBoy
NahiyanOne who discourage from doing any wrong thingsBoy
NahyanWho discourages from doing wrongBoy
NaifHaving a great statureBoy
NailOne who accomplish or attainsBoy
NaimA calm or tranquil personBoy
NaimallahA tranquillity from the AlmightyBoy
NaimathBounties, a reward from the AlmightyBoy
NaimullahA comfort from the AlmightyBoy
NaiymFree from all the worriesBoy
NajafA mighty hillock. Name of a holy city of IraqBoy
NajairA small or tiny starBoy
NajamA star, relates to heavenBoy
NajarOne who works as a carpenterBoy
NajeeOne who survives, a survivorBoy
NajeebAn intelligent noble personBoy
NajeehThe judgement or a sentimentBoy
NajiA rescued one, act of being rescuedBoy
NajibAn Aristocrat, noble personBoy
NajibuddinAn aristocrat of the faith or beliefBoy
NajidA brave soul. Bravest of allBoy
NajiullahOne who is saved by the AllahBoy
NajjarOne who took carpentry as a professionBoy
NajmA star, a bright star of the constellationBoy
Najm al dinThe star of the religionBoy
Najm udeenThe star of the faith or beliefBoy
NajmaldinA star among the religionBoy
NajmeddinThe shining star of the faithBoy
NajmuddawlahThe star of the princely stateBoy
NajmuddeenThe religion's starBoy
NajmuddinA bright star among the religionBoy
NajmudeenThe religion's bright an beautiful starBoy
NajyInnocent or Harmless or Benign or NonviolentBoy
NakiaUnpolluted or truthful or wholesome or realistic.Unisex
NamasOne who is like a little sturgeon birdBoy
NamikA writher or an authorBoy
NamoodA clever person, a tricky natureBoy
NaoufelA blessing donated by the AlmightyBoy
NaqashA sketch or a painting or a sculptorBoy
NaqeebA chief, a leader, one who announce or give newsBoy
NaqibA lawyer, one who takes sideBoy
NaqqaadOne who review, a reviewerBoy
NaqqaashA painter or a sculptorBoy
NaqqadOne who criticize or reviewBoy
NaqqashA sculptor of stonesBoy
NaqqeeA pure person, without impurityBoy
NaqqiA chaste or pious personBoy
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