25 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter O

OmarPowerful or fluent orator.Boy
ObadiahRefers to the lover of a charming person. Also the one who loves Krishna.Boy
OkbaAn optimistic and blunt individualBoy
OmaThe one who always stretches his helping hand to others.Boy
OmairThe person who has brilliant and perfect knowledge.Boy
OmariOvercrowded and prosperous.Boy
OmarrDeviation form of the name Omar, a great speaker.Boy
OmeedGrounds for feeling hopeful.Boy
OmerTalker, successful, long-term, growing, bloomingBoy
OmidThe one whose expectations are centred.Boy
OmmarThe one who born first Boy in the family, the eldest son.Boy
OmranFirm construction, Rock-solid building, Concrete configurationBoy
OrmarOne who is an eloquent speakerBoy
OsafThe person who is expert in dancing.Boy
OsamaThe one who is bold and courageous like a lion.Boy
OsmenOne who is born to show the right pathBoy
OssamaOne who has the power of a LionBoy
OssamahLion; powerful and majestic personBoy
OthmanA brave person who is the chosen oneBoy
OukessonA person who is good natured and emits lightBoy
OunslowIt is like a hill of passionate oneBoy
OusamaA majestic and charismatic LionBoy
OvaisA variant of Owais; Name of companions of the Prophet; Little WolfBoy
OwaisA wolf; the best compannion of the ProphetBoy
OwaisyA wolf; a courageous and brave warriorBoy
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