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252 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter R

Ra'ed A leader, pathfinder Boy
Ra'ees The best among a group of men Boy
Ra'id He who is a leader Boy
Raad A scout, a pioneer Boy
Raafe A good companion Boy
Raaghib One who is willing, desirous Boy
Raahat To rest, repose Boy
Raaheel To go on a journey Unisex
Raahim One who is compassionate, kind and merciful. Boy
Raaid A guide, one who is guided Boy
Raajih One who is superior Boy
Raakin A respectful one Boy
Raamiz A variant of Ramiz, means symbol Boy
Raaqeem One who writes or records Boy
Raaqim A writer Boy
Raashad A thinker or a counselor Boy
Raashid One what is rightly guided Boy
Raasikh One who is stable, deeply rooted Boy
Raateeb One who arranges Boy
Raatib An arranger Boy
Raazi One who is well pleased Boy
Raaziq A provider or a God Boy
Rabah One who is at gain Boy
Rabar One who is loving and caring towards all Boy
Rabb A master or a lord Boy
Rabbi A gentle wind Boy
Rabee Spring Boy
Rabees A powerful, dauntless person Boy
Rabi A breeze, gentle wind Boy
Rabi' A gentle breeze Boy
Rabie A spring breeze Boy
Rabih One who makes a profit Boy
Raby A breeze in the spring Boy
Rachad One who has good judgement Boy
Rachard Shrewd counsellor Boy
Rachaud One with good sence Boy
Rachid One who is well guided by the faith Boy
Radhee One who is content Boy
Radhi He who is satisfied Boy
Radhwaan Muslim name meaning to find acceptence Boy
Radi A happy, satisfied man Boy
Radwan A delightful person Boy
Raed Pioneer; Explorer; Leader; Guide; Pathfinder; Chief Commander Boy
Raeshad A good counselor Boy
Rafan Beautiful, good-scented Unisex
Rafaqat A companion, a friend Boy
Rafat One who is kind and has sympathy toward others Boy
Rafay The exaulter Boy
Rafaz Ways and paths Boy
Rafa'ah High Boy
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