252 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter R

Ra'edA leader, pathfinderBoy
Ra'eesThe best among a group of menBoy
Ra'idHe who is a leaderBoy
RaadA scout, a pioneerBoy
RaafeA good companionBoy
RaaghibOne who is willing, desirousBoy
RaahatTo rest, reposeBoy
RaaheelTo go on a journeyUnisex
RaahimOne who is compassionate, kind and merciful.Boy
RaaidA guide, one who is guidedBoy
RaajihOne who is superiorBoy
RaakinA respectful oneBoy
RaamizA variant of Ramiz, means symbolBoy
RaaqeemOne who writes or recordsBoy
RaaqimA writerBoy
RaashadA thinker or a counselorBoy
RaashidOne what is rightly guidedBoy
RaasikhOne who is stable, deeply rootedBoy
RaateebOne who arrangesBoy
RaatibAn arrangerBoy
RaaziOne who is well pleasedBoy
RaaziqA provider or a GodBoy
RabahOne who is at gainBoy
RabarOne who is loving and caring towards allBoy
RabbA master or a lordBoy
RabbiA gentle windBoy
RabeesA powerful, dauntless personBoy
RabiA breeze, gentle windBoy
Rabi'A gentle breezeBoy
RabieA spring breezeBoy
RabihOne who makes a profitBoy
RabyA breeze in the springBoy
RachadOne who has good judgementBoy
RachardShrewd counsellorBoy
RachaudOne with good senceBoy
RachidOne who is well guided by the faithBoy
RadheeOne who is contentBoy
RadhiHe who is satisfiedBoy
RadhwaanMuslim name meaning to find acceptenceBoy
RadiA happy, satisfied manBoy
RadwanA delightful personBoy
RaedPioneer; Explorer; Leader; Guide; Pathfinder; Chief CommanderBoy
RaeshadA good counselorBoy
RafanBeautiful, good-scentedUnisex
RafaqatA companion, a friendBoy
RafatOne who is kind and has sympathy toward othersBoy
RafayThe exaulterBoy
RafazWays and pathsBoy
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