449 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

SaaadatA person who is blissful and happyBoy
SaabiqAntecedent, prior, formerBoy
SaabirA patient personBoy
SaadA blissful, happy personBoy
SaadahA feeling of hapiness, blissfulnes and elationBoy
SaadallaA joy of GodBoy
SaadeA blessing, profit or laughterBoy
SaadiA person who is destined for happinessBoy
SaadinThe feirness an justice of religionBoy
SaadiqOne who is honest and trustwortyBoy
SaaduddinA justice and success of Islam religionBoy
SaafiA person of pure and clean natureBoy
SaafirA person who is an ambassador, a pretty oneBoy
SaaghOne who is a good listenerBoy
SaaghirA person who is os submissive, yielding natureBoy
SaahibOne who is a follower, a companionBoy
SaahirA meagical, enxchanting personBoy
SaajidA person who worships GodBoy
SaalehA person with good heartBoy
SaalehaA pious, good and correct personBoy
SaalihOne of good natureBoy
SaalikA person who is on the spiritual pathBoy
SaalimThe feeling of safety and securityBoy
SaalootThe first King of Israel and JudahBoy
SaamiA high, exalted, praised personBoy
SaamirProductive, fruit-bearingBoy
SabA lionBoy
SabaahLight of the morningBoy
SabahMuslim name meaning morningBoy
SabahatA beautiful, handsome manBoy
SabanA soap makerBoy
SabaqueOne that surpasses or excellsBoy
SabarTo speed up a processBoy
SabeehA beautiful and radiant personBoy
SabeerA patient personBoy
SabehHe who is pretty, handsomeBoy
SabihOne whose face emanates lightBoy
SabiqOne who races others and competes with them in doing good deedsBoy
SabirPatient, enduring personBoy
SabitFirmly in place, or unshakeable.Boy
SaboohA radiant oneBoy
SaboorA patient personBoy
SabriOn who has great patienceBoy
SabryOne who is patient and quietBoy
SabtuMalay word for Saturday.Boy
SabuhRadiantly bright oneBoy
SaburOne who is patientBoy
SadaaqatThe sincerity, the truth of thingsBoy
SadaatThose who are the children of Hazrat FatimaBoy
SadadOne who does the right thing or has a lucky handBoy
SadalThe one who is the Master of othersBoy
SadaldinThe goodness of the faithBoy
SadaqatThe truthfulness, honesty and sincerity of thingsBoy
SadatThe Master of other menBoy
SaddamThe one who collidesBoy
SaddhanThe one who confonts things and people in lifeBoy
SadeeqOne who is a close friend an companion in lifeBoy
SadekOne who is always truthfulBoy
SadhamOne who is proudBoy
SadiA lucky personBoy
SadidA relevant, correct and right thingBoy
SadinAn accomplishing personBoy
SadiqOne who is truthfulBoy
SadiqueOne who is very good friend and a passionate nameBoy
SaditA strong and hard working manBoy
SadooqOne who is honestBoy
SadruddinA person at forefrontBoy
SaduhOne who singsBoy
SadunA happy personBoy
SaduqOne who is loyalBoy
SaeebOne who is happyBoy
SaeeduzzamanOne who has the lucky ageBoy
SaeelOne who is attackingBoy
SafdarOne who is piercing linesBoy
SafeerA mediating person, an ambassadorBoy
SafeeullahAn Arabic name for BoysBoy
SafiA sencere friendBoy
SafirA mediatorBoy
SafiuddinOne whose faith is pureBoy
SafiyOne who is the best friendBoy
SafiyaldinOne who is the best friend of the faithBoy
SafiyyHe who is the chosen oneBoy
SafiyyullahThe chosen one of AllahBoy
SafouaneA pure and genuine manBoy
SaftOne who is full of good habitsBoy
SafuhA forgiving and pardoning personBoy
SafulislamThe sword of IslamBoy
SafwanOne who is like a rockBoy
SafwatOne who is supreme in his purityBoy
SaghOne who is a good listener. Alson means for things to be in orderBoy
SagheerSomething small or minor. A yielding and submissive personBoy
SaghirA short an yielding individualBoy
SagubarA person who is considered to be a geniusBoy
SahabudeenA Muslim Boy nameBoy
SahebA master or an owner of somethingBoy
SaheedA blissful witnessBoy
SaheimA warriorBoy
SahelA shore, beachBoy
SahibA companionBoy
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