151 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter T

TaabishModerate and comfortable heatBoy
TaafeefPraise or hymn of GodBoy
TaahidComfort at a time of griefBoy
TaaiSubmissive to another's willBoy
TaajwarOne who has power to rule a kingdomBoy
TaalibA student, seeker of knowledgeBoy
TaalimSky, high up aboveBoy
TaanishFrom an indian word means goodBoy
TaatheerSuccessful in producing a desired resultBoy
TabaarakOne is blessed; Greatly revered or respectedBoy
TabarakConsecrated, glorifiedBoy
TabarikTo be magnified greatlyBoy
TabarusRecall someone or something in mindBoy
TabbasumSmile happinessUnisex
TabeedSomeone shines like a glitterBoy
TabishWarmth of brilliance.Boy
TabridBe in a cool stateBoy
TabsheerA person who brings good news.Boy
TafazzulCourteousness; Having courtly mannerBoy
TafazzulhusainFavor of husainBoy
TafheemTo help someone understand somethingBoy
TafzulRestoration of friendly relationsBoy
TahaniCongratulate someone for something good that has happened to themUnisex
TahbeerMake things beautiful to the eyeBoy
TaheemOne who is pure at heartBoy
TaheerNot spoiled or made impureBoy
TaherMorally uncontaminated, an innocent oneBoy
TahfeezTo praise or to describeBoy
TahmeedPraise, glorify and thank allahBoy
TahmidPraising allah saying al-hamdulillahBoy
TahseenBeautification, one who is praisedBoy
TahuSpotless, absolutely clean or pureBoy
TahuraHonest, principled personBoy
TaibVery Good Person; Virtuous; Pious; God Fearing and Devoted to God; Repentant; PenitentBoy
TaifurrahmanVision of the merciful allahBoy
TaimallahOne who serves for allahBoy
TaimoorThe King of the Kings; Self Respecting; Having Self Restraint; Self MadeBoy
TaimullahServant of godBoy
TaizeenBeing ones encouragementBoy
TajamalAdornment, magnificence or decoration.Boy
TajammalPossessor of great beautyBoy
TajammulSomething used to beautify somethingBoy
TajammulhusainAn ornament of hussainBoy
TajimHaving respect on someoneBoy
TajjAuthority, or crownBoy
TajuddinCrown of the religionBoy
TajudinnPride and honor of the religionBoy
TajulislamCrown of islamBoy
TajweedHymn of praise for allahBoy
TakfrenOne who is born to help the needyBoy
TakieddinA god-fearing manBoy
TakiuddinA person who fears godBoy
TakreemMeaning to treat with graceBoy
TalaatCountenance, a person's facial expressionBoy
TalabYoung palm treeBoy
TalebOne who seeks for somethingBoy
TalhaKind of treeBoy
TalhahOne type of a treeBoy
TalimBuilding yourself or somethingBoy
TaloobDesirous, characterized by desireBoy
TalootCommander of Banu-israil's armyBoy
TalumA sympathetic personBoy
TalutHe who was prayed forBoy
TamanniOne who is hopeful and wishfulUnisex
TameezA man who is very descreteBoy
TamirOne who owns date palm treesBoy
TamizOne who judges descretly;A man with good senses and distinctionBoy
TammamGenerous; Kind; Compassionate; Benevolent; A variant spelling is TamamBoy
TammanComplete; Perfect; One who is needed; Philosopher's Stone or wishing stone gem;Boy
TamseelArabic name meaning an illustrationBoy
TamwarA successful manBoy
TaniziaTanizia is the name of a flower in Lebanon.Boy
TanweelOne who is given or entrustedBoy
TanweerHe who illuminatesBoy
TanwirThe enlightened oneBoy
TanzeelTanzeel is an Arabic term for revelation of holy Quran.Boy
TanzeemOne who menager or arrangesBoy
TanzilurrahmanRevelation of the mercifulBoy
TaqqiA continentBoy
TaquezBoy who has brown eyesBoy
TarafaOne who is from the treesBoy
TarafahA treeBoy
TarazHe who perseveresBoy
TareakHe who knocks on a door at nightBoy
TareckHe who is a winnerBoy
TareekThe conquerorBoy
TareeqThe one who knocks at the doorBoy
TarekMorning starBoy
TareqMorning starBoy
TarezHe who is stable and potentBoy
TarickThe morning starBoy
TarifUnique; Admiration; Rare; UncommonBoy
TarikDay starBoy
TarikhStar of the morningBoy
TariqueThe morning starBoy
TarreqA winning personBoy
TasadduqGiving a donationBoy
TasadduqhusainCompassion of HusainBoy
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