69 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter Z

ZainZayn is other popular variation of this name, one who is beautiful and gracefulBoy
ZaabitClever Man, One who remembers; Brilliant and Intelligent; A variant spelling is ZabitBoy
ZaadVictory, Success; Triumph; To increase; A variant form of Arabic name ZaydBoy
ZaaferHelper, or assistantBoy
ZaahidAscetic, Abstemious, Devotee; Hermit;Boy
ZaahirBright, Shining, Elevated; Radianting; Derived from ZaharaBoy
ZaaribOne who Beats, Striker; Fighter; WarriorBoy
ZabirOne who vast knowledge of religion.Boy
ZadaFortunate, Prosperous; Huntress; Lucky One; To increase; A variant spelling of ZaidaUnisex
ZadenA variant transcription of Zayden which means to increaseBoy
ZadfarGlorious birth.Boy
ZaeemA prominent personality, most probably a chief or leader.Boy
ZaferVictory or victorBoy
ZahaarFlorist, or flower seller.Boy
ZahabiaGolden, or made of gold.Boy
ZahriFlower-like, or fresh and good looking like a flowerBoy
ZahrunBlossom, or flowerBoy
ZahurRadiant and brilliant.Boy
ZaidIncrease or GrowthBoy
ZaighamA man brave as a lion.Boy
ZaimMiddle Eastern word for brigadier general.Boy
Zain ul AbideenAdornment of the worshipers or one who is a source of pride for the Muslims.Boy
ZakaSagacity, honesty, or intelligence.Boy
ZakaaIntelligence, Acumen, Purity, Honest; A variant spelling is ZakaBoy
ZakawatIntelligence, or sharp mindednessBoy
ZakwanOne who is intuitive.Boy
ZamrezLion, braveBoy
ZararA strict, but wise person.Boy
ZarifOne who is humorous.Boy
ZartashGold carverBoy
ZaryanSeeker of wealth.Boy
ZauqiEnthusiastic, or full of life.Boy
ZaurGeorgian form of Zawar, meaning priestBoy
ZavianBright; Shining; Radiant and Brilliant Light; A variant of XavierBoy
ZaweelMotion or activityBoy
ZayanaOne who adorns and beautifies something, adorner.Boy
ZaydIncrease or GrowthBoy
ZaydaFortunate, Prosperous; Huntress; Lucky One; To increase; A variant spelling of ZaidaUnisex
ZayedStraight Edge; To grow; In abundance; Progressing; A variant spelling is Zaid; One who is increasing in all good thingsBoy
ZaynBeauty, GraceBoy
ZebadiyahAllah's Gift; Gift of God; God's Gracious Gift; A variant spelling is ZebadiahBoy
ZehaanSuper Abundance; Prosperous; Rich and Wealthy; ProgressingBoy
ZerdadThe one who donates.Boy
ZewadA respected man.Boy
ZhaqiyaKazakh form of Yahya, meaning God is graciousBoy
ZiadEnlarging or abundanceBoy
ZidaneAbundance or growth. The one who progresses and helps people progressBoy
ZihayrBrilliant or shining.Boy
ZijadLight of faithBoy
ZikrRemembrance; Act of Devotion; Another Name for the Quran, Reminder, MentionBoy
ZimranA person who prunes, trains, and cultivates vines.Boy
ZohanGift; Prayer; From the Saint MaurBoy
ZoltanRuler or sultanBoy
ZoraizThe one who spreads lightBoy
ZubayrStrong and powerfulBoy
ZuehbClever Minded; Brilliant; Smart; IntelligentBoy
ZuhayrLittle flower.Boy
ZukaurrahmanSon of Rahman, Son of Allah; God's Gifted ChildBoy
ZulfikarName of the legendary sword of AliBoy
ZulfiqarCleaver of the spine; Name of the Prophet Muhammad's sword; Name of the legendary sword of Ali ibn Abi TalibBoy
ZuljalalOne who is blessed with might and glory.Boy
ZulkiflName of one of the prophets mentioned in the Quran.Boy
ZuwayhirRadiant, and luminousBoy
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