407 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter A

AasemahA guardian angelGirl
AaseyahOne who be apt to weak and the one who makes good console & comfortGirl
Aasfathe protector or the sole guardianGirl
AasieyahThis name gives you capability of organising, planning & carrying work for great successGirl
AasimaProtector and defenderGirl
AasimahSomeone who guards, watches over or protectsGirl
AasiyaGoodness or the one who is very hopefulGirl
AasiyahPharaoh's Wife who Embraced IslamGirl
AasmaThe one who is regarded with love and tendernessGirl
AasmaaExcellent; preciousGirl
AasymahThe one who is a Protector and GuardianGirl
AatifaAffection and SympathyGirl
AatikahKind and affectionateGirl
AatiqIn case of a girl it means a very Young women while in case of a Boy it has a meaning of Liberated, Independent or FreeUnisex
AatiraSomething related to good fragrancesGirl
Aatoonan Educator, TeachersGirl
Aatunthe Guardian, one who teachesGirl
AayahGenerally it means evidence or signs. In the Islam's principal scripture, this name is used to mean Verse.Girl
Abadisomeone who is ImmortalGirl
Abannaa girl being Tall, StrongGirl
Abannahbeing Tall, having strengthGirl
Abarrbeing a devout, God fearingGirl
AbashshSomeone Friendly, TalkativeGirl
AbazirSpices, HerbsGirl
Abbadthe name has a meaning of spices, Sweet HerbsGirl
Abdabeing really ExtraordinaryGirl
Abdahbeing Worshipper of AllahGirl
AbeeraA great mixture of rose petals as well as sandal saffron in fragranceGirl
AbihaHer father, or father of herGirl
AbilaBeautiful and healthy.Girl
AbiyaA great or a splendid personGirl
AbiyahA smart of beautiful girlGirl
AbqariAn ingenious person, multi-coloredGirl
AbroudA fair and beautiful girl.Girl
AbyarTo accept or something acceptedGirl
AdajA dark colored person with large black eyesGirl
AdaletTurkish - JusticeGirl
AdawiyahA shrub or a plant that grows in summerGirl
AddevaA pleasant girl from the noble familyGirl
AdeebaA literary lady, polite or culturedGirl
AdeelahOne who is just and fair, equalityGirl
AdeevaA gentle person, with good mannersGirl
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