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407 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter A

Amna A peaceful person Unisex
Amreen The vast sky Girl
Anadia Something that's delicate, moist and tender. Girl
Anea A peaceful friend who are gracious and friendly Girl
Angavu Shining one Girl
Annesha The funny, infinite and skillful Girl
Annessa The infinite and skillful being Girl
Annessia The one who is funny, infinite and skillful Girl
Annise A friendly individual who is a satisfied Girl
Annite God is gracious, merciful one and he has answered the prayers Girl
Anoud Brave, strong and courageous. Girl
Anousheh Everlasting or immortal Girl
Ansharah When the heart becomes open, relief and relaxation. Girl
Anum A blessing who is a holy stone; mercy of Allah Girl
Aqidah Faith or belief in something. Girl
Aqsa The name of a mosque Girl
Aqsaa Utmost, farthest or the pinnacle. Girl
Arafaa Name of a mountain close to Mecca. Girl
Areeba Brilliant; Sharp; Witty and Smart; A variant spelling is Areebah Girl
Areebah Brilliant; Sharp; Witty and Smart; A variant of name Areeba Girl
Aresha A Queen Girl
Arezo Wish or desire Girl
Arfaana Wise, wisdom and decisiveness. A wise and intelligent woman. Girl
Arifa Knowledgeable; Learned; Well Educated; Arafa and Areefa are variant form of Arifa Girl
Arisha Arabic word which means peaceful Girl
Armineh Desire, or goal Girl
Aroofa Knowledgeable, patient and wise woman. Girl
Aroos One who is extraordinarily beautiful Girl
Arubiyyah One who is fluent, eloquent. Girl
Arwaa Softness, lightness Girl
Aryisha Under a tree,Umbrella Girl
Arzoo Wish Girl
Asadah Lioness Girl
Asaisha One who helps and supports; successful Girl
Asalah Purity; Nobility of descent Girl
Asali Made of honey Girl
Asarat One who remains; they lead way for others Girl
Aseerah Helper Girl
Asfa One who is like a strong wind Girl
Asfiya Pure,Clean Girl
Asfoureh Bird Girl
Asgari Devotee Girl
Asghari A confident and self reliant person; a devotee Girl
Asghia Pious, modest Girl
Ashah Alive and well Girl
Ashalina Sweet, shy, loving Girl
Ashbah Pure as water Girl
Ashbala A pure, honest, original being Girl
Asheeyana House, nest Girl
Ashirah One who is wealthy and noble hearte individual Girl
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