407 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter A

Ashiyane Trusts in unity; a loyal and selfless person Girl
Ashmiza Creative; one who glows with intelligence Girl
Ashofta One who is excited, anxious and confused in love. Girl
Ashrafjahan Noblest person of the world Girl
Ashtar Symbolic representation of a weapon or a sword Girl
Ashwaq One who shows love and affection Girl
Ashya Pious; A variant of the name Ashiya; Life and alive; A variant of name Asheya Girl
Asiah One who is alive and well Girl
Asianne Another name for rising sun Girl
Asila One whose origion is noble and pure Girl
Asilah Noble and pure origin Girl
Asilia Honest Girl
Asima A girl who is a defender Girl
Asimah Another name for protector Girl
Asira One who is honoured and chosen Girl
Asiya Pensive, Wistful and Melancholic; Name of the pious wife of the Pharaoh Girl
Asiyah One who consoles others Girl
Asjeah A healer; light of hope and precious being Girl
Asma A high status girl Girl
Asma' An excellent and a precious daughter Girl
Asmaa Daughter of Abu bakr; one with hih status Girl
Asmah A brave and bold girl Girl
Asmara A sweet and beautiful butterfly Girl
Asmat A pristine and clean girl Girl
Asmia A girl who is a guardian Girl
Asna The one to be praised Girl
Asnam An Arabic word for idols and statues Girl
Asra A girl who is generous and noble Girl
Asrah One who is sincere and pure Girl
Asriyah A girl who is modernist Girl
Assia One who looks and comforts others Girl
Asub A Islam name for Queen Bee Girl
Aswaada A fulfilled prayer; a healer and a sweet person Girl
Atafah One who is affectionate and compassionate. Girl
Ateebah Something that is soft, gentle and delicate. Girl
Ateef One who is affectionate and compassionate. Girl
Ateefa A girl who is kind Girl
Ateefah One who is affectionate and compassionate. Girl
Ateera Fragrant, or like perfume. Girl
Atefeh A generous and a noble person Girl
Atfah She who is compassionate and affectionate. Girl
Atharunnisa A religious person Girl
Athya A kind hearted girl Girl
Atifa Empathy; Affectionate; Sympathetic; Compassionate Girl
Atifah One who is affectionate and compassionate Girl
Atifi A loving girl Girl
Atikah Pristine and humble Girl
Atiqah A beautiful girl Girl
Atirah Arabic word for fragrant Girl
Atiyah An arabic word meaning gift or a present Girl
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