142 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter B

BaarizahA prominent personality.Girl
BaasimaSmiling; One who smiles; One who is happyUnisex
BadahA person who is broad minded.Girl
BadeeaShe who is smart, creative and innovative.Girl
BadeedaSpecimen or example.Girl
BadihaIntuition or instinct.Girl
BadrahTo be early or to be ahead of others.Girl
BadriyaOne who is like the full MoonGirl
BaghishaLight rain affecting a small area.Girl
BaharanSpring or springtime.Girl
BahayahBeauty and radiance.Girl
BaheelaA beautiful woman.Girl
BaheenahA beautiful woman.Girl
BaheeraBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BaheerahAn extremely beautiful and radiant woman.Girl
BaheraA famous and dazzling personGirl
BahgatOne who is born to spread happinessGirl
BahiThe one who is born with the brilliance of beautyGirl
BahiaOne who has charismatic and brilliant beautyGirl
BahigaOne who has social and charming natureGirl
BahijaOne who is happy in every situationGirl
BahirahThe dazzling beautyGirl
BahiratA delicate womanGirl
BahiriyaBrilliant, prominent, and renownedGirl
BahisaSeeker, explorer and learner.Girl
BahiyaBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BahiyaaBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BahiyahBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BahiyyaA beautiful personGirl
BahjaOne who brings happiness in people's livesGirl
BahnazThe most lovable.Girl
BahriaThe gray one; beautiful like waterGirl
BahriyaOne who is bright and boldGirl
BahriyahalaabidahA devoted worshipper; one who has full faithGirl
BaihasOne who has a hauting and strong personalityGirl
BainOne who have a strong vision of the futureGirl
BaizaOne who is white and pureGirl
BajilaA dignified womanGirl
BakhdanA very delicate and beautiful girlGirl
BakirahA virgin girlGirl
BalighaThe name is a version of 'Baleegha.' It means eloquent and lasting.girl
BalluriThe name means 'Crystalline.'girl
BalqeesShe was the daughter of Ahmad Bin Mishqar. A distinguished woman of her times.girl
BalqisName Of The Queen Of Sheba; She was the daughter of Ahmad bin MishqarGirl
BalqueesShe was the daughter of Ahmad Bin Mishqar. A distinguished woman of her times.girl
BanafsajViolent FlowerGirl
BanafshahA Flower (Violet)Girl
BanahTall, slender and attractiveGirl
BananFinger TipsGirl
BanujahThe Daughter of Al-mahdiGirl
BaqiyyahOne who is everlastingGirl
BaraaA ExcellingGirl
BaraimBlossom; Bud; Plural of BurumGirl
BarakatBlessings; Abundance; ProsperityUnisex
BareeaInnocent; Blameless; Guiltless; Sound; Feminine of BariGirl
Bariahdoing extremely wellGirl
BariatBeautiful and Witty WomanGirl
BarikaBloom, Be SuccessfulGirl
BariqaLightning, shining or fast.Girl
BarirahReligious, Spiritual, holyGirl
BarjaWith Beautiful EyesGirl
BarjabeenA bright star.Girl
BarraqaBright; Brilliant; Shining; Sparkling; Glittering; Feminine of BarraqGirl
BasaariaBeautiful; PriorGirl
BaseemaSmiling; SpringGirl
Baseerainsight, wisdom, clear proofGirl
BashairGood OmensGirl
BasharatGood Omen; ProphecyUnisex
BasheeraBringer Of Good TidingsGirl
BashigaJoyful and happy human beingGirl
BashiraJoyful; Predictor of Good NewsGirl
BashirahBringer of Good Tidings; Glad Tiding; Happy News; JoyGirl
BashiyraJoyful newsGirl
BasilahBrave; FearlessGirl
BasimaBasima is SmilingGirl
BassamatOne who smilesGirl
BathsiraArabic name for girlsGirl
BatimaKazakh form of Fatimah, meaning to abstainGirl
BatinaInner, internal, insideGirl
BatoolAscetic Virgin; MaidenGirl
BatoulVirgin, untouched, pristineGirl
BatrisyiaIntelligent, clever, intelactualGirl
BatulSevere Virgin, strictly untouchedGirl
BatulaVirgin,untainted, immaculateGirl
BazalaGenerous WomanGirl
BazeghaBright, brilliant, vividGirl
BazifTo be proud of something.Girl
BazlaReward; GenerousGirl
BazmaraBeauty of CompanyGirl
BazriqaExalted; GreatGirl
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