159 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter F

FatimaA captivating womanGirl
FaarihaA joyful and cheerful girlGirl
FaatimaA captivating woman who is abstinatingGirl
FaatinA woman who captivates your attentionGirl
FaatinaShe cativates the eyeGirl
FaatinahA woman who is facsinating peopleGirl
FadelaA woman who is known for her great honorGirl
FadiaA woman who is a redeemerGirl
FadilaA woman who gives generouslyGirl
FadilahShe is a generous giverGirl
FadiyahA heroic and gallant womanGirl
FahadaA woman who is like a panterGirl
FahamA deeply perceptive and astute womanGirl
FahdahA girl who is gorgeous like a leopardGirl
FahhamaA woman of great knowledgeGirl
FahimaA woman of great intelligence and knowledgeGirl
FahimahShe who knows a lot and is a very smart personGirl
FahmaraA girl with a great intellectGirl
FahmeedaA woman who is wiseGirl
FahmibOne who is intelligent and wiseGirl
FahmidaA smart womanGirl
FahmidahShe who is wiseGirl
FahretaFame, greatness, brilliance.Girl
FaidahOne who is profitableGirl
FainanGirl with beautiful hairGirl
FairoozaA precious gemGirl
FairozA victorUnisex
FairozaA turquoise stoneGirl
FairuzA thriumphant oneUnisex
FairuzaTurkish name meaning turquoise stoneGirl
FairuzahA turquoise gemstoneGirl
FaizaArabic - Victorious; Winner; A variant spelling is FaizGirl
FaizahA victorious girlGirl
FaiziaA successful womanGirl
FajrA twillightUnisex
FakeehahA cheerful girlGirl
FakharOne who is proudGirl
FakhiraOne who is magneficentGirl
FakhirahOne who is gloriousGirl
FakhiryaThe glorious oneGirl
FakhraOne who is very goodGirl
FakhriyahOne who has honorGirl
FakhriyyaA honorable womanGirl
FakhrunnisaGlory of the faithGirl
FakiraA ponderGirl
FalahatOne who has benefitGirl
FalakA path of the galaxiesUnisex
FalaknazA skyGirl
FalalaShe who is born into abundanceGirl
FalaqA daybreakUnisex
FalihOne with great successUnisex
FalihaAprosperous womanGirl
FalishaShe who brings happinessGirl
FamidahOne who is wise and smartGirl
FananA twig or a small tree branchGirl
FanhaArabic name for girlsGirl
FanilaShe who is worthyGirl
FannanahShe who is an artistGirl
FaqihaOne who is wishing for more knoledgeGirl
FaqihahA smart oneGirl
FaqirahA name for a beautiful womanGirl
FaraalName of the lionGirl
FarahArabic name for happinessGirl
FarahnazA joyful personGirl
FarakhShe who is secureGirl
FaranaazWoman ful of hope and joyGirl
FaraniArabic name meaning sunshineGirl
FarashahA girl who is like a butterflyGirl
FareedaAn unparalleled and unique womanGirl
FarhaA happy womanGirl
FarhanahA very happy womanGirl
FarhannahHappy or blissful.Girl
FaridahA unique womanGirl
FarihaA woman happy and joyfulGirl
FariyalA woman who is like an angelGirl
FarizaLight; A precious gem; Success; LifeGirl
FarjThe first light of the daybreakUnisex
FarkhandaOne who is blessed whith happinessGirl
FarkhandeA blessed and happy womanGirl
FarkhondahOne with grat luck and happinessGirl
FarkhondehOne who is happy, and joyous.Girl
FaroshanAn Arabic female nameGirl
FarrahA hapy feelingGirl
FaryalAn angel-like womanGirl
FarzanehA wise woman.Girl
FasihaA woman who is eloquentGirl
FatanOne who is charmingGirl
FatatYouth girl or early maturity.Girl
FatemahA chaste womanGirl
FatenA woman of great charmGirl
FathiaTo achieve victoryGirl
FathimaA woman who abstainsGirl
FathiyaTo fight and winGirl
FathiyyaA great victorGirl
FatihaOne who is victoriousGirl
FatihahA conqueror, one who startsGirl
FatimA mother who brest feedsGirl
FatimahAccustom; Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad; CaptivatingGirl
FatimeShe who captivatesGirl
FatimiCaptivating womanGirl
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