160 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter F

FatimiCaptivating womanGirl
Fatin or FatinahA woman who is captivatinGirl
FatinaA perceptive and intelligent womanGirl
FatinahAn alluring and fascinating womanGirl
FatmaA woman who captivatesGirl
FatoumataA woman who abstainsGirl
FattanaA very beautiful, gorgeous womanGirl
FattimA prophet's female chindGirl
FatumaDaughter of the Prophet Mohammed; A variant of FatimaGirl
FawzaAn accomplished and victorious womanGirl
FawzahShe is a winner and a successGirl
FawziaA woman who is winningGirl
FawziyaShe is a successful womanGirl
FawziyyaA woman of great successGirl
FawziyyahShe is one of great successGirl
FaydaOne who has plentyGirl
FayrahOne who is filled with joy and is cheerfulGirl
FayruzOne who has the eyes of the turquoise gemstoneGirl
FayzaA victorious femaleGirl
FazalahA praiseworthy and excellent womanGirl
FazaratA woman who is like a leopardGirl
FazeelaA faithful and virtuous womanGirl
FaziaShe is successfull and a victorGirl
FazilaA superb, generous and noble womanGirl
FazilatunnisaA woman's excellenceGirl
FazziletTo have Allah's blessingsGirl
FellahA girl who is like a flower JasmineGirl
FemidaThe one wise womanGirl
FeraziaHigh, lofty, elevated or tall.Girl
FerhanaOne leading a comfortable life.Girl
FerwaPassion, fondness, desire or longing.Girl
FeryalOne who has the beauty of the lightGirl
FidaSacrifice; Redemption; Offering to protect othersGirl
FiddaOne who is like as sliverGirl
FiddahA silvery womanGirl
FikkirTo ponder or think deeply about somethingGirl
FikriyahA distinctly intelligent individualGirl
FikriyyaAn intellectual person( female version of fikri)Girl
FikriyyahCogitative, In deep thought about many ideasGirl
FilzaMost Beloved; Piece of one's being; Rose from heavenGirl
FilzahExtremely well lovedGirl
FinnbarA person with fair (blond) hairGirl
FinnehasThe Oracle; As per Bible, the son of Eli; Dark-skinned( Egyptian)Girl
Finton"white-inferno" or "white-bull"; the only one to live through of Great FloodGirl
FiorellaA tiny blooming flower (derived from Latin fiora)Girl
FiorelloA flower which is young (derived from Latin fiora)Girl
FirouzehTurquoise stone or color.Girl
FizaBreeze; WindGirl
ForouzandahA Quranic name which means a radiant personGirl
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