68 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter G

GaetiOne who has good judgement and loyal beingGirl
GakeemahAn excellent and humble human beingGirl
GalianaThe name of a moorish princessGirl
GamilaVery pretty or wonderful.Girl
GamilahAwesome or fine looking person.Girl
GardaSheltered or shielded.Girl
GazalaThe one who is intellectual and fascinating.Girl
GazbiyyaThe one who is beautiful and pleasant.Girl
GazbiyyahOne in is wondourously beautifulGirl
GelarahRefers to eyes, one of the parts of human body.Girl
GhabraWorld, globe or property.Girl
GhadaGraceful young girlGirl
GhadatMaiden, youth girl, young damsel.Girl
GhadiaRefers to the white bank of cloud which appear during the day time.Girl
GhadirTiny natural body of running water flowing on or underneath the earth.Girl
GhafirOne of the names of God, compassionate and plentiful.Girl
GhafiraRefers the action of hiding the iniquities.Girl
GhaisShowers of rain or water drops from the clouds.Girl
GhaliyaA girl of sweet scentGirl
GhaliyahA sweet smell, parfume, fragrantGirl
GhaniaA woman of great wealthGirl
GhaniyaWoman who is very richGirl
GhaniyahA woman of great richness and wealthGirl
GhariyAn absolutely beautiful, stunning womanGirl
GharizahA woman with good instict, intuitionGirl
GhashiaThe heart hidden under the veilGirl
GhashmiraLiberty, generosity, munificenceGirl
GhasnaPure and gentile as a flower blossomGirl
GhatiyaA dynamic person, someone who is on the moveGirl
GhayadThe softness of a moman, a delicacy of womanGirl
GhaydaA delicate and youg personGirl
GhaydaaTo be young and delicateGirl
GhazaalahMean the female gazelle, or the time soon after the sunriseGirl
GhazalThe lover of poems, poetry, expression of strong emotionsGirl
GhazalaA woman graceful as a gazelleGirl
GhazalahShe who is like a gazelleGirl
GhazalehA woman who is like a gazelleGirl
GhaziyaA warrior or a fighterGirl
GhazzalGirl who loves poemsGirl
GhibtahShe was the daughter of Amer al-Mujashaiyah and a narrator of HadithGirl
GhinaArabic name meaning melody or a songGirl
GhizA flower budGirl
GhizalaMuslim name meaning deerGirl
GhizlanAn Arabic name for girls that means gazellesGirl
GhudanArabic word for early morningGirl
GhufayrahA very pious woman who kept vigil in the nightGirl
GhufranArabic word for forgivnessUnisex
GhumaysaHer kuniyah was Umm SulaymGirl
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