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32 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter I

Ibhar Open like the ocean Girl
Ibrat Wisdom to learn from experience. Girl
Ibtihaj Joy Girl
Ibtisama Smile Girl
Idris Lord of Studious Unisex
Ieisha Alive or she who lives. Girl
Ifeta Innocent, virtuous Girl
Iffaa One who keeps her faith alive. Girl
Ihkam Excellence, or mastery, Girl
Ikhlas Sincerity Girl
Ilhana Melody, inspiration or composition Girl
Illiyeen High status, or exalted. Girl
Ilma Knowledge and intelligence. Girl
Imama Leadership or command. One with leadership qualities. Girl
Imane Variation of Iman which means faith Girl
Imani Variation of Iman which means faith Girl
Imen Faith or belief Unisex
Imtithal Polite obedience Girl
Inaya Concern, Care Girl
Indeela Like a nightingale. Girl
Injila Shining, brilliant, glittering and glistening Girl
Intisar Triumph Girl
Iqala A woman who is humble and modest. Girl
Iraj Flower or blossom. Girl
Irhaa To make calm or To make serene Girl
Irmela One who is gorgeous, shiny, and radiant. Girl
Ismeta Innocent, saved from sin. Girl
Izdihar Flourishing, blooming Girl
Izeta Power, influence Girl
Izz This name symbolizes honor, glory and power. Unisex
Izzati Respect, honor, prestige. Girl
I'timad Reliance or dependence. Girl
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