32 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter I

IbharOpen like the oceanGirl
IbratWisdom to learn from experience.Girl
IdrisLord of StudiousUnisex
IeishaAlive or she who lives.Girl
IfetaInnocent, virtuousGirl
IffaaOne who keeps her faith alive.Girl
IhkamExcellence, or mastery,Girl
IlhanaMelody, inspiration or compositionGirl
IlliyeenHigh status, or exalted.Girl
IlmaKnowledge and intelligence.Girl
ImamaLeadership or command. One with leadership qualities.Girl
ImaneVariation of Iman which means faithGirl
ImaniVariation of Iman which means faithGirl
ImenFaith or beliefUnisex
ImtithalPolite obedienceGirl
InayaConcern, CareGirl
IndeelaLike a nightingale.Girl
InjilaShining, brilliant, glittering and glisteningGirl
IqalaA woman who is humble and modest.Girl
IrajFlower or blossom.Girl
IrhaaTo make calm or To make sereneGirl
IrmelaOne who is gorgeous, shiny, and radiant.Girl
IsmetaInnocent, saved from sin.Girl
IzdiharFlourishing, bloomingGirl
IzetaPower, influenceGirl
IzzThis name symbolizes honor, glory and power.Unisex
IzzatiRespect, honor, prestige.Girl
I'timadReliance or dependence.Girl
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