140 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter J

JabarahOne who wears a braceletGirl
JabbA slim, thin, sleder ladyGirl
JabrayahTo love and respect someoneGirl
JadaShe was a God's giftGirl
JadeeA woman who is pure goodnessGirl
JadidaOne who is not used, a fresh, new oneGirl
JaedaShe is pure goodnessGirl
JaedeA woman who is good and kindGirl
JahedaA woman who strives in lifeGirl
JahiraOne who is like a jewelGirl
JahmelaA good-looking girlGirl
JahmillaShe is a pretty womanGirl
JaibrianJaibrian means blue bird, Strength and NobleGirl
JaimallaShe is well-known for her beautyGirl
JaiminStrifes to Triumph; Victory; One who succeedsGirl
JaiyanaShe is full of strenghtGirl
JakeminaA raised up womanGirl
Jala dewClarityGirl
Jala'An elucitationGirl
JalbalaA powerful womanGirl
JaleA dewGirl
JaleelaThe great oneGirl
JaleelahA dignified womanGirl
JaleesahA companionGirl
JaliaA manifestGirl
JalilaThe great oneGirl
JalilahThe splendid oneGirl
JalisaOne who brings companyGirl
JalsaA celebrationGirl
JalwaA sight or a showGirl
JamariyahShe who posesses great beautyGirl
JameelaA good looking womanGirl
JameeliahWoman with dashing looksGirl
JameerahA beautiful oneGirl
JamelaA beautiful girlGirl
JameliahA gorgeus womanGirl
JamellaShe who is beautifulGirl
JamiaOne who collectsGirl
JamielaA chaste womanGirl
JamilaBeautiful; A variant spelling is GamilaGirl
JamilahA lovely girlGirl
JamileeA woman of great beautyGirl
JamilehA beautiful womanGirl
JamiliahA gorgeus womanGirl
JamillaShe who posesses great beautyGirl
JamillahA beautiful oneGirl
JamilleElegant and good looking onwGirl
JamilliaShe who is elegantGirl
JamilyaVariation of Arabic name Jamil, means beautyGirl
JamiyahArabic name meaning gatheringGirl
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