170 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter K

KaamishaA happy soul.Girl
KaasheenA place north of Ilam in Iran.Girl
KabiraKabira means Powerful, GreatGirl
KabraHoary, Heinous, Cardinal; WhiteGirl
KadejaKadeja means ThrustworthyGirl
KadejahThe meaning of the name Kadejah is Early BabyGirl
KadifaKadifa means VelvetGirl
KadijahKadijah means TrustworthyGirl
KadiraKadira means PowerfulGirl
KadriyaKadriya means DestinyGirl
KahdijahKahdijah means Premature ChildGirl
KaheelaKaheela means Grey-EyedGirl
KahinaKahina means The DivinerGirl
KahkashanStars; Galaxy;Girl
KahlelleKahlelle means A Friend in ArabicGirl
KahlilaThe name means RejoicingGirl
KahliliaKahlilia name means Sincere FriendGirl
KaifiyaThe name means Esctatic, HappyGirl
KainaKaina name means Created by GodGirl
KainaatKainaat means All CreationsGirl
KainatKainat means The CreationGirl
KakuliKakuli name means CrestGirl
KaleelaKaleela name means BelovedGirl
KaleemaKaleema means Speaker, MouthpieceGirl
KalilaKalila means The one that is LovedGirl
KalilahKalilah means The One Who is Dearlu Loved, DarlingGirl
KalillaThe name means Sweetheart, DarlingGirl
KaliyanKaliyan means To Be LovedGirl
KalsamKalsam means Name of al-QarshiyahGirl
KalsoomKalsoom is name of prophet Muhammad's daughterGirl
KalsumKalsum means Sun of the WorldGirl
KalthumKalthum means One with Plumo CheeksGirl
KaltunOne with chubby cheeks, full cheeksGirl
KameelaThe name means PerfectionGirl
KamilahKamilah means Flawlessness, PerfectionGirl
KamraKamra means MoonGirl
KaneezKaneez name means Servant, a Slave GirlGirl
KaninakaKaninaka means BlackGirl
KanizKaniz means ServantGirl
KansaThe name means TreasureGirl
KanwalKanwal means Water LilyGirl
KanzaKanza means Wise, IntelligentGirl
KaramKaram name means Generosity in ArabicUnisex
KareedaKareeda means Untouched, VirginGirl
KareemaKareema means Kind and CompassionateGirl
KareemahThe name means Giving, Generous and NobleGirl
KaridaKarida means Untouched VirginGirl
KarideeKaridee means The one who is Virginal and PureGirl
KarimaKarima means Giving and GenerousGirl
KarimahKarimah name means is Big-Hearted, GenerousGirl
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