95 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter L

LaylaNigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and ArabiaGirl
LeilaNighttime, time of a day after the sundownGirl
LilaShe who belongs to the peopleGirl
LylaA Girl from an islandGirl
LaaibahLaabiah means The prettiest WomanGirl
LabeebaLabeeba means She is Wise and SensibleGirl
LabibaLabiba name means She is a person of IntelectGirl
LabibahThe name mans She is Quick to UnderstandGirl
LafizaLafiza means As Deep as a SeaGirl
LahifaLahifa means To HelpGirl
LaibaFemale of the Haven; Prettiest Woman in all the heavensGirl
LaihaLaiha means GlitteringGirl
LailLail means Nighttimeunisex
LailaaLailaa means Night TimeGirl
LailahLailah means Dark, NightGirl
LailyThe meaning of the name is NightGirl
LaiqaThe name means Deserving, SuitableGirl
LakeciaLakecia means WomanGirl
LakieshaTo be alive and wellGirl
LakitaThe treasure that is foundGirl
LakitiaWoman, a FemaleGirl
LamaA person of Dark LipsGirl
LamahPerson who posseses the qualities of Brillinace, Cleverness and ExcellenceGirl
LameesSoft to the TouchGirl
LameseShe who is Soft to the TouchGirl
LamijaOne with a shining, glowing personality.Girl
LamisSoft to TouchGirl
LamiyaDark lipped womanGirl
LamyaOne who has dark lips.Girl
Lamya'Dark lipped GirlGirl
LarifaA kindhearted person who is gentle by natureGirl
LaseefA person of brilliance and sparkly characterGirl
LatifaPleasant, frendly personGirl
LatimahScent, the scented oneGirl
LatipahOne who is gentle and kind.Girl
LatiphaFriendly, pleasant personGirl
LawahizA person who glanses shyly at othersGirl
LawaizaA Girl who was born to Eve with AbelGirl
LayaanA softness and gentleness of a womanGirl
LayalDark hours of the day, NightGirl
LayaliAfter the Sun sets down, night timeGirl
LayanA tender and soft GirlGirl
LaylyThe meaning of the name is NightGirl
LayyinA Girl who is soft and delicateGirl
LazeenaComes from Islamic word meaning faithGirl
LeashaArabic name for womanGirl
LeelahArabic name for Night beautyGirl
LeenSoft, delicate womanGirl
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