293 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M

MaryamOur ladyGirl
Ma'isahShe who wallks proudlyGirl
MaabA beautiful place or person to return toGirl
MaahjabeenShe carries the Moon on her forheadGirl
MaahnoorThe Moon's glowGirl
MaajidaA glorious woman of powerGirl
MaamounaA woman on who you can dependGirl
MaamunaThrustworthy and loyal womanGirl
MaaribEnd goalsGirl
MaasmaAn innocent and honorable personGirl
MaassamaA woman who is pure hearted and generousGirl
MabilaA noble, honorable oneGirl
MabrookaA blessed, prosperous girlGirl
MabroukaA lucky girlGirl
MabrukaOne who has been blessedGirl
MabruraA pious girl or woman who is accepted by Allah.Girl
MadaniyaA polished, urbane girlGirl
MadeehaA woman who is worthy of every praiseGirl
MadehaPraiseworthy womanGirl
MadhatA word, a poem of preiseUnisex
MadihaOne who is worthy of praiseGirl
MadihahPraiseworthy personGirl
MadinaA Quranic name for girls that means city of the ProphetGirl
MaeenSpring of waterGirl
MaeenaOne who takes care of others.Girl
MafazOne who has great success; salvationGirl
MagaliA daughter of the seaGirl
Mah jabeenA woman with the face like a MoonGirl
MahaGazelle; Beautiful Eyes; Splendid; Beloved to AmunGirl
Maha wild cowArabic word for a wild cowGirl
MahakA little girl who is cute and beautifulGirl
MahalfaA womman who is commitedGirl
MahasenShe who is beautiful and radiantGirl
MahasinA virtuous, beautiful oneGirl
MahbobA dearly loved friendGirl
MahbobahA beloved oneGirl
MahboobahA dear, beloved sweetheartGirl
MahboobeA mistress, sweetheartGirl
MahbubaThe greatly adorned oneGirl
MahbubahThe beloved oneGirl
MahbubeeA beloved sweetheartGirl
MahbubiOne who is dearly adoredGirl
MahdiaA well guided oneGirl
MahdisOne who is beautiful like the moonGirl
MahdiyaShe who is righly guided by AllahGirl
MahdokhtShe who is the daughter of the moonGirl
MaheenShe who is the greatestGirl
MaheraOne who is very smart, cunningGirl
MahfoozaShe who is well protectedGirl
MahfouzaA protected, safe personGirl
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