317 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter N

NaadhiraA Prospering or blossoming person.Girl
NaadiaA gem or child of brightness.Girl
NaadiraA rare specie, the most precious.Girl
NaajiaThe one who is self governing.Girl
NaajidahAs brave as a lionessGirl
NaakaiahA virtuous, pure, a faithful personGirl
NaasimaThe person who guides others.Girl
NaasiraThe person who helps other people.Girl
NaazimaThe person who writes poems. lady poet.Girl
NaaziraThe one who looks on over the activities.Girl
NabeehaThe person who is standing above others in quality or position.Girl
NabeelaThe one who is adhering to ethical and moral principles.Girl
NabeelahThe one who is impressive in appearance.Girl
NabeeleThe person who is generous, understanding and tolerant.Girl
NabighahThe person who is having the capacity for thought and reason above par.Unisex
NabihaThe person who is worthy of being depended on.Girl
NabihahThe person who is possessing excellent knowledge.Girl
NabijahThe person who is motivating and bold guider.Girl
NabilaWorthy, elegant, celebrated.Girl
NabilahThe person who was born for goodness.Girl
NabiliaA noble person, always carry good deedsGirl
NabraA lofty peak, specially valued for its uncommonness.Girl
NacimaNot widely distributed.Girl
NadaThe one who is pleasing or valuable or useful.Girl
NadaaCondensation, bigheartedness, broadmindedness, nobilityGirl
NaddaThe person who is willing to give and share unstintingly.Girl
NadeedaThe contestant you hope to defeat.Girl
NadeemahA friend who is always in the company of another.Girl
NadeenThe specific instance of feeling hopeful.Girl
NadheemaHaving mutual interests or affections.Girl
NadhirahThe one who is good looking and glowing.Girl
NadhiyahThe one who is animated or beautiful.Girl
NadidaRemains in the same quantity.Girl
NadimaThe mate of the drinking person.Girl
NadimahThe person who is very closer to your heart.Girl
NadinSlightly wet, care, trust, subtle.Girl
NadinaGrounds for feeling hopeful.Girl
NadiraThe one who is uncommon and tough to search.Girl
NadirahThe one who is occasional and valuable.Girl
NadiyahEasily broken or damaged or destroyed.Girl
NadiyyaThe one who is soggy, affectionate and gentle.Girl
NadraThe one who is specific to a person or thing or category.Girl
NadrahA specified person, highly recognizableGirl
NadwaThe body serving in an administrative capacity.Girl
NadwahThe one who gives sensible advices.Girl
NadyneFlower head, bud, blossom, floret.Girl
NadziejaThe person who is mild, saturated and affectionate.Girl
NaeemaTo be comfortable or to be satisfied.Girl
NaeemahGladness, relaxation, joy.Girl
NaemaTo live a contented and joyful life.Girl
NafThe valuable and priceless one.Girl
NafeesaThe person who is extraordinary and precious.Girl
NafeesahTremendous, marvellous, stunning, splendidGirl
NafeezaRemarkable, spectacular, fabulous, impressiveGirl
NafeezahExtraordinary, outstanding, excellent, strikingGirl
NaffoHighpoint, uncommon, valuable.Girl
NaffyZenith, intermittent, expensive.Girl
NafiahThe person who is benevolent, beneficial, favourable.Girl
NafisThe one who is treasurable and valuable.Unisex
NafisaThe person who is admirable and cherished.Girl
NafisahThe person who is costly, slight and jewel.Girl
NafizaThe person who is treasurable and appreciated.Girl
NaflahThe person who is embarrassment, richness or wealth.Girl
NageenaThe one who resembles nugget or stone or jewel.Girl
NageenahPrecious stoneGirl
NaghmaA melody or musical note.Girl
NagiaThe one who is savedGirl
NagiahThe safest personGirl
NagibaA distinguished personGirl
NaginaThe one who is very much priceless like a jewel or diamond.Girl
NagiyaThe one who is free from any riskGirl
NaglaA girl with wide eyesGirl
NagwaA closely or acquainted conversationGirl
NaharIn Arabic it refers to the daytime. In Hindi it refers to a small stream of waterUnisex
NahdiA strong and mighty treeUnisex
NahimaFree from emotional and mental disturbanceGirl
NahlaIn Arabic it means a drink of water. In Sanskrit it means the stem.Girl
NahlahWater drink, a drink of waterGirl
NaifahAn exalted personGirl
NailaA successful person, an achieverGirl
NailahThe accomplisher or the achieverGirl
NaimaFree from disturbancesGirl
NaimahOne who is at easeGirl
NainzaA person who has a pair of beautiful eyesGirl
NajaahEscape or freedom from evilGirl
NajahThe success or the pleasure of successGirl
NajatA salvation from the illGirl
NajeaThe safe being, the safetyGirl
NajeebaAn intellectual girlGirl
NajeebahAn excellent noble ladyGirl
NajiaOne who is not in a dangerGirl
NajiahOut or harm's reach, safeGirl
NajibaAn-uncommon girlGirl
NajibahA noble girl, aristocratGirl
NajidaThe courageous girlGirl
NajilaThe bright and beautiful eyesGirl
NajilaaOne who have big and bright eyesGirl
NajillahA girl with beautiful eyesGirl
NajiyaFree from all kind of risksGirl
NajiyahA risk-free or safe personGirl
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