322 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter N

NajillahA girl with beautiful eyesGirl
NajiyaFree from all kind of risksGirl
NajiyahA risk-free or safe personGirl
NajiyyahSafe and sound, rescuedGirl
NajjiaA free person, one who is escapedGirl
NajjiyyaEscaped from the evilGirl
NajjiyyahA safe girl from all the evilsGirl
NajlaA person with wide and beautiful eyesGirl
Najlahwide eyes, beautiful eyesGirl
NajmaA beautiful star in the skyGirl
Najmahthe most graceful starGirl
NajmussaharThe Morning star, visible at dawnGirl
NajwaUndisclosed discussion or hidden talk.Girl
NajwanThe one who is delivered or independent or excepted.Girl
NajyaThe triumphant or winning lady.Girl
NakiaUnpolluted or truthful or wholesome or realistic.Unisex
NakyaA chaste or a pure girlGirl
NalaLioness or Lots of WaterGirl
NamarOne of the hills or mountains.Girl
NamiaA growing thing, increasingGirl
NamiraA tigress, beauty and strengthGirl
NamiyahA force to move forward, keep goingGirl
NamraA tigress, beauty and strengthGirl
NamrahThe clean drinking waterGirl
NamylaA reserved person, quiteGirl
NaqaOne who is pure and refineGirl
NaqeebaThe female leader or who gives newsGirl
NaqiaFaultless, free from evil or corruptionGirl
NaqibaWho gives news to the massesGirl
NaqitName of a Islam scholarGirl
NaqiyaFree from any blamesGirl
NaseefSpeaking in secretGirl
NaseekaA piece of gold or something valuableGirl
Naseelahfragrant coming with cool breezeGirl
NaseemaA piece of cool breezeGirl
NaseenA descendant chosen oneGirl
NaseeraWho supports a win over evilGirl
NashatThe happiness or the energeticGirl
NasheelahA honey comb where bees keep honeyGirl
NasheemThe fresh air or the breezeGirl
NashiaYouth or the young ageGirl
NashidaA girl full of desires, a seekerGirl
NashitaA lively woman, very energeticGirl
NashrahOne who spread words, a publisherGirl
NashwaA perfume that intoxicatesGirl
NashwaaAn ecstasy or elationGirl
NashwanAn excited state of joyGirl
NasibaThe one who protects the Ocean.Girl
NasifaHappy monarch or joyful leader.Girl
NasihaWho advise fro doing good deedsGirl
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