30 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter P

PadidahA magical ane rare phenomenonGirl
PakeezaA pure and affectionate individualGirl
PakeezahOne who is pure and fond of musicGirl
PakizaA pure and serene individualGirl
PaksimaOne with an innocent face.Girl
PalwashaName given to a certain flower; generous oneGirl
PareeA fairy; one who gives lightUnisex
PareechehrOne who has the face of a fairyGirl
PareerouOne with beautiful fairy like faceGirl
PareesaOne who resembles like a fairyGirl
PareewashA fairy faced personGirl
ParigulAngel of flowers.Girl
ParihanA beautiful fairyGirl
ParijanOne with a fair soulGirl
ParinazA charming and beautiful personGirl
PariwishFairy faced, or angelic beauty.Girl
ParizadOne who is born out of a fairyGirl
ParniyanSoft silk, a dress made of soft silk.Girl
ParvinOne who is the cluster of starsGirl
ParwinOne with understanding and joyous natureGirl
PatientKind, Soft-spoken, tolerant, Mild-tempered, PatientGirl
PermazWaiting, wait.Girl
PervaizOne who is cool as the breezeGirl
PerveenPleiades or cluster of stars.Girl
PeyvandOne who is united and brave personGirl
PolikaOne with a pure and clear soulGirl
PolitaAn intelligent, smart girlGirl
PollaOne who is like a poppy flowerGirl
PoonahA plant pennyroyal that is used in European and Middle Eastern cuisineGirl
PounahA plant pennyroyal that is used in European and Middle Eastern cuisineGirl
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