310 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter R

Ra'eesahA wealty lady, princessGirl
Ra'idahShe who leadsGirl
Ra'naaOne to gaze atGirl
RaabiaThe fourth oneGirl
RaaheelTo go on a journeyUnisex
RaahiTraveller; Good Companion; SpringGirl
RaaidaA woman leaderGirl
RaainaA beautiful princess of the nightGirl
RaameenShe who is obedientGirl
RaanaOne to look or gaze at, an elegant personGirl
RaashidaShe who is wise and matureGirl
RaawiyaTransmitter of ancient Arabic poetryGirl
RaayaA toughtGirl
RababA white cloudGirl
RabailA veil of flowersGirl
RabbabA white cloudGirl
RabeaOne who is like a springGirl
RabeeaMuslim name meaning gardenGirl
RabhyaWorshipped; Celebrated; A variant of Rabiya which means Spring, Princess and QueenGirl
Rabi'ahOne that is firmly set in place, constantGirl
RabiaShe who comes fourthGirl
RabiahThe fourth oneGirl
RabihaatWinners, acquirersGirl
RabihahWinner, achiever.Girl
RabitaA bond, a linkGirl
RabiyaOne that is constant and stableGirl
RabiyahA rainy and fertile springGirl
RabwaA highland or a small hillGirl
RabwahHighland or hilly area.Girl
RachidaOne of the true faithGirl
RadeyahOne who is satisfied with his lifeGirl
RadhiaShe who is well satisfiedGirl
RadhiyaShe who is content and satisfiedGirl
RadhwaA name of a mountain in MedinaGirl
RadhwaaA place name, a name of a mountain in MedinaGirl
RadiaSatisfied; Content; Fulfillement; Happy and PleasedGirl
RadifaOne who is full of shameGirl
RadiyaOne who is covered with a veilGirl
RadiyahShe who is satisfied and happyGirl
RadwaA name of a mountain in MedinaGirl
RaedaOne who is guided by the faithGirl
RaehaA parfume, fragranceGirl
RaemAn affectionate, loving motherGirl
RaeniQueen, like a queenGirl
RafaA tenderhearted girlGirl
Rafa'Muslim name meaning happiness and prosperityGirl
RafahA luxurious lifeGirl
RafanBeautiful, good-scentedUnisex
RafedaOne who hepls and supportsGirl
RafeeaShe who is superb, exaltedGirl
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