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504 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

Sa'diyya She who is blessed Girl
Saabira A woman who is patient and eduring Girl
Saadet A person who is generaly happy in life Girl
Saadiqa One who tells the truth. Girl
Saadiqah A sincere and truthful person Girl
Saadiya A person of good fortune Girl
Saaida One who is lucky in life Girl
Saaim To go without food, to fast Girl
Saaiqa A lightning in the sky Girl
Saajida A deovted worshiper of Gpd Girl
Saaliha A uselful and good person Girl
Saalihah A righteous and pious person Girl
Saalima A safe, secure person Girl
Saameyah A pure woman Girl
Saamiya An elevated woman Girl
Saarah A noble woman, a Princess Girl
Saariyah She who is like the clouds at the night sky Girl
Saat Urdu name meaning moment, time Girl
Saba A soft breeze Girl
Sabaa Muslim name for Eastern wind Girl
Sabaya A morning light Girl
Sabbah Arabic name of morning Girl
Sabeeha A beautiful forenoon Girl
Sabeehah An afternoon of beauty Girl
Sabeera A tolerant, patient girl Girl
Sabeeya An Arabic name for girls Girl
Sabeeyah A little girl, baby girl Girl
Sabeqwa Arabic girl name Girl
Sabha She who is graceful Girl
Sabi A young girl Girl
Sabiha An afternoon of beauty Girl
Sabihah A beautiful one Girl
Sabiqa God-Fearing and Devoted to God Girl
Sabira The patient one Girl
Sabirah One who is of great patience Girl
Sabiya One of the morning Girl
Sabohi A drink in the morning Girl
Sabooha She who shines bright Girl
Sabqat A supreme one Girl
Sabreen One who is beneficial Girl
Sabreena One who is beneficial Girl
Sabriya She who is patient and kind Girl
Sabriyya Arabic name meaning to rest, resting Girl
Sabuhi The morning star Girl
Sabura She who is enduring and patient Girl
Sadaf One who is like the shell of the sea Girl
Sadah The most fortunate woman Girl
Sadeeka A person of honesty and truthfulness Girl
Sadeta Felicity, fortune, joy Girl
Sadia The woman who is righteous Girl
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