64 Aramaic Baby Names With Meanings

When your baby is unique and one of a kind, why should the names mean stale and uninspiring? Nobody wants their children to have boring names. It’s only unique and fun names that can add a definite charm to a child’s personality. And when you’re looking for a unique name, what better that looking into the treasure trove of Aramaic baby names?

Aramaic, also known as Assyrian, is a form of Jewish language spoken widely by the two million people of the Assyrian diaspora spread across the Middle East and North Africa.

The Aramaic baby names are primarily based on the religious context because of the presence of different religious communities. Originally, Assyrian names consisted of a first name and a patronymic name. But Assyrians have now begun using surnames as well. It’s interesting to note that the surnames used now were actually the first names of grandparents who signed the surname laws in the 1920s. This is the reason why many Aramaic last names are also used as first names. The Assyrians also shorten the personal names to just a few syllables for the nickname. Browse through MomJunction’s collection of Aramaic baby names with meanings below.

ThadiousVariation of Thaddeus which means Gift of GodUnisex
ThomA short form of thomasBoy
ThorleyThor's meadowBoy
TomA short form of thomas, tomasBoy
TomaszA twin, one of the two born childBoy
TomazinOne of the child bornBoy
TomiasOne who is born as a twin childBoy
TommeyOne of the twin, a twinBoy
TommyDerived from Thomas which means TwinBoy
TomsLatvian version of Tom, meaning twin.Boy
XiomaraVariation of Xiamara which means Joyful deerGirl
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