106 Argentina Baby Names With Meanings


Argentina baby names offer a rich blend of European, Indigenous, and Spanish influences. A massive country in South America, Argentina no longer has a clear-cut naming custom as before. Prior to name record keeping, individuals had just one name. But as the population expanded, it became necessary to add descriptive information to distinguish between individuals of the same name. Also, in the past, the firstborn babies were named after their parents. But today, parents focus on the uniqueness of the name. They like to pick names that are fashionable, trendy, and unique. So it’s common to name children after sports, political, and pop culture celebs. It is also common practice to use names derived from the Bible, such as Jose and Bartolome. Moreover, some Spanish parents may also opt for the compound given names for their children. Argentinian baby names are usually given on the day of baptism. A child’s name may be derived from the Saint Day of the day of baptism too. It is a common practice in Argentina to use nicknames instead of first names to address a person. These nicknames are usually assigned when the person is still a baby and often continue throughout their lifetime (1). Girls are often named Maria to honor the Virgin Mary. Moreover, a boy’s name can include Maria too. In earlier times, baby names needed to be Spanish as Argentina is largely a Spanish-speaking country. If parents wanted a name of a different ethnicity or language for their children, they needed to seek permission from the Government. But this rule has now been relaxed. There are still some conditions pertaining to baby names, but that’s to stop parents from picking weird and unusual names that can affect the child in later life. Additionally, it was mandatory for married women to take their husband’s name. But the law now allows women to use their maiden name. They can add their husband’s name if they wish to do so. Below we have compiled a list of unique and beautiful Argentina baby boy and girl names for your reference.

heart image Abegail Baby Girl Sign Girl Argentinian version of Abigail; Father rejoices
heart image Acquiles Baby Boy Sign Boy Pain; Painful
heart image Adelgonda Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is a noble warrior
heart image Adolfa Baby Girl Sign Girl The feminine version of Adolf; Noble wolf
heart image Aldana Baby Girl Sign Girl A Basque place name; Side slope
heart image Aldonza Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who is sweet and nice towards others
heart image Algeria Baby Girl Sign Girl One who fills life with happiness
heart image Alma Baby Boy Sign Boy Nourishing; Fostering; Kind
heart image Almara Baby Girl Sign Girl Learned, nourishing, and supportive young woman
heart image Alvarez Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble guardian
heart image Amancio Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is loving and caring
heart image Amilcar Baby Boy Sign Boy A friend of Melqart
heart image Anbessa Baby Boy Sign Boy As strong as a lion
heart image Arnoll Baby Boy Sign Boy A version of Arnold; Eagle; Power
heart image Balduino Baby Boy Sign Boy A brave friend
heart image Bautista Baby Boy Sign Boy Dipping in water; Baptist
heart image Belette Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is extremely beautiful
heart image Benicio Baby Boy Sign Boy Blessed
heart image Benjamin Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the right hand; Son of the south
heart image Bernardina Baby Girl Sign Girl Courage of a bear
heart image Bernette Baby Girl Sign Girl One with the courage of a bear
heart image Blaize Baby Boy Sign Boy One who lisps or stutters
heart image Branko Baby Boy Sign Boy Armor or defense
heart image Bruno Baby Boy Sign Boy Armor; Protection; Burnished; Polished; Brown
heart image Caca Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of vukan
heart image Catalina Baby Girl Sign Girl Purity; Pure beauty
heart image Ceciliane Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with gray eyes.
heart image Colas Baby Boy Sign Boy Argentinian version of Nicholas; Victory of the people
heart image Cyprien Baby Boy Sign Boy One belonging to the island of Cyprus
heart image Cyrillus Baby Boy Sign Boy Lordly
heart image Delfina Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a Saint; One from Delphi
heart image Eleuterio Baby Boy Sign Boy The liberator
heart image Emigdia Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is half-god; Demigod
heart image Emilia Baby Girl Sign Girl Rival; To emulate; Excel
heart image Emilianne Baby Girl Sign Girl Industrious
heart image Emma Baby Girl Sign Girl Whole; Universal
heart image Eutimio Baby Boy Sign Boy Good-spirited; Generous
heart image Facundo Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is significant; Eloquent
heart image Fanuco Baby Boy Sign Boy One who likes freedom; Free
heart image Felipe Baby Boy Sign Boy Horse lover
heart image Fifine Baby Girl Sign Girl God will add
heart image Francique Baby Girl Sign Girl Someone belonging to France
heart image Francisco Baby Boy Sign Boy Frenchman; Free man
heart image Guga Baby Boy Sign Boy Meditation staff
heart image Hyacinthe Baby Girl Sign Girl Blue larkspur; Precious stone
heart image Iara Baby Girl Sign Girl Lady of the water
heart image Ihan Baby Boy Sign Boy God's grace
heart image Ildefonso Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is battle ready
heart image Ines Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure
heart image Ingrid Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of fertility
heart image Isabella Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my oath
heart image Isaias Baby Boy Sign Boy God is with us
heart image Isandro Baby Boy Sign Boy Free or liberated
heart image Isidore Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of Isis
heart image Janik Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Joelliane Baby Girl Sign Girl Jehovah is God
heart image Juste Baby Boy Sign Boy Just; One who exercises justness in everything
heart image Lichuen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Ligh; One who spreads light
heart image Lorenzo Baby Boy Sign Boy From Laurentum
heart image Mado Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman of Magdala
heart image Maico Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is strong; Strength
heart image Malen Baby Girl Sign Girl Maiden; Of Magdala
heart image Manque Baby Boy Sign Boy Condor
heart image Martina Baby Girl Sign Girl Warrior
heart image Martinien Baby Boy Sign Boy Warlike
heart image Mateo Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of God
heart image Milenko Baby Boy Sign Boy Dear one who is cherished by all
heart image Mirco Baby Boy Sign Boy Peace; One with a peaceful disposition
heart image Nacio Baby Boy Sign Boy Internal light
heart image Nehuen Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is mighty and strong
heart image Neper Baby Boy Sign Boy A unit of measurement
heart image Nulpi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex White flower; As beautiful as a white flower
heart image Ociel Baby Boy Sign Boy Heaven; Heavenly
heart image Olivia Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace; Olive tree
heart image Partait Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is perfect
heart image Pehuen Baby Boy Sign Boy Araucaria
heart image Petronelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Stone
heart image Pichi Baby Boy Sign Boy Small or a young boy
heart image Pire Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is like a snow
heart image Porfio Baby Boy Sign Boy Argentinian version of Porfirio, meaning purple-clad
heart image Raiquen Baby Boy Sign Boy Another name for a night bird
heart image Santino Baby Boy Sign Boy Little saint
heart image Savio Baby Boy Sign Boy Intelligent
heart image Senon Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is lively and active
heart image Silvaine Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman belonging to the forest
heart image Sofia Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom; Learned
heart image Sosimo Baby Boy Sign Boy Likely to survive
heart image Susanita Baby Girl Sign Girl Another name for lily flower
heart image Suyai Baby Girl Sign Girl Hope
heart image Taiel Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is wealthy and affluent
heart image Thian Baby Boy Sign Boy Smooth
heart image Urbain Baby Boy Sign Boy Of the city
heart image Valentina Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong; Vigourous; Healthy
heart image Valentino Baby Boy Sign Boy Brave; Strong
heart image Violaine Baby Girl Sign Girl The Argentinian variation of Violet
heart image Violeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Violet
heart image Violette Baby Girl Sign Girl Violet flower
heart image Virge Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure and chaste
heart image Virginie Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is pure and chaste
heart image Yaco Baby Boy Sign Boy A leather bag
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Argentina baby names originate from various countries and cultures and show European, Spanish, and Indigenous influences. Though in earlier times, Argentina used only a single name for naming babies, population growth necessitated descriptive names. Names associated with the Bible or names of saints are popular in Argentina. Many times, Saint Day, the day of baptism, is chosen as a name for the baby. Moreover, both girl and boy names usually include Maria as a part of their personal names.

Infographic: Shining Argentine Baby Names With Meanings

Argentina is a vast South American country with many influences from different languages and cultures. This country is known for its religious names related to the Bible and notable saints. If you are looking for baby names rooted in culture and religion, this infographic offers you the best Argentine names with meanings.

amazing argentine baby names for your little munchkin (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some famous Argentine individuals with unique or popular names?

Eva Peron is a famous Argentine whose life was a story of rags to riches leading to her becoming Argentina’s First Lady. Diego Maradona is another renowned individual considered Argentina’s most famous footballer and was given the nickname ‘Hand of God.’ Another internationally famous personality and football icon is Lionel Messi (2) (3) (4).

2. What baby names in Argentina have fallen out of use in recent years?

Policarpo (fruitful), Tulio (one who leads), and Anastasio (reborn or resurrected) are some Argentine names that have fallen out of use in recent years.

3. What are some popular nicknames or shortened versions of Argentine baby names?

Most of the nicknames bestowed on friends and family are terms of endearment and are usually based on their most distinguishing features, including their race and physical appearance. Some popular nicknames that Argentinian people cherish include Chiquito (shorty), El Pipita (little pipe), El Galgo (the greyhound), and El Jefecito (little boss).


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