59 Argentina Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Argentina is a beautiful country rich in cultural and historical diversity that has shaped its naming traditions for centuries. In this post on Argentina boy names, we present a list of baby names that will give you enough options to make a well-informed choice. Argentinian names frequently tell tales of bravery, resiliency, and cultural fusion, drawing inspiration from indigenous roots and European and Spanish colonial influences. MaArgentines use their father's last name, but many people in parts of Argentina with a significant Spanish influence have two family names—the father's surname and the mother's surname. Some Spanish people also use compound first names. A nickname is frequently given to individuals during their early days. In Argentina, many nicknames are diminutive or shortened versions of terms that refer to physical traits. These nicknames are meant to be affectionate rather than derogatory (1). Numerous Argentinian given names are taken from biblical names or the names of saints to seek the protection and blessings of the revered figures for their children. However, they are often given one or more given names when they are baptized. However, the child may never have used their first or baptismal name (nombre de pila). Typically, a child is called by their second or third name at baptism, especially if their initial name is Maria or José (2). You may take part in this rich tapestry of customs by giving your son an Argentine boy name. Each name has a backstory, a tie to a particular time, or a relationship to a specific value. The names of Argentina offer a wide variety of significant alternatives, whether you're looking for a name that honors a person's religious dedication, cultural history, or a fusion of influences. Keep reading to find a comprehensive list of meaningful Argentinian names for boys with diverse origins.

heart image Alma Baby Boy Sign Boy Nourishing; Fostering; Kind
heart image Bautista Baby Boy Sign Boy Dipping in water; Baptist
heart image Benicio Baby Boy Sign Boy Blessed
heart image Benjamin Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the right hand; Son of the south
heart image Bruno Baby Boy Sign Boy Armor; Protection; Burnished; Polished; Brown
heart image Felipe Baby Boy Sign Boy Horse lover
heart image Francisco Baby Boy Sign Boy Frenchman; Free man
heart image Lorenzo Baby Boy Sign Boy From Laurentum
heart image Mateo Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of God
heart image Santino Baby Boy Sign Boy Little saint
heart image Valentino Baby Boy Sign Boy Brave; Strong
heart image Acquiles Baby Boy Sign Boy Pain; Painful
heart image Alvarez Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble guardian
heart image Amancio Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is loving and caring
heart image Amilcar Baby Boy Sign Boy A friend of Melqart
heart image Anbessa Baby Boy Sign Boy As strong as a lion
heart image Arnoll Baby Boy Sign Boy A version of Arnold; Eagle; Power
heart image Balduino Baby Boy Sign Boy A brave friend
heart image Blaize Baby Boy Sign Boy One who lisps or stutters
heart image Branko Baby Boy Sign Boy Armor or defense
heart image Colas Baby Boy Sign Boy Argentinian version of Nicholas; Victory of the people
heart image Cyprien Baby Boy Sign Boy One belonging to the island of Cyprus
heart image Cyrillus Baby Boy Sign Boy Lordly
heart image Eleuterio Baby Boy Sign Boy The liberator
heart image Eutimio Baby Boy Sign Boy Good-spirited; Generous
heart image Facundo Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is significant; Eloquent
heart image Fanuco Baby Boy Sign Boy One who likes freedom; Free
heart image Guga Baby Boy Sign Boy Meditation staff
heart image Ihan Baby Boy Sign Boy God's grace
heart image Ildefonso Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is battle ready
heart image Isaias Baby Boy Sign Boy God is with us
heart image Isandro Baby Boy Sign Boy Free or liberated
heart image Isidore Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of Isis
heart image Janik Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Juste Baby Boy Sign Boy Just; One who exercises justness in everything
heart image Lichuen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Ligh; One who spreads light
heart image Maico Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is strong; Strength
heart image Manque Baby Boy Sign Boy Condor
heart image Martinien Baby Boy Sign Boy Warlike
heart image Milenko Baby Boy Sign Boy Dear one who is cherished by all
heart image Mirco Baby Boy Sign Boy Peace; One with a peaceful disposition
heart image Nacio Baby Boy Sign Boy Internal light
heart image Nehuen Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who is mighty and strong
heart image Neper Baby Boy Sign Boy A unit of measurement
heart image Nulpi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex White flower; As beautiful as a white flower
heart image Ociel Baby Boy Sign Boy Heaven; Heavenly
heart image Partait Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is perfect
heart image Pehuen Baby Boy Sign Boy Araucaria
heart image Pichi Baby Boy Sign Boy Small or a young boy
heart image Porfio Baby Boy Sign Boy Argentinian version of Porfirio, meaning purple-clad
heart image Raiquen Baby Boy Sign Boy Another name for a night bird
heart image Savio Baby Boy Sign Boy Intelligent
heart image Senon Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is lively and active
heart image Sosimo Baby Boy Sign Boy Likely to survive
heart image Thian Baby Boy Sign Boy Smooth
heart image Urbain Baby Boy Sign Boy Of the city
heart image Yaco Baby Boy Sign Boy A leather bag
heart image Yenien Unisex Baby Sign Unisex To bring along
heart image Yerimen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is agile and active

Argentine boy names are unique and charming. Their deep meanings and positive connotations can add beauty to your child's personality. If you choose an Argentinian boy name for your beloved child, you don't just pick a string of letters but a piece of Argentina's rich cultural heritage. So choose a name that resonates with you and your beliefs. Whether you're drawn to a name because of its phonetic sound or the emotions it evokes, remember that each name is unique and meaningful.

Infographic: Unique Argentine Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and has a vibrant cultural heritage. In this infographic, we bring a list of Argentine baby boy names that celebrate this South American country’s language, tradition, and culture. Do give it a thorough read and save it for future reference.

amazing argentine baby names for your adorable son (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Argentinians have middle names?

Yes, middle names are a common practice among Argentinians. They are frequently based on either the father's or mother's surname, providing individuals with an additional name that connects them to their family lineage and heritage.

2. Do Argentinians use two last names?

In Argentina, people usually have one last name from their father's family. However, because many Argentines have Spanish ancestry, they commonly use both their father's and mother's last names, so some many have two last names.

3. What is the meaning of the names "Santiago" and "Matias," which are common in Argentina?

The name Santiago originates from the Spanish words "Santo," meaning ‘saint,’ and ‘Yago, an old form of the name James. It symbolizes the significance of Saint James, who is considered the patron saint of Spain. On the other hand, Matis is a boy's name meaning 'gift of God' and is derived from Matthias, a variation of Matthews. Matthews is an English version of the Greek name Matthaios, which in turn comes from the Hebrew name Mattityahu, which means ‘gift of Yahweh.’

4. What are some baby boy names in Argentina with Spanish or Italian origins?

Some examples of baby boy names in Argentina with Spanish origins are Mateo, Bautista, Lorenzo, and Felipe. For names with Italian origins, examples include Valentino, Santino, and Bruno.


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