51 Argentina Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Choosing baby names from a specific origin has become a popular approach to finding names in modern times. This post covers a captivating collection of Argentina baby girl names, each with their respective meanings. These names beautifully reflect the cultural essence and vibrant heritage of Argentina, the fourth-largest country in America and the eighth-largest country in the world.

In general, the naming tradition in Spanish-speaking countries like Argentina includes using a given name with a middle name and a surname; however, Argentinians usually have a given name followed by a paternal surname. You may also find long first names in Argentina, such as Adelgonda and Bernardina. Additionally, the influence of various languages and origins can be seen in Argentinian names, including those of Latin and Spanish roots. Moreover, many Argentinian names are derived from Biblical names inspired by Saints, such as Isabella, Valentina, and Sofia. Each name in this compilation is well-known in Argentina and provides a rich narration of its culture, language, and historical influence.

So, whether you are from Argentina, intrigued by their culture and tradition, or looking for a unique yet meaningful name suggestion for your baby girl, Argentinian names could provide you with various options to explore. From simple yet popular names like Olivia, Emma, Sofia, and Violette to complex names like Yenien, Joelliane, Yerimen, and Emilianne, the curated list below offers many naming choices and meanings.

If you are of Argentine descent but reside in another part of the world, choosing an Argentinian name for your girl can be a beautiful homage to your ancestors, besides familiarizing her with the rich cultural legacy she is a part of. So, browse through the names listed in the compilation below to choose a perfect name that resonates with your ideas and desires for your baby girl and gives her a distinct and wonderful identity that will remain with her forever.

heart image Catalina Baby Girl Sign Girl Purity; Pure beauty
heart image Delfina Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a Saint; One from Delphi
heart image Emilia Baby Girl Sign Girl Rival; To emulate; Excel
heart image Emma Baby Girl Sign Girl Whole; Universal
heart image Isabella Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my oath
heart image Martina Baby Girl Sign Girl Warrior
heart image Olivia Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace; Olive tree
heart image Sofia Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom; Learned
heart image Valentina Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong; Vigourous; Healthy
heart image Abegail Baby Girl Sign Girl Argentinian version of Abigail; Father rejoices
heart image Adelgonda Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is a noble warrior
heart image Adolfa Baby Girl Sign Girl The feminine version of Adolf; Noble wolf
heart image Aldana Baby Girl Sign Girl A Basque place name; Side slope
heart image Aldonza Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who is sweet and nice towards others
heart image Algeria Baby Girl Sign Girl One who fills life with happiness
heart image Almara Baby Girl Sign Girl Learned, nourishing, and supportive young woman
heart image Belette Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is extremely beautiful
heart image Bernardina Baby Girl Sign Girl Courage of a bear
heart image Bernette Baby Girl Sign Girl One with the courage of a bear
heart image Caca Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of vukan
heart image Ceciliane Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with gray eyes.
heart image Emigdia Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is half-god; Demigod
heart image Emilianne Baby Girl Sign Girl Industrious
heart image Fifine Baby Girl Sign Girl God will add
heart image Francique Baby Girl Sign Girl Someone belonging to France
heart image Hyacinthe Baby Girl Sign Girl Blue larkspur; Precious stone
heart image Iara Baby Girl Sign Girl Lady of the water
heart image Ines Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure
heart image Ingrid Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of fertility
heart image Joelliane Baby Girl Sign Girl Jehovah is God
heart image Lichuen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Ligh; One who spreads light
heart image Mado Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman of Magdala
heart image Malen Baby Girl Sign Girl Maiden; Of Magdala
heart image Nulpi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex White flower; As beautiful as a white flower
heart image Petronelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Stone
heart image Pire Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is like a snow
heart image Silvaine Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman belonging to the forest
heart image Susanita Baby Girl Sign Girl Another name for lily flower
heart image Suyai Baby Girl Sign Girl Hope
heart image Taiel Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is wealthy and affluent
heart image Violaine Baby Girl Sign Girl The Argentinian variation of Violet
heart image Violeta Baby Girl Sign Girl Violet
heart image Violette Baby Girl Sign Girl Violet flower
heart image Virge Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure and chaste
heart image Virginie Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is pure and chaste
heart image Yadira Baby Girl Sign Girl Worthy; Beloved; Friend
heart image Yaima Baby Girl Sign Girl Water conduit
heart image Yenien Unisex Baby Sign Unisex To bring along
heart image Yerimen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is agile and active
heart image Yvette Baby Girl Sign Girl A skilled archer
heart image Zoelie Baby Girl Sign Girl Life
Our hand-picked collection of Argentina baby girl names with meanings includes several options to help you choose a unique, beautiful, and meaningful name for your baby girl. So, whether you’re a devoted football fan supporting Argentina, or admire the country’s rich culture and traditions, giving your girl a name from Argentinian origin will surely reflect your passion and interest. So, dive into this thoughtfully designed list of baby girl names alongside your partner to discover the ideal name for your beloved little girl.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are some Argentine baby girl names that originate from other countries?

Ingrid is an Argentine name that originated from the Old Norse name Ingríðr, which means ‘Ing is beautiful.’ Lara is another name that has Brazilian origin, and means ‘lady of the water.’

2.Who are some famous Argentinian women with unique names?

Rosa María Juana Martínez Suárez, known popularly as Mirtha Legrand, was one famous Argentinian woman with a unique name. She is one of the most well-known television presenters in Argentina. Zulema Esther González Borbón, also known as Zully Moreno, is an Argentine actress who has appeared in over 70 films and won awards from the Argentine Academy of Motion Picture Arts.

3. What are some baby girl names inspired by Argentinean culture or landmarks?

Tango is a unisex name that refers to the Argentine dance form, while Maradona is a unisex name that pays tribute to the legendary footballer, Diego Maradona. Patagonia is also a beautiful name which is also the name of a region in Argentina.

4.What are some baby girl names that are associated with Argentine folklore or mythology?

Hulien, a name that originated from the Mapuches, the inhabitants of Chile and southwestern Argentina which means ‘spring’ is a name from Argentine folklore. Another name, Pachamama, is related to the Inca goddess of earth and fertility and refers to as ‘earth mother.’

Infographic: Sweet Argentinian Baby Names For Girls With Meanings

Located in South America, Argentina is a Spanish-speaking country known for its passion for football and rich culture. So, do these names inspire you, or does their culture intrigues you? Check out the infographic below for Argentine baby girl names with meanings, and select a name for your little charming little queen.

sweet argentinian baby names for girls with meanings (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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