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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Arlo

Arlo is an Old English name from the Middle Ages that means ‘fortified hill.’ Despite its short length, the name is an amalgamation of the Old English terms ‘hoer,’ which means ‘strong,’ and ‘hlaew,’ which means ‘hill.’ The name also has German and Spanish origins. Arlo, in German, means ‘known across the land,’ and in Spanish, it means ‘between two hills.’ The name stands for defense, grit, endurance, and safety.

While the name Arlo is typically given to males, it can also be a girl’s nickname.

ARE-low, AR-loh, and AAR-loh are the common pronunciations of the name. Arlo has undergone several changes in numerous languages and cultural contexts. The typical Arlo variants include Arlö, Arloh, Arli and, Arlita, Arlos, Arlea, and Arloa. These are only a handful of the numerous variants of Arlo that may be found across various linguistic and cultural contexts.

For a unique name like Arlo, there are many interesting points about its history. It could have been derived from Carlo, the Italian equivalent of Charles. Some claim that the moniker originally came from the Spanish term for barberry tree. It might be a variant of the English surname Harlow, implying a fortified hill. In his epic poem ‘The Faerie Queene,’ Edmund Spenser introduced Arlo as a fictional place name, which he believed came from the Celtic term Aherlow, meaning ‘between two mountains.’ So this could also be from where the name gained its popularity.

A common first name, Arlo, has been given to several fictional characters. The protagonist of ‘The Good Dinosaur’ by Disney/Pixar is Arlo the Apatosaurus. Another famous character is Arlo Beauregard, in the 2021 Netflix animated series Arlo the Alligator Boy. Other notable ones are Arlo Dean, on the British soap opera ‘Family Affairs,’ and Arlo, in the 2002 comedy film ‘Orange County,’ played by Kyle Howard.


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manly, strong
Old English
 A..  Ar..  Are..  Ari..  Arl..  Aru..  Aur.. 

How To Pronounce Arlo?


Famous People With The Name Arlo

  • Arlo BatesAmerican author, educator, and newspaperman, elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1900
  • Arlo GilliamAmerican singer-songwriter and record producer, has toured North America and internationally as a solo performer
  • Arlo Davy GuthrieAmerican folk singer, known for singing songs of protest against social injustice
  • Arlo WestAmerican singer/songwriter, has recorded fourteen albums and has appeared as a guest artist on many others
  • Arlo BrunsbergFormer American professional baseball player, appeared in two games in Major League Baseball for the Detroit Tigers
  • Arlo WhiteEnglish sports commentator, play-by-play commentator for Chicago Fire of Major League Soccer and for the LIV Golf league
  • Arlo U. LandoltAmerican astronomer, renowned for his extensively used photometric standards

Arlo On The Popularity Chart

Let’s see the graphs to learn how Arlo has been doing in recent years.

Popularity Over Time

Arlo became one of the most liked names by parents in 2021, with 1975 babies per million given this name. Check the graph below.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Arlo ranked the highest in 1980 and since then has been fluctuating in the ranking charts. The graph below shows its rank over the decades.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Arlo

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