93 Armenian Baby Names With Meanings

Are you looking for names that reflect your heritage? Or do you want a distinctive and unusual name from a different culture, something that’s as diverse as a country’s landscape? Then you should look at our list of Armenian baby names.

The Armenian baby names bring to mind the ancient nation whose vigor and strength overcame the tyranny, genocide, terror, and Stalin’s Great Purge. Being a nation that has a history dating back to 2000 years B.C., Armenians have a rich list of personal names. While most of these names are borrowed from Bible, and other cultures and civilizations, a lot others are names of elements found in nature. Modern Armenian last names or family names end with the suffix յան (yan) or եան (ian). Some Armenian last names also have the suffix լի ([li]) preceding the -յան/-եան suffix. A thing to note is that these suffixes can also be found in Persian and Turkish names. The surnames can also be derived from profession, location, noble rank, personal name of the ancestor, or personal characteristics.

We do agree that most of these names are best confined to the Armenian community, but some deserve wider circulation.

Below, MomJunction has compiled a list of popular and traditional Armenian baby names with meanings to assist you. Have a look!

AbavenSomeone who is a protectorBoy
AikWoman who looks like a dawnGirl
AlexProtector Of MankindBoy
AngelinaThe holy angels of God sent from heavenGirl
AniThe beautiful angelic girlGirl
AnoushaSweet, Joy, Fortunate; It is a Variant of name AnoushBoy
AraTo see; idealistic and cursing; KingUnisex
ArenA mighty and majestic EagleBoy
ArturCeltic - Stone, Bear; Germanic - Thor, The Eagle; A variant of name ArthurBoy
AtamHebrew - Man; A variant of name AdamBoy
AvakThe first one who has a great personalityBoy
AvedisArmenian - Brings Good NewsBoy
BoghosA small and humble personBoy
BroshOne with pretty lipsBoy
CarnigHe is like a small lambBoy
CholakinAn Armenian Surname and its meaning is unknownBoy
DarlitaYoung GirlGirl
DavitAn eager and dynamic individualBoy
DikranA born King who is always independentBoy
DonkaFeminine form of Andon, meaning priceless.Girl
DzseniferA small sea; they are wide spreadGirl
ElenOne who has done constructionsGirl
Evalife or living one.Girl
GarbisArmenian - SpearBoy
GarinA form of GarryBoy
GaroOne who appreciates and is sensitiveBoy
GorWild Ass; Grave; DesertBoy
Hagoptranscription of HAKOBBoy
HaigFrom the enclosed fieldBoy
HakobSupplanter; Armenian variant form of Hebrew name JacobBoy
HarutyunArmenian - Resurrection; Variant names are Haroutioun and HarutiunBoy
HasmigArmenian form of Jacob; A variant transcription is HasmikGirl
HasmikArmenian form of Jacob; A variant transcription is HasmigGirl
HayastanArmenian name for boy or GirlGirl
HeghineLight; Brightness; Shining; Radiant; LuminantGirl
HovaName given to a breeze of windGirl
HovanGod's GiftBoy
HrantArmenian - Fiery fieldBoy
HrayrArmenian - Fiery manBoy
Jirairpeople with this name are hardworking and give good advice. They love their friends and family and often lead their life under the obligation of religion.Boy
Jiraiyapeople with this name are honest, gain popularity and inventive. They are powerful in character, determined , original and are beautiful.Girl
KalooshKaloosh means Blessed EventBoy
KevorkKevork means FarmerBoy
KirkanKirkan means WatchfulBoy
KnarikKnarik means Lyre, the musical instrumentGirl
KolbFrom KolbBoy
KorianName of a historianBoy
LevonArmenian version of name Leon meaning lionBoy
LilitSpirit of the night, GhostGirl
LusineShe is mysterious like a MoonGirl
ManeA clan name from Maharashtra meaning great, respected, honorableBoy
MaraalArmenian - DeerBoy
MaralA deer. Name reffers to a Caspian Red DeerGirl
MargaidArmenian name meaning pearlGirl
MariHebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary;Girl
MariaVariation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for childGirl
MariamHebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary;Girl
MarkA warlike manBoy
MasisA place name from the city Masis in ArmeniaBoy
Mihrthe pledge and promise.Boy
Movsessaved from the waterBoy
NairiFrom Armenia, the land of canyons and riversBoy
NareFrom the word Nar, which means Pomegranate or FireGirl
NarehThe flower of pomegranateGirl
NarekName of an Armenian Saint from narek, a city In ancient Armenia.Boy
NazeliA pretty or a beautiful girlGirl
NishanA sign or a markBoy
OhanaA person who rules or guides or inspires others.Girl
OhannaA man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strengthGirl
PerouzeArmenian - TurquoiseGirl
PhirozaArmenian - TurquoiseGirl
PhyreOne who can burn bright and shine awayUnisex
RazmigA troubled man, one who is a fighterBoy
RazmikArmenian - Warrior; Fighter; Defender; SoldierBoy
SaeedaA spirit of the forestGirl
SargisOne who protectsBoy
SarkisA shepherdBoy
SevagOne who has black eyesBoy
SevanneA place name, lake SevanGirl
ShantHe is like a LightningBoy
SiranA girl who is beautifulGirl
SiranushShe is a lovely girlGirl
SirvatShe who is like a beautiful roseGirl
SufjanHe who comes with a swordBoy
TaguhiWife of a kingGirl
TakvorOne who is destined to wear the crownBoy
TalineMonestary; Name of a town in armeniaGirl
TangakinA precious girlGirl
TigranShooting or fighting with arrowsUnisex
VarujanBird of prey.Boy
WojciechHe who is happy in battleBoy
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