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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Artemis

Artemis is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of wild animals, vegetation, chastity, and birth. The name also means ‘twin of Apollo’ since Artemis was the twin sibling of Apollo and both were born on the island of Delos. The name could be associated with the Greek word ‘artemes’ meaning ‘safe’ or ‘artamos’ meaning ‘butcher.’ In ancient Greek mythology, Artemis is also the goddess of the moon. The goddess was known as Diana to the Romans.

The etymology of the term Artemis is unknown, but many scholars consider it of pre-Greek origin. According to noted lexicographers and classical scholars, Artemis came from Phrygia in Greece. It can be related to the royal title Artemas of Xenophon, the Greek philosopher. Yet others argue that the name has Persian origins arising from ‘arta,’ ‘art,’ and ‘arte’ terms. These imply ‘great and holy.’

There aren’t many variations of the name. In contemporary times, Artemis has been used to refer to many different things. Artemis is also used to refer to an asteroid belt. The asteroid 105 Artemis was discovered in 1868. Artemis Networks is a wireless technology company claiming the pCell technology. Artemis Records is the New York-based record label that amassed a major share of the U.S. independent label market from the years 2001 to 2003. More recently, NASA’s latest mission to the moon, a rocket without a crew, is named Artemis I. This program aims to increase women’s participation in space exploration. You will be surprised to know that 30% of its engineers are women.

The name is also a prominent part of fiction and entertainment. Artemis is a character in the Disney movie Twitches, while Artemis Dubois is a character on the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. There is Artemis Crock, a character appearing both as a superheroine and antagonist in DC Comics.


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How To Pronounce Artemis?


Famous People With The Name Artemis

  • Artemis CooperEnglish novelist known for A Durable Fire
  • Artemis KaramanTurkish actress known for starring in Deniz Yildizi
  • Thomas Delmer “Artimus” PyleAmerican musician and drummer who played on the albums Gimme Back My Bullets, One More from the Road, and Street Survivors

Artemis On The Popularity Chart

Artemis was a rare name from the 1980s till the 2000s. But from 2010 it has been steadily climbing the popularity charts.

Popularity Over Time

The name’s popularity over time has increased considerably. From 11 babies per million in 2008, the name was given to 314 babies per million in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Until 2006, Artemis was never in the top 1000 baby names list. But that began to change from 2008 onwards. Currently, it holds an impressive 865 rank.

Source: Social Security Administration

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