85 Arthurian Baby Names With Meanings

Only a handful of fictional heroes can capture the imagination like King Arthur and his knights of the round table. It is as compelling today as it was in the times of its creators, Sir Thomas Malory, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Chrétien de Troyes and Robert de Boron. Just the names of King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, and Guinevere, conjure images of gallant knights in the shining armor, beautiful ladies in the castle and the quest for the Holy Grail. Filled with romance, bravery, and magic, the Arthurian legend is believed to be inspired by the real people, which the storytellers glorified the deeds through poetry and epics.

Apart from the striking and impressive character, the Arthurian legend also boasts of magnificent baby names. The names, a blend of Old English names and the derivatives, have a quirky and unique charm.

So get your bundle of joy off on the right foot with one of these legendary Arthurian names. We, at MomJunction, have put together a list of mesmerizing Arthurian baby names with meanings. Most of these names are unusual, and you’re unlikely to find them in the list of top names. But at least, they are unique and will make your baby boy or girl a trendsetter.

AballachFather of ModronBoy
AccalonLover of Morgan le FayBoy
AccolonOne who is from the mother of GodBoy
AcheflowWhite flowerGirl
AglaralBrother of PercivalBoy
AglavalBrother of PercivalBoy
AlixandreDefender of mankind. It was the name of nephew of King Mark.Boy
AnguyshFather of IsoldeBoy
AntfortasKeeper of the grailBoy
ArthgalloHigh honorBoy
AstolatLady of ShalottGirl
AuctorFoster father of ArthurBoy
AwarnachA giantBoy
BaldulfA knightBoy
BeaumainsOne with white handsBoy
BedegrayneName of a castle in Arthurian legend.Girl
BenoyceName of a kingdomBoy
BernlakThe Green KnightBoy
BersulesA knightBoy
BicoirFather of ArthurBoy
BlancheflourWhite flowerGirl
BoarteName of Arthur's son.Boy
BranwynName of Ilyr's daughter in Arthurian legend.Girl
BredbeddleThe Green KnightBoy
BreriA messengerBoy
CafallName of Arthur's dogBoy
CalibomName of Arthur's swordBoy
CalibumusName of Arthur's swordBoy
CamelotName of Arthur's castle.Girl
CatterickName of a battle in Arthurian legend.Boy
ClamedeusName of a king in Arthurian legend.Boy
ClarissantName of Gawain's sisterGirl
CorbenicName of the place where the grail was kept.Boy
CotovatreName of a lakeGirl
DagonetAnother name for Arthur's foolBoy
DinadanTristan's friend; a good knight who is without fearBoy
DodinasOne who is a wish come trueBoy
DruasMurderer; one who has a desire to understandBoy
ElaineThe one who is a legendGirl
EleineForm of Helen; a mother; bright oneGirl
EnygeusName of Percival's grandmotherGirl
Esclamoran Arthurian word used in literature for someone who is attracted towards nature.Unisex
Ettardin the Arthurian legend the lover of Palleas is known by this name.Girl
Ettareaccording to Arthurian legend the lover of Palleas.Girl
Ettarra surname which means lover of Palleas.Girl
Etternia masculinized name which means lover.Boy
FloreeA flower; King Alain's daughter as per the legendsGirl
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