102 Assamese Baby Names With Meanings


If you are here, a little bundle of joy has just entered your life, and you want a name that reflects the richness of Assamese culture. Assamese baby names are taken from the culture and traditions of Assam, a state in Northeast India with a rich legacy. Northeastern states of India, including Assam, have a culture of their own and a history they are proud to recall. Assamese, the state's native language, has Indo-Aryan origins and is inspired by Sanskrit. The various ethnic backgrounds and long linguistic traditions of Assam give a lot of scope in terms of baby names. The myriad names of Hindu gods, goddesses, and nature are top inspirations for baby names, followed by family and tribal names. Assam is home to various ethnic groups, each with its customs, conventions, and languages, such as the Bodo, Dimasa, and Sonowal Kacharis. The Deuri Tribe of Assam, for example, consults their female elderly to name their kids as a part of an intricate tradition (1). Many Assamese households celebrate the birth of a newborn through multiple ceremonies and rituals. Assamese baby names frequently express a lovely blend of local customs, beliefs, and natural aspects. They are typically melodic and represent intellectual, ecological, and spiritual aspects. Assamese baby names are a fascinating blend of culture, heritage, spirituality, and nature. They are more than just names; they capture the essence of Assam's unique and colorful culture. These names are magnificent expressions of identity, linking generations and resonating with profound cultural and familial significance, whether anchored in ancient scriptures, inspired by nature, or reflecting current sensibilities. Below is an exhaustive list of Assamese baby names with meanings for you. Select the names according to your chosen alphabet; you can even shortlist the ones you like the most!

heart image Aaditri Baby Girl Sign Girl Another name of Goddess Laxmi; The person who brings wealth and prosperity
heart image Aasin Baby Girl Sign Girl Driver; Calling himself, A wheel-maker, Lucky in life
heart image Balvinder Baby Girl Sign Girl Victorious through strength
heart image Birinchi Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who overules the fortune
heart image Chakradhwaj Baby Boy Sign Boy A mark of wheel
heart image Harideb Baby Boy Sign Boy A name of the Lord Vishnu
heart image Him Baby Boy Sign Boy Snow; Ice; Bright
heart image Himabhas Baby Boy Sign Boy The Moon
heart image Himanta Baby Girl Sign Girl Like cold and ice; The end of the winter
heart image Jahniya Baby Girl Sign Girl One with an ancient wisdom
heart image Jahnu Baby Boy Sign Boy The name of an ancient wise sage
heart image Jeebyam Baby Boy Sign Boy The master of the universe
heart image Moidul Baby Boy Sign Boy The member of the communist party; A socialist who advocates communism
heart image Nabadip Baby Boy Sign Boy New light
heart image Nabajit Baby Boy Sign Boy New winner
heart image Nabanil Baby Boy Sign Boy Clear blue sky
heart image Neerab Baby Boy Sign Boy Calm; A man of calm demeanor
heart image Nibir Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is fearless
heart image Nilmitra Baby Boy Sign Boy Blue
heart image Nisan Baby Boy Sign Boy Sign; Symbol
heart image Niyor Baby Boy Sign Boy Dew drops
heart image Poumit Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the names of Lord Krishna; Collection of love
heart image Pradyut Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is like a light
heart image Pramathesh Baby Boy Sign Boy He who was the first God of the world
heart image Pranab Baby Boy Sign Boy The Om sound; The feeling of love
heart image Priyom Baby Boy Sign Boy Assamese version of Priyam; Beloved; Loved by all
heart image Promode Baby Boy Sign Boy One who gives meaning to things
heart image Pronoi Baby Boy Sign Boy Love
heart image Puhor Baby Boy Sign Boy Light
heart image Rihon Baby Boy Sign Boy A creative and restless person
heart image Ripun Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is skillful in everything
heart image Rockybule Baby Boy Sign Boy Extreme beauty
heart image Rubrat Baby Boy Sign Boy Light
heart image Rupnath Baby Boy Sign Boy A boy with a beautiful face
heart image Rutushar Baby Boy Sign Boy Sprinkles of the season
heart image Rutuvarna Baby Boy Sign Boy The colorful season
heart image Salmi Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful and endearing
heart image Sanjib Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Sanjeev, Alive; Long Live.
heart image Santati Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of Goddess Durga; Granter of wishes
heart image Sarbananda Baby Boy Sign Boy Extreme joy
heart image Satha Baby Girl Sign Girl Faith; One who is faithful
heart image Sattvik Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is polite, honest, and virtuous
heart image Shomnath Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva; A variation of Somnath
heart image Shwar Baby Boy Sign Boy A musical tone; Musical notes; Tune; A sweet voice
heart image Sontosh Baby Boy Sign Boy Content, satisfaction, and gratification
heart image Sudem Baby Boy Sign Boy Breeze; Smooth as a breeze
heart image Sushanta Baby Boy Sign Boy Quiet or silence; A man who prefers to be quiet
heart image Suvansu Baby Boy Sign Boy Fragrance; A sweet fragrance
heart image Swapnadeep Baby Boy Sign Boy The king of dreams; Dreamer
heart image Swrang Baby Boy Sign Boy A musical instrument
heart image Tamarai Baby Girl Sign Girl Lotus flower; Beautiful or great
heart image Tanan Baby Boy Sign Boy Happy; A happy and cheerful soul
heart image Tanka Baby Boy Sign Boy Victorious
heart image Tanmoijyoti Baby Boy Sign Boy Happy; A happy soul
heart image Tanmoy Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is completely absorbed in God
heart image Tapani Baby Girl Sign Girl The river Godavari
heart image Thooya Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; A pure soul
heart image Trishanu Baby Boy Sign Boy Thirsty
heart image Udipti Baby Girl Sign Girl On fire
heart image Ujjal Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright; Clean; Lovely
heart image Umesh Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the many names of Lord Murugan; God of Uma
heart image Umika Baby Girl Sign Girl One of the names of Goddess Parvati
heart image Upangshu Baby Boy Sign Boy Winner
heart image Upendra Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the many names of Lord Vishnu
heart image Upendranath Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the many names of Lord Vishnu; A variant of Upendra
heart image Ushmi Baby Girl Sign Girl Heat; Energy
heart image Usri Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a river
heart image Utpal Baby Boy Sign Boy Lotus; Water lily; Beginning
heart image Utsaah Baby Girl Sign Girl Encourage; Excitement
heart image Vaibhav Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is fortunate, prosperous, and intelligent.
heart image Vamil Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman
heart image Vargabh Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a Rishi
heart image Varij Baby Girl Sign Girl Lotus flower
heart image Varnu Baby Girl Sign Girl Colored
heart image Varya Baby Girl Sign Girl Treasure; Something precious
heart image Vedha Baby Girl Sign Girl Truth; Pious
heart image Viha Baby Girl Sign Girl Heaven; Angel
heart image Vijul Baby Girl Sign Girl A Silk-cotton tree
heart image Wubitu Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Xhiva Baby Boy Sign Boy A version of Lord Shiva; Benign; Kind; Auspicious
heart image Xoti Baby Girl Sign Girl Small
heart image Yaalisai Baby Girl Sign Girl Melodious
heart image Yadavi Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of Goddess Durga
heart image Yagavi Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright
heart image Yakootah Baby Girl Sign Girl Emerald
heart image Yamha Baby Girl Sign Girl Dove
heart image Yangkyi Baby Girl Sign Girl An adorable girl
heart image Yanti Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of Goddess Parvati; Thoughts
heart image Yashashree Baby Girl Sign Girl God's name for success
heart image Yashica Baby Girl Sign Girl Successful, brave and intelligent lady
heart image Yashodhara Baby Girl Sign Girl Bearer of fame or glory
heart image Yasti Baby Girl Sign Girl Slim
heart image Yoshita Baby Girl Sign Girl Women; Lady
heart image Yugantar Baby Boy Sign Boy Distance between two generations; Firm in the battle; Ever-lasting
heart image Yumn Baby Girl Sign Girl Success; Good fortune
heart image Yuti Baby Girl Sign Girl Union
heart image Yuvaraani Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Zatinga Baby Girl Sign Girl River
heart image Zeena Baby Girl Sign Girl A hospitable woman
heart image Zeyo Baby Girl Sign Girl Rounded
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Assamese baby names are a cultural treasure trove, combining the spiritual, natural, and intellectual components of Northeast India's unique past. These names, rooted in various ethnic backgrounds and inspired by Sanskrit, connect generations and reflect Assam's rich culture. Whether derived from old scriptures, nature, or modern sensibilities, Assamese names are significant and express the essence of a society proud of its distinctive traditions. They are more than just a name; they represent identity and continuity.

Infographic: Amazing Assamese Baby Names With Meanings

Assamese baby names are intricately entwined with Assam's rich cultural and spiritual heritage. These names, frequently influenced by the environment, deities, and local customs, reflect the richness and diversity of Assamese life. Go through the infographic below on Assamese baby names and pick the suitable one for your bundle of joy.

authentic assamese names for your newborn (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some traditional rituals or customs associated with naming an Assamese baby?

Assam is a multicultural state that has diverse naming rituals and traditions. However, a few common practices give the Assamese naming system its identity. Assamese families hold a naming ceremony a few weeks after the child’s birth. Many families arrange the ceremony on a specific date and time after consulting an astrologer. Astrologers may suggest a letter or syllable that should be used to name a baby based on their zodiac sign or horoscope. Parents often choose a name derived from mythology, culture, religious traditions, and nature.

2. How do Assamese baby names differ from names in other Indian languages?

Assamese names differ significantly from names in other Indian languages in several aspects, like their origin, as they are primarily derived from the Assamese language or one of the numerous tribal languages spoken in the state. They also possess a different cultural significance, influenced by the region's local customs, traditions, and natural elements. Phonetically they are distinct as the consonants and vowels of the language differ from other languages and regions.


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  1. Priyanka Kashyap et al.; (2022); A Study on Folk Traditions of the Deuri Tribe Associated With Birth and Death.
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