103 Assamese Baby Names With Meanings

A little bundle of joy has entered your life, and you want a name that reflects the richness of Indian culture and possesses a significant meaning. But where would you find names that have an amalgamation of these qualities? Head straight to northeastern India.

Northeastern states of India, including Assam, have a culture of their own, and a history that they are proud to recall. The various ethnic backgrounds and long linguistic tradition of Assam give a lot of scope in terms of baby names. The myriad names of Hindu gods and goddesses and nature are top inspirations for baby names, followed by family and tribal names.

Below is MomJunction's exhaustive list of Assamese baby names with meanings for our readers. Just select the gender and search for the name according to your chosen alphabet.

Aaditri (आदित्री)another name of Goddess Laxmi; the person who brings wealth and prosperityGirl
Aasindifferent meaning like a driver, calling himslef, wheel maker, lucky in lifeGirl
BalvinderThe name means 'Victorious through strength.Girl
BirinchiThe one who overules the fortune.Boy
ChakradhwajA mark of wheelBoy
HaridebA name of the Lord VinshuBoy
HimSnow; Ice; BrightBoy
HimabhasThe MoonBoy
HimantaA cold and ice, the end of the winterGirl
JahniyaOne with an ancient wisdomGirl
JahnuA name of the ancien wise SageBoy
JeebyamThe master of the universe.Boy
MoidulThe member of the communist party or a socialist who advocate communism.Boy
NabadipA new lightBoy
NabajitA new winner or a new winBoy
NabanilA new, clear blue skyBoy
NeerabCalm, a man of calm demeanorBoy
NibirOne who is fearlessBoy
NisanSign or symbolBoy
NiyorDew dropsBoy
PoumitOne of the names of Lord Krishna. It means collection of love.Boy
PradyutOne who is like a lightBoy
PramatheshHe who was the First God on the WorldBoy
PranabThe Om Sound. Can also mean the feeling of LoveBoy
PriyomAssamese version of Priyam, meaning beloved, or loved by all.Boy
PromodeOne who gives meaning to thingsBoy
RihonA creative and restless personBoy
RipunOne who is skillful in everythingBoy
RockybuleExtreme beautyBoy
RupnathA boy with a beautiful face.Boy
RutusharSprinkles of the season.Boy
RutuvarnaThe colorful seasonBoy
SalmiBeautiful and endearing.Girl
SanjibA variant of Sanjeev, meaning alive or long live.Boy
SantatiA name of Goddess Durga. It means granter of wishes.Girl
SarbanandaExtreme joyBoy
SathaFaith, one who is faithfulGirl
SattvikOne who is polite, honest and virtuous.Boy
ShomnathAssamese variation of Somnath, meaning Lord Shiva.Boy
ShwarA musical tone, musical notes, tune, a sweet voiceBoy
SontoshSontosh is the Assamese for Santosh and means content, satisfaction and gratification.Boy
SudemBreeze, smooth as a breezeBoy
SushantaQuiet or silence, a man who prefers to be quiet.Boy
SuvansuFragrance, a sweet fragrance.Boy
SwapnadeepThe king of dreams, dreamerBoy
SwrangA musical instrumentBoy
TamaraiLotus flower, beautiful or great.Girl
TananHappy, a happy and cheerful soul.Boy
TanmoijyotiHappy, a happy soul.Boy
TanmoyOne who is completely absorbed in God.Boy
TapaniThe river GodavariGirl
ThooyaPure, a pure soul.Girl
UdbalaStrong, a strong womanGirl
UdiptiOn fireGirl
UjjalBright, clean, lovelyBoy
UmeshOne of the many names of Lord Murugan. It means God of Uma.Boy
UmikaOne of the names of Goddess Parvati.Girl
UpangshuWinner, winner in all fields.Boy
UpendraOne of the many names of Lord Vishnu.Boy
UpendranathUpendranath is a variant of Upendra and means Lord Visnhu.Boy
UshmiHeat or energyGirl
UsriName of a river.Girl
UtpalLotus, water lily or beginning.Boy
UtsaahEncourage or excitementGirl
VaibhavOne who is fortunate, prosperous and intelligent.Boy
VamilBeautiful, a beautiful womanGirl
VargabhName of a Rishi.Boy
VarijLotus flowerGirl
VaryaTreasure or something preciousGirl
VedhaTruth, piousGirl
VihaHeaven or angelGirl
VijulA Silk-cotton treeGirl
XhivaAssamese version of Lord Shiva. It means benign, kind, auspiciousBoy
YadaviA name of Goddess Durga.Girl
YangkyiAn adorable girl.Girl
YantiYanti is a name of Goddess Parvati and means thoughts.Girl
YashashreeGod's name for successGirl
YashicaSuccessful, brave and intelligent lady.Girl
YashodharaBearer of fame or gloryGirl
YoshitaWomen or ladyGirl
YugantarDistance between two generations, firm in the battle, or ever LastingBoy
YumnSuccess or good fortuneGirl
ZeenaA hospitable womanGirl
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