44 Assamese Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Assam, the bustling Northeast Indian state, boasts a wealth of culture and history. Assamese baby girl names reflect precisely these qualities. This beautiful state does not have people from one culture or race. It boasts an intermingling of Mongoloid and Indo-Burmese races, among others (1). Multiple tribes, including Bodo, Kachari, Mishmi, Dimasa, Rabha, and Mishmi, cohabit in the state. A majority of these tribes and communities have their own tongues. However, Assamese is the predominant language of the state, along with Bodo and Bengali. Many of these tribes have specific birthing and naming rituals. For instance, Deuris cut the newborn’s umbilical cord with a sharp piece of bamboo. Seven days after birth, in a cleansing ceremony called suwa labirua, the entire household is cleaned, and older women from the community name the child. After this, amidst other customs, a drop of suje (a traditional rice liquor) is put into the child’s mouth to welcome them into the clan (2). Among the Sonowal Kacharis, no rituals are held during pregnancy. After childbirth, a period of uncleanliness is observed — 21 days for boys and 30 for girls. When the child’s navel cord falls off, in a ritual called Bajuliwa, they are taken outside ceremoniously to show the sun. After the period of impurity ends, in a ceremony called Sudhi-Sabah, the child’s head is shaved, and they are named. Devotees hold a Namkirtan, where they sing religious songs and bless the child, formally welcoming them as a true Kachari (3). Thus, childbirth holds great significance in Assamese culture. Assamese girl names are deeply rooted in the diversity and history of the region. Most names have Sanskrit origins, which makes them traditionally significant. Some are inspired by nature or various deities worshiped by the Assamese communities. Furthermore, many names convey the inherent beauty of a woman. They signify various positive traits and virtues. If you want to explore some beautiful Assamese names for your baby girl, scroll down and review the list.

heart image Aaditri Baby Girl Sign Girl Another name of Goddess Laxmi; The person who brings wealth and prosperity
heart image Aasin Baby Girl Sign Girl Driver; Calling himself, A wheel-maker, Lucky in life
heart image Balvinder Baby Girl Sign Girl Victorious through strength
heart image Himanta Baby Girl Sign Girl Like cold and ice; The end of the winter
heart image Jahniya Baby Girl Sign Girl One with an ancient wisdom
heart image Salmi Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful and endearing
heart image Santati Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of Goddess Durga; Granter of wishes
heart image Satha Baby Girl Sign Girl Faith; One who is faithful
heart image Tamarai Baby Girl Sign Girl Lotus flower; Beautiful or great
heart image Tapani Baby Girl Sign Girl The river Godavari
heart image Thooya Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; A pure soul
heart image Udipti Baby Girl Sign Girl On fire
heart image Umika Baby Girl Sign Girl One of the names of Goddess Parvati
heart image Ushmi Baby Girl Sign Girl Heat; Energy
heart image Usri Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a river
heart image Utsaah Baby Girl Sign Girl Encourage; Excitement
heart image Vamil Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman
heart image Varij Baby Girl Sign Girl Lotus flower
heart image Varnu Baby Girl Sign Girl Colored
heart image Varya Baby Girl Sign Girl Treasure; Something precious
heart image Vedha Baby Girl Sign Girl Truth; Pious
heart image Viha Baby Girl Sign Girl Heaven; Angel
heart image Vijul Baby Girl Sign Girl A Silk-cotton tree
heart image Wubitu Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Xoti Baby Girl Sign Girl Small
heart image Yaalisai Baby Girl Sign Girl Melodious
heart image Yadavi Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of Goddess Durga
heart image Yagavi Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright
heart image Yakootah Baby Girl Sign Girl Emerald
heart image Yamha Baby Girl Sign Girl Dove
heart image Yangkyi Baby Girl Sign Girl An adorable girl
heart image Yanti Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of Goddess Parvati; Thoughts
heart image Yashashree Baby Girl Sign Girl God's name for success
heart image Yashica Baby Girl Sign Girl Successful, brave and intelligent lady
heart image Yashodhara Baby Girl Sign Girl Bearer of fame or glory
heart image Yasti Baby Girl Sign Girl Slim
heart image Yoshita Baby Girl Sign Girl Women; Lady
heart image Yumn Baby Girl Sign Girl Success; Good fortune
heart image Yuti Baby Girl Sign Girl Union
heart image Yuvaraani Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Zatinga Baby Girl Sign Girl River
heart image Zeena Baby Girl Sign Girl A hospitable woman
heart image Zeyo Baby Girl Sign Girl Rounded
heart image Zue Baby Girl Sign Girl Pretty and beautiful
This list of Assamese baby girl names will delight every parent looking for a unique name. Indeed, the names in the language are pretty unique and incredibly meaningful. Assamese names are known for their connection to nature and religious deities. They hold the hopes and wishes of the community the child belongs to. Thus, ensuring that your chosen name fits your values and aspirations well would be wise. You can also consult elderly family members to make a decision that appeals to all.

Infographic: Appealing Assamese Baby Girl Names

The state of Assam in India is a land of vibrant ethnic culture and rich history. Girl names in Assamese reflect the beauty of the land. You will find many elegant female names from this culture. Check out the infographic below as we compiled some charming names for you and select a suitable one for your little girl.

appealing assamese baby girl names(infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some traditional Assamese girl names?

Traditional Assamese girl names include Aaditri, a name that signifies the embodiment of Goddess Laxmi, symbolizing the bestower of wealth and prosperity. Santati, on the other hand, is a name associated with Goddess Durga, representing the fulfilment of desires. Lastly, Umika, one of the appellations of Goddess Parvati, completes the list.

2. Are there any Assamese names that are gender-neutral?

Bhanu means 'ray of light, brightness, splendor,' Hiran means 'gold' or 'money,' Samudra means 'sea, ocean,' and Sanu signifies 'top of the mountain, mountain-ridge, table-land, Sun, sage' are a few gender-neutral Assamese names.


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