150 Assyrian Baby Names With Meanings


Amidst the core of history exists an assortment of names that softly share tales of bravery, heritage, and affection. Assyrian baby names typically comprise a first name appended with a patronymic like -bet or -bar, which mean 'house of' and 'son of/after,' respectively. And until recently, there was even a trend among Assyrians to abbreviate the given names into one or two syllables. Today, most Assyrians opt for the European naming convention of a given name and a surname. The middle name is optional and not very common among the Assyrians. Also, in earlier times, most Assyrian surnames were the first names of grandparents who signed the surname in law documents in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. It was the main reason most Assyrian last names were common first names. But the Arabization of Assyrian states such as Iraq and Syria compelled the natives to abandon their original surnames and opt for Arabic surnames. However, times have changed, and the Assyrians today carry their Aramaic surnames, while only a minor population has Turkish, Arabic, or Persian last names. The Assyrian culture holds a treasure trove of history and traditions, enduring the test of time. Ancient names carry profound meanings, reflecting virtues, blessings, and hopes for a bright future. Abrohom, for instance, is an Assyrian form of the name Abraham, meaning 'father of a multitude.' Ninson is another name that holds great significance in Assyrian mythology. The name means 'good' and was the name of the mother of the Ancient Mesopotamia hero, Gilgamesh. The essence of Assyrian baby names has spread across, carrying the cultural identity to distant corners of the world. Each name narrates tales of strength, resilience, and unity cherished by the Assyrian people for millennia. If you want to explore Assyrian names, explore the list below. It has many names and their meanings, which helps parents pick names based on their interpretation and associated connotations.

heart image Abrohom Baby Boy Sign Boy Assyrian form of Abraham, meaning father of a multitude
heart image Adorina Baby Girl Sign Girl One who helps
heart image Aho Baby Boy Sign Boy Assyrian term for brother
heart image Ahrun Baby Boy Sign Boy Exalted; Assyrian form of Aaron
heart image Akkara Baby Boy Sign Boy Occupational name for a farmer
heart image Albazi Baby Boy Sign Boy Falcon
heart image Alqasnona Baby Boy Sign Boy Dove
heart image Ammanuel Baby Boy Sign Boy Assyrian variant of Emmanuel; God is with us
heart image Aram Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the Sun; Highland
heart image Arbella Baby Girl Sign Girl Four gods; Assyrian city in northern Iraq
heart image Arbilaya Baby Boy Sign Boy From Arbil
heart image Arram Baby Girl Sign Girl High or high place
heart image Ashur Baby Boy Sign Boy God of War; Islamic month; Who is happy; Warlike
heart image Ashur-Akh-Iddina Baby Boy Sign Boy Ashur has given a brother
heart image Ashurina Baby Girl Sign Girl Female form of Ashur; God of war
heart image Asmaro Baby Boy Sign Boy Brown
heart image Assyria Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Ancient empire in Mesopotamia
heart image Asu Baby Boy Sign Boy The east
heart image Asur Baby Boy Sign Boy A Turkish term used for Assyrians
heart image Athra Baby Girl Sign Girl Country
heart image Baaz Baby Boy Sign Boy Falcon
heart image Bagiyeh Baby Girl Sign Girl A amous Assyrian girl
heart image Baileet Baby Girl Sign Girl An Assyrian Goddess
heart image Barsawme Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Sawme
heart image Bartulme Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Tulme
heart image Batnaya Baby Boy Sign Boy House of mud
heart image Brula Baby Girl Sign Girl Pearl
heart image Caifas Baby Boy Sign Boy Low-energy man
heart image Cheikho Baby Boy Sign Boy Assyrian form of Sheikh, Leader of Islam or chief
heart image Damrina Baby Girl Sign Girl Amazing
heart image Daniyel Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Daniel; God is my judge
heart image Diyana Baby Girl Sign Girl The name of an Assyrian village in Iraq
heart image Doreena Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of an Assyrian village in Iraq
heart image Dwura Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Deborah; Bee
heart image Eesho Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Jesus; Son of God
heart image Eliyah Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Elijah. It means my God is Yahweh.
heart image Elqosh Baby Boy Sign Boy God's power; God's arrow
heart image Emmita Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet mother
heart image Enlil Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God of wind and storms
heart image Eshai Baby Boy Sign Boy God exists; A form of Jesse
heart image Euphrates Baby Girl Sign Girl The great river
heart image Gabbara Baby Boy Sign Boy Great
heart image Garsa Baby Boy Sign Boy A barber
heart image Gewargis Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of George; Farmer
heart image Ghezalle Baby Girl Sign Girl Gazelle
heart image Goriel Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Gabriel; God is my strength.
heart image Hanuno Baby Girl Sign Girl A lovely woman
heart image Hazail Baby Girl Sign Girl Seen by God
heart image Hedo Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Adornment
heart image Hormuzd Baby Boy Sign Boy A Persian king
heart image Ishaia Baby Boy Sign Boy God is salvation
heart image Ishtar Baby Girl Sign Girl Evening star; Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian goddess
heart image Iskhaq Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Isaac; He laughs
heart image Issavi Baby Boy Sign Boy A Persian term used for Christians
heart image Istir Baby Girl Sign Girl Assyrian form of Esther; Bright star
heart image Izla Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a river
heart image Khannah Baby Girl Sign Girl A merciful woman
heart image Khawa Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Eve; Life
heart image Khoshaba Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunday
heart image Kushi Baby Boy Sign Boy A Kushite
heart image Larsa Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Name of a Sumerian city in southern Iraq.
heart image Lawita Baby Girl Sign Girl Protect by keeping a close watch
heart image Layah Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Leah; Cow
heart image Lilis Baby Girl Sign Girl Of the night
heart image Luqa Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Luke; Light
heart image Lwita Baby Girl Sign Girl Friend or companion
heart image Malko Baby Boy Sign Boy King
heart image Malkuno Baby Boy Sign Boy Little prince
heart image Marbita Baby Girl Sign Girl Plentiful
heart image Mardina Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is righteous and just
heart image Marjanita Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of the sea
heart image Marnita Baby Girl Sign Girl To put in front of one's eyes
heart image Milta Baby Girl Sign Girl Talking or conversation
heart image Moushe Baby Boy Sign Boy To draw out water; A form of Moses
heart image Munirsuarta Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of the king of the Araziasai
heart image Muska Baby Boy Sign Boy Possessor or one who runs about
heart image Nahrin Baby Girl Sign Girl River
heart image Nahro Baby Boy Sign Boy River
heart image Ninson Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of Gilgamesh's mother
heart image Ninwa Baby Girl Sign Girl Capital of Assyria
heart image Nuhro Baby Boy Sign Boy Holy light
heart image Nukh Baby Boy Sign Boy Comfort
heart image Oshana Baby Girl Sign Girl Palm tree
heart image Palakh Baby Boy Sign Boy A worker
heart image Palkha Baby Boy Sign Boy Soldier
heart image Pirayou Baby Boy Sign Boy Lamb
heart image Pithyou Baby Boy Sign Boy Form of Anthony, meaning highly praiseworthy
heart image Polous Baby Boy Sign Boy Assyrian form of Paul; Small or humble
heart image Qanaya Baby Boy Sign Boy A blacksmith
heart image Rabbu Baby Boy Sign Boy The almighty
heart image Rdita Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is made beautiful by her deeds
heart image Rebqah Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Rebecca, meaning to bind or connect
heart image Rume Baby Boy Sign Boy High
heart image Saliba Baby Boy Sign Boy Assyrian word; Cross
heart image Sawuah Baby Boy Sign Boy Painter
heart image Seena Baby Boy Sign Boy Moon
heart image Seni Baby Boy Sign Boy The king of Dayani
heart image Shabeh Baby Boy Sign Boy A week
heart image Shafira Baby Girl Sign Girl A nice and well behaved woman
heart image Shahen Baby Girl Sign Girl Falcon
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When you have a range of options of baby names to choose from, Assyrian baby names are a unique category of names you should not miss out on. Assyrian baby names, inspired by nature's beauty and adorned by great leaders and wise scholars, hold a rich tradition. Expecting parents can explore this delightful collection, filled with warmth and sincerity, to find a name that resonates with them. Let the magic of Assyrian baby names enchant you as you embark on this unique journey of welcoming your little bundle of joy into the world.

Infographic: Amazing Assyrian Baby Names With Meanings

Numerous Assyrian names echo the past, reflecting the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. These names hold a thread to a vibrant heritage, showcasing the resilience of Assyrian culture over time. In the infographic below, we present some attractive Assyrian names with meanings. Go through and pick your favorite for your bundle of joy.

alluring assyrian names for your baby(infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some Assyrian baby names for twins?

While choosing names for twins, the parents can opt for names that are connected by a common meaning or have the same first alphabet, or they can even opt for names that have complementary meanings. Some Assyrian name pairs for twins may include Nahrin and Nahro, meaning river, Amirta and Amirto, which can be translated to mean ‘princess,’ and As Nona and Dwura, meaning ‘dove’ and ‘bee.’

2. What are some Assyrian baby names with biblical origins?

Some Assyrian names that possess biblical origins include names such as Betheil, meaning ‘house of God’ derived from the town of Bethel in the Old Testament of the Bible, where Jacob saw his stairway vision (1). Another such name is Yosip, the Assyrian Christian form of the Biblical character Joseph.


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