57 Assyrian Baby Girl Names With Meanings


In a world full of trendy names across different cultures, finding a suitable name for your baby can be a tricky affair. Assyrian girl names are the new cool – they're like a breath of fresh air amidst the ubiquitous names.

The Assyrians are an indigenous ethnic group hailing from Assyria in West Asia. They primarily speak Aramaic, which is influenced by Akkadian and encompasses dialects like Suret and Turoyo. Assyrian names typically have strong connections to the language, history, and traditions of the Assyrian people.

Traditionally, Assyrian names were composed of a first name followed by a patronymic suffix such as -bet or -bar, which meant 'house of' or 'son of/after,' respectively. The practice of shortening given names to one or two syllables was also prevalent among Assyrians until recently.

Many contemporary Assyrian surnames originated from the first names of grandparents who registered their names in official records under the family name laws of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. These names were quite popular during the 1920s and 1930s, a period when these nations were evolving into distinctive countries.

Assyrians are currently adopting the European naming pattern, which combines a given name and a surname, in increasing numbers. The use of a middle name is optional and not particularly common in the Assyrian culture.

Many Assyrian girl names also have meanings linked to family, nature, or other vital parts of their culture. Brula (pearl), Shahen (goshawk), and Oshana (palm tree) are some examples.

Some Assyrian names have spiritual implications related to the community's practice of Christianity. They may include references to biblical figures, ideas, and virtues of spiritual significance. This demonstrates their deeply-rooted religious beliefs.

Also, some prefer naming children after relatives as a means to stay connected to their Assyrian ancestry and their extensive past. Furthermore, it develops a sense of connection to their ancestral land and the values they hold. If you are fascinated by Assyrian traditions, explore Assyrian baby girl names from the list below

heart image Adorina Baby Girl Sign Girl One who helps
heart image Arbella Baby Girl Sign Girl Four gods; Assyrian city in northern Iraq
heart image Arram Baby Girl Sign Girl High or high place
heart image Ashurina Baby Girl Sign Girl Female form of Ashur; God of war
heart image Assyria Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Ancient empire in Mesopotamia
heart image Athra Baby Girl Sign Girl Country
heart image Bagiyeh Baby Girl Sign Girl A amous Assyrian girl
heart image Baileet Baby Girl Sign Girl An Assyrian Goddess
heart image Brula Baby Girl Sign Girl Pearl
heart image Damrina Baby Girl Sign Girl Amazing
heart image Diyana Baby Girl Sign Girl The name of an Assyrian village in Iraq
heart image Doreena Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of an Assyrian village in Iraq
heart image Dwura Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Deborah; Bee
heart image Emmita Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet mother
heart image Enlil Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God of wind and storms
heart image Euphrates Baby Girl Sign Girl The great river
heart image Ghezalle Baby Girl Sign Girl Gazelle
heart image Hanuno Baby Girl Sign Girl A lovely woman
heart image Hazail Baby Girl Sign Girl Seen by God
heart image Hedo Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Adornment
heart image Ishtar Baby Girl Sign Girl Evening star; Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian goddess
heart image Istir Baby Girl Sign Girl Assyrian form of Esther; Bright star
heart image Izla Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a river
heart image Khannah Baby Girl Sign Girl A merciful woman
heart image Khawa Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Eve; Life
heart image Larsa Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Name of a Sumerian city in southern Iraq.
heart image Lawita Baby Girl Sign Girl Protect by keeping a close watch
heart image Layah Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Leah; Cow
heart image Lilis Baby Girl Sign Girl Of the night
heart image Lwita Baby Girl Sign Girl Friend or companion
heart image Marbita Baby Girl Sign Girl Plentiful
heart image Mardina Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is righteous and just
heart image Marjanita Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of the sea
heart image Marnita Baby Girl Sign Girl To put in front of one's eyes
heart image Milta Baby Girl Sign Girl Talking or conversation
heart image Nahrin Baby Girl Sign Girl River
heart image Ninson Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of Gilgamesh's mother
heart image Ninwa Baby Girl Sign Girl Capital of Assyria
heart image Oshana Baby Girl Sign Girl Palm tree
heart image Rdita Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is made beautiful by her deeds
heart image Rebqah Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Rebecca, meaning to bind or connect
heart image Shafira Baby Girl Sign Girl A nice and well behaved woman
heart image Shahen Baby Girl Sign Girl Falcon
heart image Shamiram Baby Girl Sign Girl The first Assyrian queen
heart image Shamura Baby Girl Sign Girl Diamond
heart image Shapira Baby Girl Sign Girl Handsome
heart image Shapirta Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Sharukina Baby Girl Sign Girl True king
heart image Shefrin Baby Girl Sign Girl A well behaved woman
heart image Shirat Baby Girl Sign Girl Song
heart image Shooshan Baby Girl Sign Girl Lily
heart image Simta Baby Girl Sign Girl A box to save money
heart image Walita Baby Girl Sign Girl Duty
heart image Wardiya Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower
heart image Yaeeta Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is beautiful
heart image Yayota Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman
heart image Yonita Baby Girl Sign Girl Dove

Assyrian girl names are unique and make individuals stand out from the rest. These names may catch attention, spark discussions, and enable people to learn more about the Assyrian cultural heritage. These names are a celebration of culture and uniqueness and act as a bridge between generations. Opting for an Assyrian name for a baby girl serves as a tribute to your Assyrian heritage or your love for the culture. So go through the extensive list and choose a name that catches your fancy.

Infographic: Vibrant Assyrian Baby Girl Names

Assyrian names hold stories of ancient heritage and cultural pride. Imagine your little girl with a name that carries centuries of history. We have brought you the perfect feminine names that resonate with your roots here. Our collection of Assyrian baby girl names in the following infographic blends classic names with hidden gems, ensuring your choice is meaningful and unique.

timeless assyrian baby girl names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who are the famous women from Assyrian history with unique names?

Sammu-Ramat, also known as Sammuramat, was a renowned queen regent in Assyrian history. Her name carries the meaning of 'dn is exalted' or 'dn is beloved' in West Semitic and Akkadian languages, where 'dn' represents a theophoric element. Additionally, Sammu relates to a little-known deity from the Neo-Assyrian era, meaning 'red (1).'

2. Are there any Assyrian names that are gender-neutral?

In Assyrian, there are a couple of options that can be considered gender-neutral. One example is 'Hedo,' which means 'adornment' and carries a unisex sound and image. Another option is 'Larsa,' which also has a unisex sound and image and originates from the name of a Sumerian city in southern Iraq.

3. What does Assyria mean?

Assyria, derived from the Akkadian Ashurayu, refers to an ancient Mesopotamian kingdom and empire. The term, used in English, Ancient Roman, and Ancient Greek, originated from the empire's capital city, Ashur. Assyria encompasses both a region and a historical legacy.

4. Are there any Assyrian baby girl names that mean 'sun' or 'light?'

Yes, there are Assyrian baby girl names that convey the meanings of 'sun' or 'light.' Zaia symbolizes the light of heaven, while Uras represents the God of light in Assyrian culture.

5. Are there any Assyrian baby girl names that come from Old Testament characters?

In Assyrian, there are baby girl names derived from Old Testament characters. 'Dwura' is the Assyrian version of Deborah, which also signifies 'bee.' 'Il-shvai' is the Aramaic form of Elizabeth, meaning 'my God is an oath.' 'Khawa' is the Assyrian rendition of Eve, with the meaning 'to breathe' or 'live.


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